Game 2017.106: Tigers at Yankees

What are the odds of getting another good start today? Anibal was quite good, and Shane Greene was a game-saver with the 5 out save.

When Greene made the wild pickoff throw, it must have given him bad flashbacks—in his debut for the Yankees he had 4 errors.

The down side of the 5-out save is that today will probably feature…who? in the 9th inning.

It was nice to see both catchers bring their bats: Hicks and McCann combined for a 3-for-7 with 3 RBI. Hicks sits today, but I wouldn’t be surprised by a pinch-hit appearance.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Jim Adduci, RF
  3. Justin Upton, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. Victor Martinez, DH
  7. Mikie Mahtook, CF
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

Pitching: Jordan Zimmermann vs Masahiro Tanaka

36 thoughts on “Game 2017.106: Tigers at Yankees”

  1. How do you get out of a jam with Miggy and Casty due up? Just keep he ball out of the strike zone and let them chase.

  2. Tanaka throw Miggy and Casty 1 strike and 7 balls… Two up two down.. Then actually throws a strike to VMart who doubles.

  3. It’s Rondon, he’s the 8th inning guy no matter what. I think it’s a mistake but it could work. He did get one out last night.

  4. So-so start but nice recovery by Bruce. At least he had the +97 stuff. He also was working the hard part of the Yankees order.

  5. If the Tigers played like this all year, even without VMart and Miggy they would be way over
    .500, in second or third place, but only 3 out!

  6. Greene looks like a closer.. Like he is p*ssed off all the time.. I love he quote…
    “I want the guys to know that when I come into the game, the game is over.”

  7. He’s has that glare of confidence for a closer…He certainly
    looks like he is embracing the challenge… I guarantee he
    thinks he is the best pitcher on the staff…

  8. Lose Frankie.. J Willie steps up
    Lose JD.. MIKIE steps up
    Lose J Willie.. Greene steps up
    LOSE AA McCann starting to hit
    Lose. VMart…
    Lose Casty
    Lose Brad

  9. I believe Zimm is now 3-0 vs. the Yankees now… Does anyone remember back in the 60’s …. a Tiger known has the Yankee Killer…No matter how bad we were playing…. Frank Lary would find a way to beat the Mighty Yanks…23-9 over his career vs. the Pin Strippers….

  10. After he retired Paw Paw played some semi pro ball came to the NBC tournament in Grand Rapids and I pitched a game against him.. Something I will never forget. I believe Mickey Stanley, who was younger and Billy Hoeft, who was older also played on that team.

  11. Charlie Maxwell…Always liked Ernie’s call on the radio from Paw Paw MI.
    Didn’t he have a quirk going where he hit home runs on Sunday… Not many TV games back then…
    I guess that is why I hang with the English D… A lot of indoctrination when I was a youngster… Impressive spurt winning the last two series vs. quality teams… We could be one of those teams that you don’t really want to play down the stretch… Playing loose under zero pressure…I saw where we were ranked high in quality starts… Zimm looked like a legit #2 or #3 yesterday…and Anibal has been an interesting turn around as well…

  12. Lot of talk on Bless You Boys about moving Castey to LF…Not feeling that would turn out very well… Thoughts? How bout him and Miggy tag teaming 1st and DH? I know Nick hasn’t really busted out as a hitter but I still am a believer in his hitting potential…Defensively he is a train wreck…

  13. Feet don’t move at third.. They won’t run in left. How many infielders can you name that successfully became outfielders.. Carlos Guillen and????????????????? In left those first quick couple steps are critical.. At no time are you allowed to use Casty and quick, or critical in the same sentence.

    1. Spot on, Jud. An example in reverse is Jacoby Jones. When the season began he was our best defensive outfielder. Did you know that in the minors he was a very good 3rd baseman? They probably put him in the outfield because Casty could not be replaced. A great example of what you said on the current Tiger team is our old friend Lettuce. Notice he can play any position (hasn’t caught yet but probably will some day) and do it well? You have to have some inherent athletic ability to do that.

      1. Inge was a great defensive catcher and infielder, and would have been a good outfielder if they had stuck with that experiment.

  14. Lettuce is a very rare breed to inner defensive talent… I bet he’s good at golf, pool, BB, surfing, just about anything!

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