Game 2016.30: Rangers at Tigers

Happy Mother’s Day!

1.5. That’s rhe over/under on JV hits allowed in the first. What do you think?

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  1. Tigers are wearing pink today in a great cause. It occurs to me that red would hide the bleeding better.

  2. On today’s Brad Ausmus show, Brad mentioned during the upcoming series with the Nats on playing Cabrera at third and V-Mart at first. Interesting move as he would be benching the number one AL hitter to accomplish this. Also he is further risking V-Mart to an on-the-field injury.

  3. From what I could tell on gameday JV wasn’t quite locating that well; but rather the beneficiary of some loose swing decisions. True?

    1. He challenged both Mazora and Beltre with high heat and won with one while the other grounded out.

  4. Lets see we give Bobby Wilson away for practically nothing..Hes 4-7 in this series…Meanwhile McCann is 0 for his retutn to the bigs….Tigers doing what they do best…screw up!

    1. That’s a pretty small sample size Jud. We saw plenty of McCann last year. He’s a solid player, maybe even a consistent starter. Wilson is a backup.

      1. My question about this whole thing Kevin is why they brought him back if he is not ready..

  5. Kinsler doesn’t get picked off…Miggy doubles him home
    ..coincidence..I think not!

    1. Miggy was lucky that went ground rule–he was just standing at home plate watching it.

  6. Wouldn’t Castellanos or JD batting 2nd and 5th (or vice versa) with Upton batting 6th be a much better deal? That could avoid those pitch arounds to V-Mart.

  7. Gose is completely clueless against Perez..two runners on PH right…nah!….Brad doesn’t want him to feel bad!…another K….

  8. I’m not worried about McCann and he is a very good catcher even if he doesn’t hit. I am, however starting to really worry about JD.

    1. Iglasias should play every day. Very young and great glove. JD is a deep concern. Rolls over on everything that he doesn’t miss. Almost as futile as Upton.

  9. Another win we’ve screwed JV out of. Ball pen fails to hold but 2 hits by our mighty offense is equally to blame.

    1. Ouch….it won’t get any easier on a road trip with the Nats and O’s.

  10. Fire frickin everybody…..!!!!!
    2 lousy hits…
    No pen
    No anything
    Brad your team has NO LIFE in them…way to motivate them!!

    1. He doesn’t know, he doesn’t know! But even worse, the Owner and GM, don’t know that he doesn’t know! However it is a good thing that we know what he doesn’t know!

  11. I would even take Lloyd at this point and he is just like Brad.No life!!! No fire!…we need a butt kicker. I am still p*issed we passed on Francona.

      1. They could have sent Smokey to the farm one year earlier when they knew Francona was available. Choose not too.

  12. Since they couldn’t hit JV, Ausmus found someone they could hit. Hard to believe he gets a salary to pull this crap.This should be the final nail on his coffin.

  13. The bullpen had been one of the few bright spots…not after yesterday and today

    Finding new ways to lose games, is not the mark of a good team…if the floundering continues, changes (mgr?) will be made

  14. I can smell the fowl odor coming from Comerica all the way down here in Toronto!

  15. If I were Ausmus for the day, I would make Verlander sit between Lowe and J. Wilson on tonight’s flight to KIAD. And K-Rod would serve them drinks.

  16. 29 runners in two days….no steals…no hit and run…no bunts…no anything. One base at a time!……7 total runs

      1. Thanks…it happens so rarely it’s hard to remember!..he hardly ever runs Gose..Iggy…Kinsler..Romine….Upton…..all with very good speed and All but Gose and Upton get on base often…

        1. Since a kid I have kept score for every game I attended and for the past ten years I do so when watching on TV or listening on the radio. Doing such helps you to determine turning points in games or note unique events like yesterday when JV passedJack Morris in career Ks. While I use the old classic approach to keeping score, I’d love a tutorial on how Dan and Jim keep it, especially with today’s defensive shifts, etc.

          1. Ditto, how do you really score a 5-3 groundout and show the third baseman is in right field?

    1. i’d go with “c. none of the above” – i’d rather have Kirk Gibson or VMart player/manage before i’d go with JL, Lamont or Lloyd. To me, Ausmus manages much like a JL-junior…as would Lamont and Lloyd.

      Personally, i’d like to see a whole new staff, but understand the enormous obstacles of trying to put together a “quality staff” during a season…

      Ausmus “relaxed/chill approach” is great, IF the team is winning, but if they’re not, its perceived (right or wrong) as apathetic and/or unmotivated.

  17. Heres the worst part of today. The wife is in Michigan babysitting the grandkids this month so its just in So Cal on Moms Day…………I watch 8 innings of that knowing the Tigers wouldn’t score and someone will blow this….thats how DUMB I AM!!!!..I am firing me for a few days cause next week won’t be pretty!

  18. As usual, you make some great points. I never would consider Lamont or anyone on the Asmuss staff. Sends the wrong message. I still blame some of the coaches for what’s going on. Gibby would be OK, but I didn’t consider him because of his health. If it were up to me I’d bring back Billy Martin for this bunch.

    1. I am thinking only as an interim manager, I wouldn’t want to sign Gardenhire to a multi-year contract.

  19. Maybe I am dead wrong about this, but I would like to see a Hispanic or Latino background. With the large Latino influence … about Carlos Guillen ! If there aren’t any qualified Hispanics with experience besides a no on Ozzie..

    1. While there is a lot of truth to the article, it is the players who are under achieving, it is the leader’s job to motivate and coordinate the various parts into a winning team. Since his arrival Brad has shown little ability to manage both offensive situations and ball pen management. This has made what might have been a bad situation into an intolerable one. Part of the blame must go to the coaching staff but again, Brad chose to keep them and didn’t even shake up their assignments. Just like in our own mundane regular jobs, If I manage a department of 25 people and they are greatly under-performing, the company comes to me for results or I am long gone as Ernie used to say. One thing common in both situation is that you normally can not fire 25 people at one time, especially in MLB where you would have to pay them anyway. When he was retained for 2016, his first move should have been to replace a couple of the coaches and look at their assignments. He should now show a little emotion and hold the players accountable. Even the big names like JD, Victor and Miggy. The Tigers also seem to lack a team leader. I would hope Ian or possibly McCann would step up but anyone willing to take the heat will do. END OF RANT!


    I never thought I would say this, but Drew Sharp makes some valid points in this article

    In the next 7 games (3 w/WAS & 4 w/BAL), if DET loses 5 or 6 of those (in an uncompetitive-like fashion), Mr Ausmus may not be the mgr for the next home stand. For the record, I hope DET wins at least 5 or 6 of the next seven – I have no real problem w/Ausmus per se, but if I’m Mr Illitch, who’s shelled out about $200M for this team, the buck has to stop somewhere…and sometimes a shake-up is necessary.

    1. Lie the Cubs and the Tigers down side-by-side. While you can certainly identify differences in these teams on which characteristics are better, the Cubs win hands down in motivation. Why is that? Where did they get the motivation to play .800 ball? Who gave them that vision?

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