Game 2016.29: Rangers at Tigers

Four in a row.

I don’t even want to mow the lawn anymore. I need to find deeper meaning in life.

Tigers are 5-7 at home…

1. 2B Ian Kinsler

2. RF J.D. Martinez

3. 1B Miguel Cabrera

4. DH Victor Martinez

5. LF Justin Upton

6. 3B Nick Castellanos

7. C Jarrod Saltalamacchia

8. CF Anthony Gose

9. SS Jose Iglesias


42 thoughts on “Game 2016.29: Rangers at Tigers”


    Interesting note at end of article about Leyland accompanying the team on next road trip.

    Nice to have FS-1 do the game and hear analysis that is not sugar coated. One of them pointed out that it’s time for JD to show up again after signing 2 year deal.

    Pelfrey today, perhaps they will get him a run or two. He has gotten two runs support all year.

    1. I don’t think Leyland needs to shadow this team to find out what is wrong with it. Asmus simply lacks leadership skills and he hasn’t clearly shown what his expectations are for the team. Resultantly, the team does what they want without any consequences other than a loss. Meanwhile every Cub knows where they stand with Madden.

  2. 2 for 2! Should be enough for Texas to win, but I expect Dr. Brad will leave him in until we’re down by 6 runs or more. After all we only have 13 pitchers on the roster.

  3. Iggy may not be hitting, but he is magic with the glove. Good shutdown inning for Pelfrey, top of the order needs to produce.

    1. It seems he came up ready to slap at the first pitch which is starting to become his trademark.

  4. Texas taking a pitcher out in the 3rd..less 100 pitches….Brad is protesting this game!!!..

  5. Kinsler…Casty…Victor pretty consistent all year so far…”hits and runs”…the name of the game

  6. 5-2 in the 6th and Palfrey only at 80 pitches…i think its time to pull him – before a meltdown ensues

        1. Norman, but we still have our 7-8-9 inning guys ready to go, it’s just unfortunate we are now 2 runs down.

  7. TIMING IS EVERYTHING! I’m old enough to remember when Yogi was the only batter that could reach an 0-2 pitch, they were called waste pitches. Looking like a very long season. Brad loves Ryan.

    1. turning a 5-2 lead into a 5-7 game is all part of Brad’s master ivy league strategy to challenge his hitters, to get them out of their current slump… a brilliant light years beyond saber metrics strategy…just you wait and see 😉

  8. Hey Smokey, as long as you are in town how about wandering into the dugout and taking over. Maybe the managing wouldn’t be better, but at least someone would be in charge…win5 lose5..win1 lose3…win 3 lose 3 gets you nowhere. We saw it last year..all year!

  9. Hey Brad hows that 2 for 22 saber metrics working out in that 2 spot!..Brad will give him another 30-40 games to work it out!

  10. Let me make another of my off the wall predictions (like we will sweep the Indians): Jim Leyland will replace Brad by the start of the next home stand. (May not help.)

    1. It may not help , but at least we knew what we were getting with Leyland. Brad basically does nothing. So in the long run something is better than nothing, in my opinion!

  11. Brad all along was acting in the role of a substitute 3rd grade teacher where the class knew nothing was expected of them. Brad did his part.

  12. I’m not sure Leyland would take the job. If not I’d love Legendary Lloyd from Toledo.


    A few days ago CWS DFA’d Danks – a pitcher (and “respected veteran”) they’re paying $16M this year; he was into his 10th year with the team, but he’s pitched horribly in all 4 starts. Though the decision to DFA Danks was “unpopular among the players”, CWS mngmt sent the message that this is a results oriented business/sport. Now i’m not suggesting DET DFA anyone…yet, but clearly some underperforming players need to step it up – or there needs to be some kind of attention getting ‘shake-up’.

  14. David Price’s ERA ballooned up to 6.75 today after another bad outing…and BOS is on the hook for $217M (@ an avg of $31M per year for next 7 years)

    Price will have some good years , but i’m glad DET didn’t sign him

    1. I don’t know Price as well as I know Verlander. But I don’t think he was ever a true power pitcher. He’s probably much more likely to correct to the norm. I think we’re seeing Verlander’s new norm. Probably not a 6+ ERA, but in the 4s.

  15. Compare the Cubs players to the Tigers. Madden has them all primed to run thru a brick wall if that is what is needed to win a game. How has Ausmus primed them? You don’t see any “winning spirit” rather we will win because we have the talent. It takes more than that. Of all Tigers, Kinsler seems to have the most heart in the game and I believe he tries to led by showing this daily.

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