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2008 Season

More candid talk from the top, Leyland speaks

01.10.2008 56 comments

Manager Jim Leyland was on Mitch Albom’s show and the Free Press has the transcript in 3 parts. The links to all follow, but here are some highlights and my comments. If I was looking at the two major culprits and without pointing fingers and necessarily individuals, the two major culprits were the pitching and […]

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Dombrowski speaks – a lot more than usual.

29.09.2008 132 comments

Dave Dombrowski held court with reporters today and he revealed a glimpse into this winter’s agenda. The main points: Edgar Renteria’s option will not be picked up The Tigers are looking outside the organization to fill the closer role The Tigers don’t expect to be a major player in the free agent market Detroit does […]

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Game 162: Tigers at White Sox

29.09.2008 95 comments

PREGAME: It seemed to take for ever for this season to get here, and even longer for it to end. Instead of a preview, I’ll just point you to Baseball Prospectus where they have a nice write up already in place, what with this being the only game on the docket and all. God Speed […]

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Position roulette, Inge and Guillen edition

28.09.2008 41 comments

I was hoping to have a chance to run some numbers, but until I do I figured it was worth posting that Inge will play third and Guillen left field next season. I won’t completely pass judgment until I can do the math on this, but for the moment I’m thinking this doesn’t actually help […]

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Chuck Hernandez fired

28.09.2008 13 comments

The Tigers announced after today’s game that pitching coach Chuck Hernandez and bullpen coach Jeff Jones have been let go. The Tigers pitching was dreadful this year and someone was going to take the hit. I don’t know that firing Hernandez is going to instantly make the staff better, but keeping him around this season […]

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Game 161: Rays at Tigers

28.09.2008 21 comments

PREGAME: It’s shirts off their backs day as the Tigers will disrobe at the completion of the game and give their uni’s to some lucky fans. They won’t really need them with this being the last home game and all (sad face). It may be their last game period depending on the outcomes in Chicago […]

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Game 160: Rays at Tigers

27.09.2008 12 comments

PREGAME: The Rays were most likely up until the wee hours last night celebrating their AL East championship. I say congrats to those mohawked players. But working in the Tigers favor is that they are probably hung over and don’t give a damn. Dontrelle Willis takes the bump for Detroit and Matt Garza does the […]

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Game 159: Rays at Tigers

26.09.2008 10 comments

PREGAME: NOT ON OUR FIELD! Maybe that’s the rallying cry as the Tigers try to prevent the Rays from clinching the AL East – at least as much as the Tigers can have a say in the matter. Tonight it is Justin Verlander and Andy Sonnanstine. Sonnanstine shutdown the Tigers for 6 innings limiting them […]

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Todd Jones Notes

25.09.2008 5 comments

Todd Jones made his official retirement announcement today. While the news broke yesterday, it was obscured by the long overdue Matt Millen firing. Today, we have some notes and links of interest: Jason Beck covered the presser today, and it sounds like Jones got emotional, as he’s prone to doing. For all the complaints around […]

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Hey, a walk up music compilation


I get quite a few emails due to running this here blog. The one I get most consistently is “what is x player’s at-bat music.” I don’t know usually. I recognize it, but I’m bad with song names and artists. Fortunately ESPN the Mag has compiled as much walk-up music as they could find. Enjoy. […]

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Game 158: Rays at Tigers

25.09.2008 82 comments

PREGAME: The Tigers kick off a 4 game series against the Rays with an afternoon tilt. Scott Kazmir goes against Armando Galarraga and a patchwork lineup. The Tigers have lost 11 of 12 and 5 in a row at home. Here’s hoping that the best thing about today’s game isn’t the weather. TBR @ DET, […]

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Dombrowski says Leyland will be back

24.09.2008 57 comments

Dave Dombrowski told Lynn Henning and the Detroit News that Jim Leyland will be managing the Tigers next year. Seeing as this wasn’t a sound bite, it’s tough to get a flavor for how ringing the endorsement was given this is the quote that Henning had: “Yes, oh yeah,” Dombrowski said when asked if Leyland […]

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