Game 2016.28: Rangers at Tigers

My lawn needs to be mowed. I struggle with the opportunity cost of my time. I’m in that hectic stage of life where my young kids demand a ton of time or they are too hilarious to not spend time with, and I’m highly motivated to grow my business, so free time is hard to come by. And working in the services business curses you to the extent that I have an idea of what my time is worth (in some regards).

But I love mowing my lawn. Fresh cut grass and a nice edge line is as American as apple pie and a three spot by the visiting team in the top of the first. So I’m here to admit that I based my decision on whether I would mow the lawn, or call the guys to do it (for the first time this year – I’ve held out for over a month already), on Saturday’s game time. A Saturday afternoon listening to sweet Dan and redundant Jim on a warm day while I mow is something to look forward to at my age. I envision the kids laughing and playing with some water spraying toy in our freshly carved lawn as my wife, wearing a bikini, brings me an ice cold beer and offers to turn on the patio fan for me to sit and admire my work.

In all actuality, I’ll be pissed b/c I have to mow twice due to all the rain, I’ll miss several clumps of dog poop and will spend 10 minutes carving the sh*t out of the tread of my shoes with a stick, and my weed eater will run out of line and I’ll spend an hour trying to re-string the thing as I wear my fingertips to a pulp. Then my wife will walk in with the latest load from Target and ask that I unpack whatever we already have four of in the pantry. Ahh, the American dream.


Awful pitching and no hitting = 3 game sweep. How long do JV and Sanchez have to keep this up before something changes? Any 4th or 5th starter pitching like they have would be on the DL or in the minors by now. Not that anything will change soon. Just words for thought.

Aviles in right for JD Martinez. Hamels v. Zimmermann tonight should be fun.

1. Ian Kinsler, 2B

2. Mike Aviles, RF

3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B

4. Victor Martinez, DH

5. Justin Upton, LF

6. Nick Castellanos, 3B

7. James McCann, C

8. Anthony Gose, CF

9. Jose Iglesias, SS

15 thoughts on “Game 2016.28: Rangers at Tigers”

  1. Glad to see JD take a day off. I still would bat Gose 2nd in case the spot is cursed.

  2. Great write up as usual Kevin! BTW, the last time Mr. Hamels went against the Tigers was shortly before our annual fall hibernation. At that game in Arlington, the Tigers ambushed him for two runs in the first only for a young Daniel Norris to give up five runs in the bottom of the first. Meanwhile Miguel has a .600 plus average against Hamels so perhaps he will hit for the home fans?

  3. Hilarious! Growing up I never got to mow the grass since my father took great pride in the lawn and always took care of it himself. I never got to live the “dream”. Now that I am lord of my own manor, I live on the 33rd floor of a building with not a single blade of grass in sight!

  4. It’s best if dad mows up and down instead of side to side, because when his back is turned you can run out and take a sip of his beer. Theoretically.

  5. Looks like by the end of this evening we may be only scoring seven runs in the past four games? And only one Tiger hit in six innings!

  6. Well, at least these guys lose fast. This is setting up to be another “loss in about 2.5 hour” game.

  7. Mc Canns 0-14 why do you bring him to the bigs when he us obviously not ready!…isnt that what rehab is for…Ausmus will say..”he looks good. I like the looks of his swings and misses”

  8. Yes Kevin, i also enjoy the therapy associated w/mowing the law – and because if my father can still mow his and the neighbor lady’s lawn, damnit i’ve got to mow mine. And as w/Dallas, Houston has had a ton rain, so its been once a week mowing, until this dry week, so back on the every two weeks schedule.

    …as for the Tigers, the ‘two steps forward, three steps back’ journey continues – but i can’t quit ’em …hell i survived the ’98 – 2005 (dark) years, so i continue to ride the wave all the way to shore this year too. I still think they’ll turn it around at some point…just hope the hole they dug isn’t too deep.

  9. Of all the pathetic swings..Miggy topped them all with that AB in the 9th..Then Victor jogs out groundball to short RF..if there was a bobble Victor would still have been out by 25 feet as slow as he was running ( or was that walking..not sure)…thats our Tigers!…

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