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Spring Springs Hope

31.03.2013 7 comments

Ahh, Opening Day. Every team is in first place. Every fan has hopes for the post season. If at least for one day. I remember the start of the ’07 season. Coming off a 2006 WS appearance (which looked inevitable mid-season, impossible in September, and then undeniable in October), I hoped the addition of Gary […]

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2012 Predictions

04.04.2012 7 comments

49 out of 49 media members polled by ESPN picked the Tigers to win the Central, and 6 had the good sense to pick them to win the WS.  18 of them have the Angels winning the WS, and then 7 had each of the Rangers and Rays. Curiously, only 1 person had the Tigers […]

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Baseball Prospectus’ take on the 2011 Season

06.03.2011 14 comments

I picked up BP 2011 last week and have had an opportunity to review their outlook on the Tigers (amongst other things).  There’s no substitute for picking up the whole thing (it’s only $12.86 on Amazon now), but I wanted to pass along a few thoughts, and get your reaction. First of all, BP is […]

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What I Think About the 2010 Season

05.04.2010 8 comments

I’m not going to do a big prediction post this season. I did make some predictions for Baseball Daily Digest. I have the Tigers finishing second behind the Twins, and pretty much have the AL Central finishing the same as last season. I think the Tigers are about an 82-83 win team with enough upside and risk that the basement and first place are both within reach in a narrow division.

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The 2009 Tigers – they might not suck

05.04.2009 52 comments

For years I would right up season previews where I would almost automatically pick the team for 4th place. I didn’t know if they were a legitimate 4th place team, but I’d inject a little homerism to avoid last place. And then 2006 happened. The team was good. Real good. Picking them first or second in the division didn’t seem homer-ish, it seemed prudent after their World Series run. And an 87 win finish in 2007 and a blockbuster trade in the subsequent offseason further solidified those predictions. Then 2008 happened. I’m not ready to go back to picking the team in the bottom half even though that is the prevailing wisdom. I have them at 84 wins and a second place finish this year. And here’s why.

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Everybody has an opinion – prediction round-up

03.04.2009 31 comments

I think everyone remembers last year when the Tigers were pretty much a lock for the playoffs in the minds of many prognosticators. Sure, it was up for debate whether they’d win the American League or the World Series, but they were post season bound. Not so much this year. A number of sites and outlets and experts are doing some predicting and, well it ain’t so pretty.

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Tigers Season Preview – 2008 Edition


After re-reading my 2007 season preview, I had to admit I was a little leery of doing another one this year. It’s all just such a crap shoot. And even after digesting the most dynamic offseason in franchise history and tracking the team’s progress over six weeks of spring training, I’m still not clear on […]

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16.03.2008 1 comment

I was asked to participate in a round table discussion at Baseball Digest Daily looking at the Detroit Tigers. The group also included Ian from Bless You Boys and Peter Robbins Brown from Bugs and Cranks.

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Baseball America is kinda excited about the Tigers

14.03.2008 4 comments

Baseball America published their MLB previews and predictions today. Unfortunately most of it is premium content. But I will let you know that they have Detroit winning it all, Miguel Cabrera taking home MVP honors, and Justin Verlander finishing as Cy Young runner up. In other preview news, the Baseball Crank is running his Established […]

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The 2007 Tigers Season Preview

30.03.2007 13 comments

For a stat heavy guy, here is a decidely stat-less look at the season ahead…

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Ticket hiccups, injuries, and more previews

28.03.2007 4 comments

Another link round-up while I watch Lost and work on my Tiger preview… Ticket snafu Things are kinda hectic for the Tigers ticket department about now. A problem with the printer has season ticket shipments coming at the last minute. Tickets are just starting to arrive today, but the club expects everybody to have their […]

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Tiger news round-up

27.03.2007 9 comments

I’ll be a day late on announcing the DVD Giveaway winners. I promise it will be announced tomorrow night. In the meantime, some stuff worth reading: PECOTA and the Central The straight run of Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA projections for the AL Central put the Tigers in 3rd place with 85 wins. Nate Silver makes some […]

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