Game 2015.69: Tigers at Royals

A series that started off so promising is dangerously close to being a 3-1 convincing KC series win if Zimmermann doesn’t deliver today. These last two games haven’t been close.

14 thoughts on “Game 2015.69: Tigers at Royals”

  1. Any idea of what these baby blue trim uniforms represent? Perhaps the Tigers are paying homage to the Royal machine?

    1. Oh! Ok, Father’s Day! That one went right over this Dad’s head!

  2. DET’s offense has performed at a powder-blue level today… Happy Father’s Day!

    great outing by Zimm, but i’m not too optimistic about how this one is going to end…the bullpens are polar opposites, and KC knows how to manufacture runs.

  3. WTF not bring back Zimm…only 93 pitches thru 8
    and bring in a guy who has not pitched in over a week!
    mind boggling!

  4. Hey Miggy nice play. I guess for $30 mil we can’t expect you to reach 6 inches..that would take some effort!…

  5. Ok, 4-6 road trip…I wanted. 5-5’trip. Some sunshine….Rondon and Moy√† perhaps? I welcome the Royals to,Comerica!

    1. i agree, some encouraging things take from a tough loss, #1 being Rondon & Moya – young guys contributing.

  6. I said this in spring training and I truly hate to be right. Even if the Tigers put it all together in the second half they might make the playoffs. The core of the team is getting older. It is time to trade for a younger group. DD showed what you can get for proven stars last year. I would hate to see them go, but Miggy, Verlander, Kinsler and KRod could bring in 20 great prospects and some proven young talent. The mindset of spending billions for a proven stud has to go. I have read Avila is trying to develop the farm system and if true is a good start. Devloping the farm system and having the money to hold on to young talent when they prove to be worth the investment will pay off for years to come.

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