Game 2015.68: Tigers at Royals

I checked the standings. Last night’s bullpen massacre only counts as one loss. I could have sworn it would be two, but thankfully, it’s just one.

Matt Boyd on the hill tonight.

Baseball-Reference game preview here.

18 thoughts on “Game 2015.68: Tigers at Royals”

  1. I read Brad says he didn’t run for Victor in the 7th in case he needed him to bat in the 9 or 10..hey Brad you have to get to the 10th with as many runs or more than you opponent…as far as the 9th went. Victor needed an 8 run dinger…you musta missed some math classes at Dartmouth!

    Lets get 6 for Boyd today he can hold them to 4-5!

    1. Boyd has an issue w/giving up BB’s and HR’s, the sooner he eliminates one or both of those concerns, he’ll be a good pitcher. The issue i have w/Boyd is he has no deception to his delivery, and hitters seem very locked-in against him – so he should either alter his delivery (if possible) or mixup his pitches and location better to get hitters off balance – both tall orders for a young pitcher.

      As for not pinch running VMart in the 7th, i agreed w/Ausmus on that one – especially w/JD’s bat out of the lineup… and VMart just made a bad read on that wild pitch, should have scored, but didn’t matter anyway due to the blowpen

  2. After doing a great job working Vquez for 25-27 pitches in the first…The Tigers grind out a 6 pitch 2nd..swinging at everything he throws!..only our Tigers think like this….

  3. Boyd today has gone from walking batters to pitching BP…KC rips him whenever he pitches against them unfortunately.

  4. It looks like it’s time to send Boyd down for further development. Getting hammered every 5 days is not doing him or the Tigers any good. Meanwhile Sanchez has an opportunity to do himself some good by pitching some clean innings.

  5. We close to within 3 runs and Brilliant Brad brings in Hardy who only gave up 5 earned runs in 1 inning last night. Why? Why is Hardy even here. Hopefully Alex can shut them down without more damage.

  6. Actually I have finally realized the problem is not so much Brad than the fact that we still do not have much talent in the pen. That added to our mediocre starting pitching means we’re not going anywhere this year.

  7. Can u put players on the DL because they “suck”!?

    Whats the point of keeping Lowe and Hardy on your team….there has to be maybe a couple of Whitecaps or Lakeland Tigers that can do what these two do!!!

  8. If the score is close or a come back is needed, the bullpen failures will trump any offense.

    1. Rondon and Ryan called up to replace Boyd (Laurel) & Hardy

      Rondon has been pitching well as of late, but early on he was not… one would think he can’t be a worse option than AWilson or Lowe…

  9. Chris Young throwing for KC today – and virtually everyone has hit him hard this year, including a start two weeks ago where CLE hit 4 HR’s against him in 4 innings

    i guess we’ll see what offense DET brings against Young/KC today in an afternoon getaway game

    1. …Young is 4-0 in his last 6 starts against DET, w/DET batting just .169 against him

      today is a different day

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