Game 2016.111: Mets at Tigers

The good news is the Tigers won again, and have the series against the Mets, and like our astute commenters pointed out, it was a real team victory. The bad news is Castellanos is out for 4-7 weeks, and the pitching mis-match of Sanchez vs. deGrom.

Casey McGehee has been called up to replace Castellanos.

Today’s Kitchen Sink Lineup:

  1. Collins, CF
  2. Iglesias, SS
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Upton, LF
  7. McGehee, 3B
  8. McCann, C
  9. Romine, 2B



32 thoughts on “Game 2016.111: Mets at Tigers”

  1. Woof, Woof, Gibby back in the booth. If he goes on the west coast trip I may end up watching Perry Mason and the Rockford Files. Actually I have a workaround. TV sound off, radio feed on.

  2. You know what I can’t figure out Uptons career numbers!!!!..he can’t catch up to anyones fastball. He perception of the actual strikezone is terrible. He has the Alex Avila death walk to and from the plate. He had the deer in head lights look constantly…….how did he get those career numbers??

  3. Whatever any of us realistically expected from Sanchez today, he has surpassed it. Time for the hitters to do a little damage.

  4. Sanchez tough again today. Perhaps he can continue 3-4 + starts til Zimmerman gets squared away. That would be huge!

  5. Sanchez has looked better and better the past few starts. Dare we hope to see 2012/13 Anibal?

  6. We don’t see much of deGroom…Sanchez was very good..deGroom was better. He was excellent today!

  7. Brad hasn’t learned much about pen management. Based on his last two appearances, he should have sat. Too bad, we had a chance to close within one of the Indians.

    1. We didn’t lose it in the 8th. Even with the base running mistake we were still tied. If the bases had remained loaded, there is no guarantee that we would score (it was two out). It took a great throw by JD and tag by Salty to keep K-Rod from blowing the save last night.

  8. I hate when these games get down to coaches because the Tigers will lose 9-10 of those games. In the past 15 games very little coaching decisions and one game coached very well. We need these games to keep Brad and Today Clark out of them….a wasted gem by Sanchez!

  9. Game is still not over. If some can get on, Miggy gets a chance to go 0 for 4. Actually more than one runner needs to get on.

  10. The Indians have basically the same West coast trip as we do over the next 10 days. Neither team plays very well when they come out my way!…I hope for a 5-4 and Indians 4-5….

  11. Sanchez 3.62 ERA since break with 3 quality starts. How big would it be to have him be merely adequate?

  12. i was at the game today with several friends and family – and by DET standards it was pretty sweltering in the sun/box seats, but I have to give DET fans credit, most remained until the end of the game.

    even though a loss, a good day at the ballpark.

    I agree w/Tony, after seeing KRod almost blow 2 saves two days in a row against the Mets, I didn’t agree w/the strategy to bring him in for the 9th in a 1-1 game, but DET offense, which has been fairly impressive of late was pretty much MIA, but then again the lineup takes a hit w/not having Casty & Kinsler in the lineup

    Good outing by Sanchez…and no BB’s!

    1. Stormin…I’ll be at the Tigers v. Rangers series this weekend including Sunday’s game. We are behind the third base dugout on the evening games and under the right field eave for Sunday’s game. Texas has a good of home record as the Tiger do so it should be a good series.

      1. I’m hoping for a boring series (to accompany Gibby on the TV side) where the Tigers win each game by at least 8 runs and treat us to curly fries every day.


        1. My best recalled Tigers v. Ranger game was 06JUN07 when Verlander won a 10-0 drumming of the Rangers. My brothers and our families sat in a suite between the Tigers dugout and home plate. In the seventh inning, some gals brought us ice cream with chocolate sauce in little Ranger batting helmets. Such goes terrible with my 5th or 6th beer! Looking for the same Mojo from our Boys!

          1. Oh…I will be wearing a home Tiger jersey with Castellanos, #9 on the back. He’s my Tiger!

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