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Tiger scented potpurri

23.03.2007 3 comments

A little bit of this and a little bit of that: More Curtis Curtis Granderson opened up his mailbag again. This time he talks about the high socks (love the high socks), his at-bat music, and bubble gum. Hard hitting stuff? Not at all. Interesting? I think so. I always liked how the Negro League […]

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Previews and Predictions

21.03.2007 12 comments

As we’re entering the final stretch of spring training, the 2007 predictions are starting to come with increasing regularity. Here’s what today revealed. Simulatin’ The Replacement Level Yankee Weblog ran a series of Diamond Mind Simulations. He ran 1000 seasons using each of PECOTA, Marcel, Chone, Diamond Mind and ZiPS. I summarized how the tigers […]

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One of those link round-up posts

07.03.2007 21 comments

credit Roger DeWitt Miller Time John Sickels has another prospect smackdown, this time it is Andrew Miller vs. Adam Miller. Sickels gives a very slight edge to Adam Miller. Maybe a SLIGHT edge on intangibles for Adam Miller, Andrew gets a slight edge on tools, Adam gets a slight edge on current polish and performance, […]

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World Series Prediction Center

21.10.2006 2 comments

The Tigers are better than the Cardinals. I don’t think this even requires that much debate. The Tigers won 12 more games than the Cardinals. That in itself is impressive, but they did it in a division with 2 other 90 game winners while the Cardinals 83 was enough to lead the NL Central. In […]

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World Series Preview: Tigers-Cardinals Season Series

20.10.2006 2 comments

A look back at what went down when these teams met up for a 3 game set in Comerica Park this season…

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ALDS Preview: Tigers and Yankees

02.10.2006 38 comments

In my mind I kind of laid out a long preview of the upcoming series. Fortunately for me, some other bloggers already beat me to it. As it is, it will be a much shorter preview while I lean on their work.

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Tigers Prediction Thread

03.04.2006 24 comments

Well I guess it’s finally time that I give up my prediction for the Tigers season. If you’ve been reading the last couple years, you may remember that I did extensive analysis, player-by-player to predict runs scored and runs allowed to arrive at a final win prediction. That was a lot of work so this […]

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Opening Day Eve Link-up

02.04.2006 1 comment

Okay, so it isn’t opening day eve if you’re a White Sox or Indians fan. But we’ll look past that little fact for now… The Bird Detroit Tiger Tales is hopping on the diary theme. This one takes a look at Mark “the Bird” Fidrych’s magical 1976 season. Here’s the first paragraph of the first […]

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Keep an Eye on: the Erie Seawolves


Over the last few weeks of spring training, I

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Keep an Eye on: Productive At-bats

31.03.2006 2 comments

Over the last few weeks of spring training, I

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A heaping helping of Zumaya


There were several Detroit Tiger mentions over the last two days, and many of them included references to Joel Zumaya. The Free Press had a piece on Zumaya’s new curveball/slider. “My curve can be a slider,” he said. “If I throw it from over the top, it’s a curve with a 12-to-6 break. If I […]

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Tiger Linkfest

27.03.2006 4 comments

Roster Issues I’ve said pretty much all I have to say about the Carlos Pena release in that I don’t like how the roster sets up. Knobler’s blog today didn’t make me feel any better Leyland raved again after the game about Ramon Santiago. Santiago is very likely to make the opening day roster, in […]

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