Game 2016.125: Tigers at Twins

I gotta admit, been thinking a lot about football season recently.

1. 2B Ian Kinsler

2. SS Erick Aybar

3. 1B Miguel Cabrera

4. DH Victor Martinez

5. RF J.D. Martinez

6. LF Justin Upton

7. 3B Casey McGehee

8. C James McCann

9. CF Cameron Maybin

13 thoughts on “Game 2016.125: Tigers at Twins”

  1. Some things are clicking..with Upton “finally” contributing…Kinsler is really falling off, but a lot of good things happening with Sanchez..3 out of 4 good.
    They will need Kinsler the next 19 games! McGee and Aybar are a big help!

        1. Just saw today’s lineup…I think Brad must be a reader. Hey Mr. Ausmus, welcome! You are free to comment also, just try to avoid certain phrases, like “you have to tip your cap.”

  2. 3-4-5 8-for-15. That’s how it’s done.

    By the way, JD Martinez has been ridiculously good since he has returned. .441 BA (68 at bats), 1.295 OPS.

  3. CLE just lost 2 of 3 to OAK – and CLE managed just 3 runs in those 3 games…total!

    I guess the silver-lining for CLE is they scored 1 run in each of the 3 games and still won one of them

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