Game 2016.27: Tigers at Indians

The Tigers have been on whatever the opposite of a roll is against Cleveland this season.  (What is the opposite of a roll anyway? I’ll go with flop for now). Michael Fulmer takes the mound as the Tigers pursue their O-for-Cleveland flop. (On the bright side, the Tigers are 14-7 against teams without “Cleveland” in their names).

One nice thing last night, if you managed to stay awake for it: Eight Inning Nick got two more hits. He is just tearing it up out there.

Tonight Andrew Romine gets his first career start in center. Hey, why not?

Tomorrow Kevin’s home team comes to Detroit. We have expertly scheduled our rotation so The Dallas Kid gets the Texas games.

Tonight’s Winless in Cleveland lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. JD Martinez, RF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. Upton, LF
  6. Castellanos, 3B
  7. Saltalamacchia, C
  8. Aviles, SS
  9. Romine, CF

21 thoughts on “Game 2016.27: Tigers at Indians”

  1. Tigers don’t have a baserunning problem accoarding to Brad, because they worked on it in spring training…Must be an illusion!

  2. This wasn’t a Rubber Game or anything, since they lost the first two. I guess it’s the LOL game of the series.

    1. Norman, I am also getting worn out. 79 Wins all of a sudden starts looking good, assuming Zimm wins 25.

  3. It’s time to sit JD down, he is very cold. Or, get him out of the 2 spot. I know put Gose in the 2 spot, it can not hurt his hitting.

  4. Do you know JD is leading the league in number of outfield errors?

    1. I am not surprised. There have also been a couple of ball called hits that I thought he should have caught.

  5. Got to give the kid credit. He got out of a jam and the game is still in reach.

  6. Francona takes out Bauer and the Indians are still ahead. Ausmus is calling MLB headquarters to see if thats legal!

  7. Pretty uninspiring series seeing that the Tigers never led once in 27 innings. I guess the 5 game win streak took a lot out of the guys….not like we haven’t seen this before, though! Bring on the Rangers!

  8. The last straw, Joba pitches 9th. In 8 appearances this year that’s the first earned run he has allowed. I suspect Francona knows how to manage his pitchers better than others.

    1. And when Avilles was an Indian he ripped Joba. Now that he is a Tiger he swings at three pitches Joba bounces up there..K…go figure!

  9. Maybe that General (Sherman or Sheridan) was right… The only good Indian is a dead Indian….. We should apply for a waiver to drop the Clevelanders from the rest of the schedule …….

  10. doing a cost analysis for those last 3 CLE loses – based on a starting pitcher having 28 starts in a given season:

    starting pitcher cost for loss:
    JV = $1M
    Sanchez = $600K
    Fulmer = $18K

    i understand that cost is typically viewed as inconsequential in MLB player analysis, but if it were me, i’d much rather pay $18K for a loss than …say…a million – call me stingy.

    JV started 20 games last year… and won 5 (@ $28M), i don’t recall, but at that price they were likely spectacular wins…all five of them 😉

      1. If that continues, we will be fighting tooth and nail for last place in September.

    1. If Pelfrey ever wins one, would he be a better deal than JV so far. I would feel sorry for Mr. I except that he ultimately made the decisions for the expensive, long term contracts.

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