Game 2017.80: Indians at Tigers

Another great outing for Anibal. He’s making me go “hmm.” It was nice to see walk of the mound to a large round of applause.

Upton out today with “right side soreness,” which explains the appearance of den Dekker this afternoon.

The Tigers are only 36-43, but at least they aren’t completely owned by Cleveland the way they were last season.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Alex Avila, C
  3. JD Martinez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. Victor Martinez, DH
  7. Mikie Mahtook, CF
  8. Andrew Romine, LF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Jordan Zimmerman vs Carlos Carrasco

11 thoughts on “Game 2017.80: Indians at Tigers”

  1. Sure glad VMart is back in there. Kinda missed his 1 rbi the entire month of June…..also missed his hit the ground ball and barely jog to first, which I hate more than anything. If you can’t play the game right, don’t play the game.

    .I think Mikie might be more productive per AB than almost anyone in the lineup….
    Meanwhile Zimms on!!!!

    1. +1 Prince Fielder was my favorite on running everything out. He always busted down the line even on a comebacker to the mound. And he wasn’t fast! So far I’d say this is Zimm’s best start since last April.

  2. Ya.. Kind of a tough break inning for Zim..gets Brantley to ground out, The flair by single on a great pitch could have ended the inning. Then he grooved one to Ramirez…
    .. Well can the late inning Offense do it twice in the same season?

  3. Actually, raise your hand you knew the Tigers would follow up in this second game with a 10K…do nothing effort… ✋

  4. Tough night for our hitters. So far Mikie Mudhen has as many hits as the top 6 hitters in the lineup combined.

  5. Miggy takes the call 3rd with runners on second and third, one out……………………. Ball game!!!!
    We needed Mikie up in that situation..

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