Game 2015: 159-161

Well, here we are, the last handful of games.  This season certainly didn’t turn out the way anyone expected, but that’s baseball.

In other parts of the baseball universe, there is still a playoff race going on. Houston has pulled back into the 2nd wild card spot, and still has an outside chance at the division. And the Angels and Twins (Twins!) are both within one game of Houston. I may have to tune in that Rangers-Angels series this weekend.




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  1. Well here we are in a most important series on the last weekend of the season. Whoever loses this series will get a better draft choice! To start we have a great pitching matchup between Simon and Sale! Sale is going for the White Sox single season record for strikeouts. If he stays out of the strike zone, it should be a piece of cake. JD needs 2 homers for 40 and Miggy can win another batting title. What excitement! I am also wondering how many more DPs we can hit into, how many more guys can get picked off, will we balk any runs in and if our blow pen can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory a couple of more times!

    It’s also the last time this year we can watch Brad put his feet up and spit out sunflower seeds while he ponders his next great move. What a season this has been! Can hardly wait until next year!

    To Kevin: Go Rangers! Sweep the Halos so the Astros or Twins have a chance to back into the playoffs.

  2. Congratulations on #70..officially tied, at least, for last place. All I read is get a bullpen, get starting pitching….and no one talks about the piece of crap scoring machine Brad coaches. 70 two or less. Thats going to have to be one heck of a pitching staff,!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jud: You have been preaching to the assembly for most of this season about what this team needs to do, and you are so right! Offensively, we are a feast/famine all or nothing king of team. The game has evolved in the last decade, the wait for the 3 run dinger is out, some small ball, some SMART base running/Coaching is in. Will BA get with it next season? We must wait and see… I have him on a 4 foot leash, which btw is the same size leash the missus uses on me.

      1. Yes, Jim, we must wait and see. What I’m wondering is, can the man do somewhere between a 90 and a 180, in 6 months time?

      2. They are a 3 run Homer Jim, without the Homer!…they get plenty of runners on, but have no clue how to move them or score them, without the 3 run Dinger!
        They don’t believe in bunting. They don’t believe in ground ball to the right side, runner on second, they don’t believe in Smart base running. Lets watch the playoff teams. I bet we see a marked difference in how they play the game.
        Me, personally am tired of watching the ground ball DP and then blaming it on “that’s baseball”

  3. BA often seems like a extension of Jim Leyland. Jim had no players who can run, BA does. No imagination at all to scratch out runs. No bunts, no squeeze, no base stealing (with Gose on). I sure hope the guys who talked small ball in Spring training shows up in 2016 and works on fundamentals all spring long (base running, bunting, fielding, cutoff man, you name it). Otherwise it will be a long season again and hopefully BA will be gone either during the year or not renewed.

  4. How about that AL West? Houston puts up 21 on Arizona yesterday, and today Texas learns the meaning of “blowpen,” coughing up 5 runs in the 9th, leaving Houston still alive for the division title.

  5. How often have I mentioned here that Ausmus is just a younger clone of Leyland. Watching BA manage these past 2 yrs, it’s always hard for me to believe that he’s had ANY MLB experience, much less 20 yrs.

  6. Machado = sac bunt in 9th. Is Ausmus practicing for next season? Is he trying to get back in our good graces??

  7. What a fantastic closer Feliz is gonna make! Walks 1st batter, blah, blah, blah. I know it’s early, he could get better, but personally, I think it’s another Tigers experiment that can be checkboxed, “FAIL”.

  8. We did it! We’ve clinched! Oh, it’s last place. Good news is that JV didn’t get stuck with the loss.

  9. Congrats..Miggy..Batting Title
    Congrats JD…great season.
    Thank you…McCann, Wilson, Iggy, Kinsler, Hardy, Verhagen,
    To Everyone else….I hope AA finds someone better than you!
    To Ausmus… comment, I have said my piece plenty of times. But basically thanks for nothing!

    1. And JV! He and Kinsler both had a great 2nd half, and played like it meant something (even though we all knew it didn’t). I don’t think JV is done yet!

  10. Looks like the Yankees will fail to clinch home field for the 3rd day in a row. If they lose in the wild card game, I would think Joe Giradi will become available soon after. Something for Big Al to consider assuming he doesn’t mind the grief he might get for changing his mind.

    1. 6-0..hey Brad…you’ve been playing the wrong guys all year…or have they finally decided to play….or are they glad to get out of this season……..or…

  11. R.I.P. 2015 season – and here’s to hoping it was an anomaly and not a taste of things to come

    1. Sadly, jud, I’m feeling exact same way. So here’s one of your tags, comin’ right back at ya! = +1
      And to everyone here: I guess this officially wraps up this blog? It’s been fun; I’ve enjoyed dissing on my “favs” & reading all others’ thoughtful comm’s (and rants!). Goodbye ’til next year then…..
      Or do we keep this space going as a Lions/Redwings blog??

      1. I thought for sure there would be a bunch of posts about who the new manager might be, but that is not to be. There will definitely be some off-season stuff to keep track of. I’ll put up a post or two for anyone who wants to comment about the playoffs. I’m sure Kevin will be sporting the Rangers gear.

  12. Hope everyone enjoys the post and off season, and I personally will be rooting for a Dodgers- Astros WS, but will take what we get, as long as the Cards are not in it. You guys are the best, enjoy this give and take even if the Tigers are not winning. Stay Frosty, my Friends!

    1. OK, Jim, but right now I myself am not in a locale where frost comes readily (Canary Islands, Spain), but I’ll try!
      And I’ll be checking this blog later tonite, in case anyone’s posting during MNF. Can the Pussycats pull off what would be one of the biggest upsets of the year?

      1. I thought that they might get Levy back this week, but no such luck. The defense isn’t going to work until they do.

        1. Oh, no —–no Levy? That’s a final decision? I was also really hoping he’d be back for this game. So a tough challenge for Lions (to win in Seattle) just got 4 or 5 times tougher.

          Where, oh where is he?? Wasn’t it Johnny Cash who sang, “Life ain’t easy without a boy named Suh”? —–(or something like that…)

  13. I will announce this ahead of time, as you all know I went to 1 or 2 weeks of Tiger Spring Training for 26 straight years ending the streak last year because I couldn’t get away…with the Tigers retaining Ausmus I will not go next year. I went his first years and did that daily report back to you guys. But…’s the thing. What they do in spring training is almost nothing like they do in the season. With Sparky and Smokey what you see is what you get…With Ausmus they play and work totally different in the spring than they do in the season. He is extremely organized and I liked that, but the little details and fundamentals they work on does not carry over. They also are very aggressive in the spring and the only carry over is 100 guys thrown out of picked off. So the trip there is rather pointless. UNLESS…they sign a lot of help..or get a new manager….that is all for now…
    Just like Coleman, Kevin, Storman, Mississippi, Tony, I too check in during the off season…..

  14. I stumbled into your blog well into the season and have enjoyed it immensely. Where else can I spout my late breaking brilliance? Makes me feel almost as smart as Brad!

    I would make a few suggestions. The first is that you keep the site strictly a Tigers blog, along with related baseball news. The Wings, Pistons and Lions are not baseball. Perhaps someone will start separate sites for them. Another is that you do NOT shut it down during the off season. After all, some of the most important things affecting the team can happen during the winter (like the big meetings in Florida). Perhaps in a fit of conscience Brad will resign before spring training and of course trades can happen.

    We can check in for time to time to see what’s going on and of course add our comments.

    One final word: Go Houston, beat the Yankees (may get Joe fired and available to Al Avila). Also, GO CUBS! YOUR FANS DESERVE IT!

    1. Thanks for contributing! We usually do periodic off-season posts, so keep checking back. As far as playoffs, what do you think about the CC Sabathia news? That’s a first.

      1. It’s sad. Also think he must be in very bad shape or he would have waited until after the playoffs to go into rehab. He made the right choice since he would be gambling with the rest of his life and his family’s well being if he didn’t go now. Sincerely wish him well.

    2. We pretty much stick to Tiger stuff even in the off season..Tony where are you in Florida?. I spent 26 years working softball (college girls) pitching, during college spring break weeks. Most recent years worked out of the National Softball Training Center in Clermont.

      1. de Florida is an inside joke. We have been trying to move to Florida since 2006. Something has always kept us in Macomb, Michigan, Perhaps the wife of 55 years, 6 kids, 16 grandkids and 8 great-grand kids that all live within an hours drive of us. But we have not given up yet! Perhaps 2016 will be it as the Tigers rebuild. By the way if we make it, it would be in Leesburg around the corner from Clermont.

  15. Lions very nearly pull off upset in Seattle. Played a great game, around a heap of key injuries. No playoffs this year, but we should be proud of the way this team is playing, the spirit they’re showing.

  16. The Lions and Tigers do actually have a lot in common this season:

    –Lost a very high-priced free agent (Scherzer/Suh)
    –Early injuries to key players (Verlander, Martinez/Levy/Pettigrew)
    –Picked to play in the postseason, will be out of it by half-way through
    –Will battle Chicago for last place

  17. Projected Salaries for DET’s arbitration eligible (6) players:
    •Neftali Feliz – $5.2MM
    •Josh Wilson – $900K
    •Al Alburquerque – $2.1MM
    •J.D. Martinez – $7.8MM
    •Andrew Romine – $700K
    •Jose Iglesias – $1.5MM

    hopefully DET can find better options than Feliz and ALBQ

    the others (if they continue to perform at or better) sound like bargains at these prices

  18. Norman,

    If everyday Al is worth $2.1MM how in the world could Feliz be worth more than twice as much? Every team passed on him when he was put on waivers. Plus 7 ERA and hasn’t had any flashes of brilliance that I recall. I would pass on him and if no one wants him offer him maybe $1MM with some performance incentives.

    1. Tony, i agree that based on the ’15 season, Feliz is not worth anything close to $5.5M, but in the ‘crazy FA market’ some team will probably give it to him.

      According to my calculations DET will be drafting #9, therefore, they won’t have to surrender a 1st round draft pick if they sign a FA this off-season, though they will have to give up a 2nd round pick (next year) if they sign one of the top rated FA’s. Bottom 10 teams in standings don’t have to surrender 1st round pick to sign FA.

      DET should be able to draft some talent this year, as they’ll also have a pick for Scherzer signing w/Nats.

  19. I picked this up on the MLB site talking about Keuchel’s great performance last night on 3 days rest:

    The last time a pitcher threw at least six scoreless innings on three days’ rest with his club facing elimination from the postseason, however, came in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series when both starting pitchers accomplished the feat. Each pitching on three days’ rest, Atlanta’s John Smoltz turned in 7 1/3 shutout frames in a pitchers’ duel opposite Minnesota’s Jack Morris, who led his club to a 1-0 victory by tossing a 10-inning shutout.

    I wonder if Jack could be a great pitching coach?

    1. Yeah, and with Tiger ties too.
      He threw all 10 of the shutout? Love his manager too, for stepping outside-the-box-usual-thinking like, “let’s see, who’s my 8th inning guy?” and “OK, bring in my closer for the 10th”.

      1. Unlike our genius who last year in the 2nd game of the playoffs took out Sanchez after 2 perfect innings because our 8th inning guy was “ready”. Instead of coming home 1-1 we came home 0-2 and DP lost 2-1 to end the series.

        1. Good point, Tony. But somehow, Al Avila and all other “thinking heads” that count (unlike us “whining nothings” here) and make the big decisions, these issues like coaching a team into being able to bunt successfully, knowing how and when to play small ball, incorporating INTELLIGENT (as opposed to aggressive and dumb) base running into your game plan, CREATIVELY managing your bullpen and other important decisions late in games, mean almost ZERO.
          This is proven by the fact that they bring back another Leyland-Ausmus-style manager for more of the same(?) next season.
          What I generally see about Ausmus, and previously Leyland, is that the Tigers win NOT because of them, but the team is good enough that they often win IN SPITE OF being led by managers like them.

  20. call me crazy, but i have a trade DET should consider this offseason: DET: JV, Castellanos & Collins for LAD: Puig, Saeger, Urias (LHP) & DeLeon (RHP) – or a similar version of a LAD ‘package’. Doubt LAD would part w/all these players, but its pure speculation.

    Greinke will likely sign for $200M elsewhere, so replacing Greinke’s $ w/JV $28M through ’19 (and a $22M vesting option for ’20) could make economic sense for a wealthy team like LAD.

    I know Puig is likely a head-case, but he’s talented and signed through ’18 and DET’s roster could keep him focused/productive… and fills the CF or LF need for DET

    JV will be 33 next season and although closed out the ’15 very strong – i suspect his trade value (a/o trade-ability) will never be as high… and the same could be said for his abilities (injuries, etc) moving forward. I know ‘value vs money’ is very subjective in pro-sports, but DET paid JV $1.4M per start and $5.6M per “W” in ’15… meanwhile HOU paid Keuchel & McHugh $1M (combined) for 39 wins… i know totally unfair comparison, but still.

    In addition to all the other variables that would stand in the way of this type of deal, JV also has a “no trade” clause… so he could scuttle any trade if he didn’t like it.

    Sooner or later pretty much all $160M+ long-term contracts start to look like bad ROI’s, especially w/pitchers (Sabathia, etc) – and the weight of a few $25M+ long term deals on a team’s books often leads to sacrifices in other areas of the roster.

    1. I know what you’re saying, Norman, makes sense, but I’d just like to say that ever since Free Agency happened, the whole of major sports has become like one big ridiculous swinging door.
      Guess I’m just an “Old School” idiot, who dreams of jumping back in time about 50 yrs……….

  21. The Tigers made a huge mistake in hiring Assmus instead of Joe Madden. We are going nowhere anytime soon with Assmus at the helm! I am not too hopeful that Al Senior will be successful building a good team considering his moves so far! I guess I don’t sound too upbeat for next season with these two running the show.

    1. I agree, Tigers Rule. I LIKE to be positive & upbeat before a new season starts (especially), but I’m also having a hard time with Tigers’ moves so far. Hey! Show me something, Al Sr, during Winter Meetings & offseason, to restore my confidence in you and this organization. I don’t know what that will be, but it sure hasn’t happened yet.
      And Ausmus: Show me that you’ve only been hiding it the last 2 yrs —–that you actually DO have a head for baseball. Show us in spring training how you’ve changed…

    1. Kaline, i’m excited for the Wings youth movement – i’m sure they’ll have their ups and downs, but if they stay healthy, they could be really good.

      as for the Lions, instead of “Go Lions!”, i’m more inclined to go with “please GO (away) Lions”…another top-heavy contract team that has had to sacrifice bringing in talent and support for a couple of underperforming contracts (Stafford for sure, and and to a degree, CJohnson) …guess how many road games Stafford has won in his (Lions) career against a team w/a .500 or better record?

      1. Jim Caldwell on the sidelines looks like he can’t decide between crying, softly, or just falling asleep, and settles on blocking it out and focusing on what he will eat after the game.

        1. that’s funny Coleman… and straight out of Gene Lamont’s ‘Instructional Guide to Coaching’

  22. Stormin: I agree fully about Wings youth combined with some vet leadership, too. And Datsyuk might be there for 75% of season. And for the most part, I’m in tune with your Lions comm’s too, altho I don’t have anything bad to say about Megatron —–he’s one of the chief reasons for watching, week after (losing) week.

    Coleman: I like your observations on J Caldwell! And next week = 1st Win?

  23. Looks like the Astros got themselves a blowpen too. 4 Runs already in in the 8th, and still nobody out.

    1. that 8th inning in HOU had the same feel as the ’13 BOS – DET ALCS blow-pen collapse – gonna be tough for HOU to bounce back for game 5 in KC

  24. CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!!!

    Did you guys notice the similarities between Joe Madden and Brad? If you did, you should change what you’re smoking to something legal!

  25. Back in civilization after a week on the houseboat at Lake Powell, UT. We did have XM on the boat so we listened to the WC and AL/NLDS games. Some good ones including Madden doing two suicide squeezes in a row. We had four cousins from Sweden on the boat and they were clueless on the game and hard to explain via the radio. Congrats to the Cubs and especially AJax. May they go farther. Also thanks to all for the great 2015 season analysis. Your comments and humor give me a better appreciation of this great game.

    1. I am hoping for a Dodgers victory on Thursday, but that’s only because Lasorda brainwashed me 45 years ago, and it still has not worn off. I know there will be a groundswell/bandwagon effect for the Cubs in the WS ( if they get there) but c’mon, that’s a young team, they can do it all over again next year. You know, the last time the Dodgers won it all (’88) I was dating my now wife of 25 years, and I realize the Cubs have not won it all since “08, but in Husband years I figure it has been 100 plus years at least. So, Go Dodgers, and Astros too!

      1. what would a WS be without the prospect of snow and cold?

        i’d like to see Cubs – TOR series, and before the first game at Wrigley, the Cubs should have Steve Bartman throw out the first pitch to finally exorcize that 108 yr demon. If you haven’t seen that 30 for 30 documentary “Catching Hell” (Bartman/Cubs), do yourself a favor and watch it.

        1. That is a great idea! What he had to go through was shameful. (I would also make sure he had a seat in the press box!)

  26. My heart goes out to Kevin. Not only does he suffer the whole Tiger’s season ne watches the Rangers do a Tiger replay in the ALCS! As many have said, baseball is a humbling game.

    1. Texas won the first two games on the road…and the Astros were up 2 games to 1 with a 6-2 lead in the 8th. But it ain’t over until it’s over. Unless you are the Texas governor, who tweeted congrats to the Astros for advancing, and another looking forward to the all-Texas ALCS. Talk about a jinx! I think a recall is in order.

  27. Several things noted in these playoffs how teams scratch and claw for runs…how they move runners. The most noticeable thing to me is how almost every single batter hit .265-275 with 55-65 rbi. Helping their team. Instead of a team like Detroit where Miggy and JD basically provided all the numbers when it comes to scoring runs…..

    Go Cubbies!

    1. Good point, jud. And Oh!!! How I would love to believe that our honorable Skipper watches these playoff teams, and notes carefully their in-game strategies, to use as valuable future reference for his own team, our Tigers, next season, I’ve seen zero indication that he learns ANYTHING at all, or applies any changes to his GAME (PLAN??).
      But hey! As Al Sr is showing us, we still gotta love him —–he’s our guy to turn things around in 2016, even if he makes 0% improvements to his managerial style….

      1. I think the fact he’s back is proof that Big Al doesn’t think we will be serious contenders in 2016. I give Al the benefit of the doubt. He has a rather large rebuild job ahead and is hoping for a better bunch of managers to be available for 2017. It would not surprise me if he lets Brad go BEFORE the end of 2016 if the right candidate becomes available and some of his moves prior to 2016 start to look good.

        1. Yeah, Tony, I’ve heard that argument here before, that Ausmus is being retained until someone better hits the market end of next yr, or before. I hope you’re right. And even if the Tigers start winning in 2016, I still wouldn’t change my mind about wanting to see him replaced. As I mentioned before, I really believe that with mgrs like him & Leyland, their teams win IN SPITE OF them, not BECAUSE OF them. The ONLY thing that would change my mind about wanting to see Brad gone, is if he did a complete 180, and actually became a thinking, creative manager. But I think that’s a wild, wild dream —– a person just can’t change that much….

        2. would Mattingly qualify as in the “better bunch of managers” category? …because word on the street is he will soon be (fired) available.

          1. Interesting question, Stormin, because I think after these last 2 yrs, I’d almost rather see anyone else besides Brad. What makes this prospect of “getting” Mattingly more interesting is this story from FanGraphs, which basically is criticizing Don & other managers for managing exactly the way that I (we) here have been criticizing Ausmus for NOT doing!


            1. the wholesale dismissal of the SAC bunt as a “rally killer”, is really short-sighted and fails to consider the error produced by a SAC, or the GIDP that didn’t happen …and if the hitter is hitting under .225, the odds of an ensuing “rally” are statistically lower than say a guy batting .300, who’s rarely ever asked to SAC bunt.

              as for Mattingly, I could see WAS hiring him if he’s cut lose… he has won 3 straight division titles, but as we’ve learned, fans (and mngmt) expect more than just division titles when the team has talent along with a high payroll and high expectations

              1. Agree with all your comms about SAC bunt. And as you hint, of course you don’t ask a guy like Cabrera to bunt. As much as I’m a proponent of the SAC B (with 0 out), I don’t say employ it in those situations 100% of the time. There are variables, different factors & circumstances to consider. Basically, all I ask of my manager is simply APPLY SOME THOUGHT PROCESSES to the individual situation, then act accordingly. A guy with 20 yrs in MLB should have garnered some experience, should have LEARNED something, to help him determine which percentages apply in a given situation. But sadly, I haven’t seen this from Brad Ausmus; all I’ve seen is pumpkin seeds.
                For me, he and Al Sr could at least partially redeem themselves if they started working on TEACHING players to bunt this spring.

  28. I am so glad I hit the record button when the 7th inning of the Texas- Toronto game started yesterday. That was the most intense/insane baseball I had seen in a long time. Rule 6.03 , c’mon who knew that one?? And why in the name of Dudley do Right are they selling beer in cans in Toronto? What the devil, eh? I cannot wait to watch the ALCS, and as far as the Astros are concerned, I think SI picked them to win it all in 2017, so wait till the the year after the next year…

  29. I think Tony is right. The only reason to keep Brad is to rebuild from youth…not reload. Asmus has no control overvthe veterans. ( just watch them run out ground balls and popouts). He is better with the younger players and Al Al will rebuild from youth with Asmus in charge……non contender in 2016!

  30. I guess it’s a reflection of our society and the trouble we may be in that the Fox Sports pregame spend so much time on bat flips. So what do you expect? I just hit a 3 run homer in the playoffs and it sounds like I should apologize to the pitcher and other club for being successful? Gee, sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I was really trying to strike out and not make you look bad. I made a mistake and made contact with hanging curve ball you threw. I’ll really try to make it up to you some how. Maybe our guys can make three errors next inning to make it up to you.

    Perhaps my old drill sergeant should have been this way. He made me look bad and hurt my feelings all the time when I was in basic training.

    Come on, this is not little league baseball.

  31. i agree Tony… many of the ‘unwritten rules’ of MLB baseball are childish…and teams and players are often quick to criticize other teams/players for the same/similar-type actions their own players are guilty of (i.e. BOS players criticizing DET Peralta for getting caught using PED’s, even though Big Papi was a confirmed PED user).

    …and for the record, i’m not a fan of touchdown celebrations, show-boating and the taunting that goes on in some sports, but c’mon, hitting a 3-run bomb late in a game 5 deciding series – let a brother flip his bat to celebrate fergodsake – if the mood strikes him.

  32. This article is incredible:

    The first part makes sense, explaining how Dodgers really blew it, not covering 3rd, allowing runner to go from 1st to 3rd on a walk. Second part of the article was so stupid, I couldn’t believe I was reading it. OF COURSE Ethier should have had the “wherewithal” to know that he should have let the ball drop! You mentally prepare yourself before the hitter steps into the box!! When I played Little League, in that situation I would be prepared for 3 options = 1) if ball lands way in front of me, it’s a base hit, and run will score automatically; my throw comes into 2nd or 3rd, 2) a fly ball in my direction is either going to be fair or foul. If it’s clearly fair, I have to catch it, obviously. IF it looks like it’s drifting foul, THEN I have to be sharp. But I’ve already mentally prepared myself for this possibility way before the ball was hit. AS SOON AS I SEE THAT IT IS CLEARLY FOUL, I let the damn thing drop! No run scored, just 1 strike added to batter’s count. This doesn’t take a rapid-fire genius thinker, as this writer suggests. Only tricky part is knowing where foul line is —–simple! Did that writer ever play ball himself?
    Jud, you’ve coached lots; what’s your thoughts on this?

    1. on the Ethier fly ball – it was only the 4th inning (runners on 1st & 3rd) – contrary to the sportswriter’s 20/20 hindsight, you make that catch and get the OUT…what if Ethier “let the ball drop foul”, and the hitter rips the next pitch into the gap or over the fence, then the article would have been about how stupid Ethier was for letting the ball drop and not getting the out.

      every year in the playoffs, its the teams that do ‘the little (smart) things’ to get a run here, or prevent a run there… that usually prevail – hence, why our Tigers have had the talent to win a WS, but have not over the past 9 years… they didn’t do the little things (which also includes ‘bullpen management’)

      1. Thanks for adding your comms to that, Stormin. I didn’t watch the game, only read that article, so I also wasn’t aware of what inning it was in.

    2. Kids, players no longer think like that. Players are getting bigger, faster, stronger….they are NOT getting smarter!…..everyone of my players would have caught that ball. Then when I explain the situation to them they would be clueless….oh! Would be their retort! Thats just the way the modern player is…. . Now…. in the 4 the inning you catch the foul ball…in the 8 the or 9th you let it drop—

    1. Norman: For sure a positive step but I doubt they influenced him because Avila had already signed on to keep everyone for 2016. I think of the time when we had JV, Max, Anibal, Fister, Porcello as starters and that he was the pitching coach. I also think that I might have looked good as coach with that bunch! What I do seem to remember is that the rest of the pitching staff always seemed pretty ordinary and don’t remember anyone developing into a much better pitcher. (You can help me if I’ve missed someone.) I always think of the Tampa Bay Rays who always seem to pick up young, cheaper pitchers that they then have to trade because they’ve become so good they can’t afford them. I’d like your opinion on this and if you think if we might try Jack Morris (short term, at least) as a replacement. No experience but a heck of a pitcher.

      1. Agree Tony – outside of Scherzer, I can’t think of many DET pitchers that have blossomed under Jones’ tutelage.

        Jon Smoltz is my choice for next DET pitching coach. I wouldn’t be opposed to Jack Morris, but whoever it is needs to develop young (Norris, Boyd, Fulmer, Rondon, etc) pitchers (and veterans too)

          1. Smoltz was born in Warren, MI, graduated from Lansing Waverly high school …and not a bad career for a 22nd round pick of DET…

            …i’ve also heard that he’s a good person also

      1. i saw where he knew it back in July, and still wanted to pitch…

        me, i’d get it cut out ASAFP.

        I know five people that have had their thyroid removed and have functioned relatively normally (w/medication), but none them were professional athletes…it will be interesting to see how this plays out. He seems like a really good guy – and that coupled w/the fact that he pitches for DET, i’m really pulling for him.

        1. I also would have slid on the operating table ASAFP! The good news is that he should be OK anyway and that he has the guts and personality to be a very good pitcher.

        2. Since you mention that, he was diagnosed when he was still in the Toronto system. So were the Tigers made aware of his condition before they traded for him?

    1. …Cueto has some Big Pasta tendencies since arriving in KC… his 6 starts in Sept, ERA 6.11… he pitched well against HOU in game 5 but he’s been less than the top 1-2 pitcher KC expected.

  33. Have you noticed during almost every playoff game coaches in the dugouts talking to players!!!. I thought it was a league rule that you all sit in a row chewing seeds and staring out into space!!!!!

    1. Jud, for the record, Lamont is not ‘staring out into space’…he’s contemplating whether he should make 1 or 2 trips to the post-game clubhouse buffet. As for Ausmus, his big brain is solving complex social and mathematical issues, and therefore can’t be burdened with the trivial and simplistic prospect of baseball strategy… i mean c’mon, these guys (players) are getting paid well, they should be able figure things out 😉

      1. He can gaze into the future, which can be useful in a coach. It’s not his fault the future is full of buffets…

      1. well if DET does hire him, I doubt Maddux would advocate re-signing Feliz…since he was probably the primary influence on getting him waived by TEX


    MCB suggests DET wants to become the ’13 BOS… that’s the same team (BOS ’13) that DET totally dominated for the first 16 innings of the series, and DET should/could have probably locked down the series win had the bottom of the 8th been another 3 up 3 down for BOS… but no, we (over-)managed to put up 4 and tie it.

    That Game 2 8th inning of ’13 ALCS reminds me a lot of the last 1:45 of Saturday’s MSU – UM game… coulda/should been managed differently

  35. How bout Famillia…2-35…3 BB…8 straight games..sometimes one inning sometimes 2…no big deal….kinda reminds me of what The Tigers wish they could do!

  36. Reports out of LA that Dodgers are parting ways with Mattingly. Unless we get our 180 from Mr. Ivy, would this be a good fit?

  37. Mattingly who is twice the Manager Ausmus is…fired..!!!…I guess in some organizations you are held accountable for failures. Unlike the Tigers!

  38. If Mattingly was a failure, send some our way! As far as being beat by the Mets, who thought that the infant starters of the Mets would be able to match Kershaw and Greinke. Not to even mention Familia! Or that Granderson, Murphy and Cespedes would be that good. 2 Ex Tigers, makes me wonder about our GM’s.

      1. he certainly has… timing is everything

        personally, i think its more of an anomaly (based on career stats), but his playoff performance has probably added another few years and $40-50M to his next contract – AND if he stays hot, we could have a Miracle Mets redux

  39. Too late to do anything about it now, but what if the Tigers had hired inexperienced Omar Vizquel as skipper 2 yrs ago, instead of inexperienced Brad Ausmus? Easy to 2nd-guess here, but I like Tigers’ situation & chances so much better with this fantasy scenario.
    Why? Because Vizquel has a head on his shoulders. He’s cool, level-headed and calm. But that doesn’t mean he won’t yell or get on a player for dogging it or screwing up mentally. He commands respect (more than Ausmus), and frankly, I’d love to see what he can do as a manager. I hope he lands a job with some team, but I wish it could have been the Tigers.
    Good luck, Omar ——the best to you!!

    1. I honestly didn’t know why you had brought this up and I found this article:

      Had Omar been selected instead of Brad, we might have been a better club but still not a contender because of losing Max and all our injuries. By the way, I really think they mishandled the injuries especially Victor Martinez who should have been forced to sit out the last part of the season. Even Miggy should have been off more but I understand his wanting to go for the batting title. I also wish Omar the best but not too much luck right now since I would love to have him back as a coach under a more competent manager (maybe 2016 or 2017 for sure). If no good candidate appears I would not object to him as Brad’s replacement even without the experience. It appears that Big Al thinks highly of him so if Brad continues to exhibit his total lack of management and communication skills, it could happen at least as an interim replacement.

  40. Agree with all your statements about Omar. Sure, I was wishing him luck, and for his sake, hope he gets what he desires, but he’s another face I would really love to continue seeing in the Tigers’ dugout, in one capacity or another.
    It’s an ugly feeling, but I find myself kind of hoping that Brad “exhibits” early on in the season, so that front office’s hand will be forced to exact some change, maybe elevate/promote Vizquel mid-season? Another part of me (I guess the more humane feeling) hopes that Ausmus actually starts to manage, and the team feeds off of it, and thrives.

  41. Mets: The way Cespedes played that fly ball into an inside the park home run is a disgrace. Send him back to the Tigers!

  42. Not baseball, just injecting a tiny bit of football here:

    Michael Rothstein, ESPN Staff Writer

    The Detroit Lions are 1-6, but don’t expect them to start trying to sell off players with the trade deadline approaching next week.

    Instead, general manager Martin Mayhew told reporters in England on Friday he’s more interested in being a buyer at the deadline.

    “We’re going to be probably more buyers than sellers, and we’ve had some dialogue already about some guys around the league,” Mayhew said via the Detroit Free Press. “So we’re actively looking at those situations.”

    Acting as buyers and not sellers also includes not moving receiver Calvin Johnson or quarterback Matthew Stafford — probably the franchise’s two most valuable pieces. Mayhew made moves earlier this season, acquiring draft picks from Seattle and New England in exchange for cornerback Mohammed Seisay and tight end Michael Williams.

    Mayhew called any thoughts of moving on from Stafford “comical,” according to the team’s website…..

    I’d just like to say = Martin Mayhew, —–Good on you!
    Lions are 1-6, but you’re not buckling, not cracking, not selling away the franchise.
    IMHO, this whole free agency thing really sucks. It’s single-handedly practically ruined all major sports. It sucks bad now, and in 20 yrs, it, and the theories and policies surrounding it will only get worse. By then, no fan will be able to say that any player is actually ON his team. His team’s owners have just rented a roster full of players for some short period.
    Sure, I understand some of the “Pro’s” of F A, but I’d say the “Con’s” vastly outweigh them. As a fan, I would much rather be living back in 1960, before this (mostly)bad policy ever happened. Maybe that’s where I am living —-can’t say that I’m not old-fashioned —–maybe too much.
    Anyway, in the midst of the Tigers’ woes and “forced” transactions & deals this year, etc., it was refreshing for me to read Mr Mayhew’s statements.
    There —–I’ve vented. Anyone want to smash me down? or —-God forbid!—— agree with me?

    1. Kaline, you are a brave man to step up and defend Mayhew and the Lions.

      Last year DET goes 11-5, this year they’ll be lucky to go 5-11.

      I admire your faith Kaline, but if I were the Ford family, I’d make sure DET trades the cap-killing (supporting talent draining) contracts of Stafford and Johnson for top draft picks and DET would also likely have to receive a player [w/an expiring contract] or two to offset the cap-hit the trading partner will get w/either Stafford or Johnson…then sign a journeyman QB or that whack-a-do Mallett and let him or Orlovsky play the year out. Then after game 16 fire everyone Mayhew, Lewand, Caldwell and his entire staff – and bring in a GM and Pres with some vision and completely reboot. To bad we also can’t “fire” the Ford family and their ‘magic touch’.

      For Mayhew to say “the Lions will be buyers at the trade deadline” sounds like a guy who knows he’s going to be fired by the end of the season.

      Do you know how many road games Stafford has won against teams with winning records in his entire NFL career? 0

      1. Well thanks for your response, Mr Cash, but I can’t say I agree with all your points. I guess it does make money sense, but I for one, would just hate to see Megatron go. First Suh, then Calvin. Rips your heart out if you’re a fan. I probably get too sentimentally attached to these players; I guess I’d make a lousy GM.
        Interesting observation about Mayhew possibly seeing writing on the wall…..

        And I can’t deny it —–That IS a scary stat on Stafford!
        (Also, you can note that I didn’t commit sentimentally to Stafford, only Johnson).
        I just hate to constantly witness these highly-rated players jumping teams, going thru one revolving door, then another. That statement’s a stretch, I know, but it seems like that to me because I place a premium on loyalty.
        Anyway, I’m just glad Megatron didn’t go on the block, and let’s see what happens. No, 5-11 doesn’t sound far-fetched or pessimistic.
        On a lighter note, it will be interesting to see what Jim Bob’s got up his sleeves this Sun, with his brand of play-calling/ QB handling, in jolly England.

        1. the Chiefs are a beatable team…even for the Lions…and last year the Lions pulled out a pretty spectacular comeback in London (against the Falcons i believe)

          As for Megatron, when healthy he’s still probably the best WR in the NFL, and if he had a better supporting roster, there’s no way i’d trade him, but its becoming quite clear the Lions have too many roster holes (OL, DB’s, etc)…what about next year you ask? i suspect they’ll hang onto Johnson, so i guess we’ll see.

          Based on Johnson’s past injury history (though he’s actually made it through 7 games this year relatively unscathed) and the position he plays – injuries could start detracting from his effectiveness…and the Lions ROI (as one of the top paid WR’s in the NFL).

          Long-time Lions fans’ expectations are pretty low, so when they go from an 11-5 to 5-11…fans are much more surprised by the 11-5 than they are about the 5-11 season

          1. It’s a tightrope, Stormin’ —–I think all of us Detroit fans want to see Matt go to Calvin much more, those long bombs downfield where only HE can leap up, in double-coverage sometimes, to haul in the catch for big-yardage gains & TDs. The downside is that this means he takes more heavy hits, etc., putting him at a higher risk naturally, for injury, than if you don’t throw to him. Of course we take this risk side since it’s the NFL and —Hey! That’s what he’s getting paid for!
            I hope to see a few of these bombs this Sunday.

              1. I see no injustice there with that report card. Could probably add one more F on the card:
                Public Relations Dep’t with British sports fans. Altho Lions seemed to have a fairly good sprinkling of supporters in the Wembley stands, after yesterday’s abysmal showing, does it seem likely that Londoners would ever again want us to be one of the teams playing?

      2. …although the Lions missed out on unloading some overpriced underperforming (Stafford…) contracts at the trade deadline, they did fire GM Mayhew and Lewand (team pres) today… appears the 90 year old Martha Ford (owner) has something her late husband didn’t

        1. Sum total: Quite a good shake-up now in the organization = 2 front of’c gone, 2 coaches gone.
          Now let’s start seeing some positive results.

          GO! LIONS!!!!!

    1. Tony, as these five examples demonstrate, DET definitely earned their last place finish in the AL Central.

      1. It’s OK, boys, there’s still hope that sanity exists in the Tigers organization —-I heard that Al Avila Sr didn’t see any of those 5 games mentioned in the article, had no knowledge that Ausmus was even capable of pulling management boners like that. So he’s exonerated for turning a blind eye to letting Brad go, and his credibility is still fully valid…..

        1. Nice try, Kaline Fan. Al Avila Sr. probably knows play by play what happened. I still think (pray?) that he knows we will not be able to “restore the roar” (how’s that for an old slogan!) in 2016 and did not want to sign a mediocre candidate and be stuck for a few years. If it goes poorly in 2016, I’m hoping he’ll give Omar a shot as interim manager during 2016. If he does well he can always return for another year while rebuilding continues. By the way I love our new pitching coach’s talk about busting hitters inside.

          1. Well I did try, Tony (chuckle, chuckle). Good slogan! I hope it applies sometime soon….
            I like all your ideas here, and I’m also optimistic about Dubee taking over P C duties ——let’s see if he “do be” da right one! (I haven’t yet heard what JV thinks about him, but I’m sure Ver will swing his support, even if he secretly has doubts!) Seriously, Rich has a good track record —–I think he’ll click with all the vets, as well as the newbies.

  43. Congrats to KC for winning the WS…there is a lot to like about how the KC team (and mngmt) thinks, acts and plays…

    We often hear about a player or a team that goes about the game “the right way” – well this (and last year’s) KC team epitomizes that approach. Other teams should also take note of the frequent by-product of an entire team maintaining this consistent approach… its also know as… “winning”

      1. Yes, congrats to those fiesty Royals; we all know their comebacks against the Tigers this past season. Interestingly, WS games 1, 3, and 5 could have easily gone to the Mets if it wasn’t for the never say die Royals attitude. Meanwhile, what would Brad have done if put in the role of deciding whether to pull Harvey before the start of the 9th inning? Also the throw by Duda to home was pathetic and could have ended the entire nonsense of game 5. However the Royals dared, did, and won! Well played! (I also recall Jim Price saying last April to watch out as this team was on a mission having not won the ’14 WS!)

        A year ago in early May 2014, I attended a three games Tigers v. Royal series in KC. The Tigers swept the series and the Royals fans were very down in the dumps saying their season was already over (and it was only the first weekend in May). So give the Royal players and their manager credit for gelling, sucking it up and turning it around. Could and will the Tigers ever do such? Unfortunately, currently I don’t see Tiger leadership stepping up to facilitate such. Again congrats to the Royals on a well deserved championship.

        1. Brad would have pulled the starter for sure. In fact, that was not the problem since Familia should have still gotten the save and the other save he “blew”. Of course when Brad pulls the starter he doesn’t have Familia so we might get Kroll or Gorzo!

          After watching the series I hope Big Al has realized the following:

          We’re a little weak at third so Nick is expendable depending on the return. But the rest: Iggy is a rock, Kinsler is a rock and Miggy is a mountain (although they should DH him more to save his legs). Also, how many of the Royals stolen bases would have happened with McCannon behind the plate? I don’t care what is offered they should be untouchable. JD is the only untouchable outfielder.

          As far as pitching, I wouldn’t want Cueto (Sort of like having Big Pasta with a fat contract.) I would even keep Big Pasta if it is a cheap and short contract. (He did have 13 wins, somehow.)

          My advice to Big Al: Don’t get rid of a sure thing you own for a “superstar” you don’t.

    1. Norman, we are on the same page! I would rather suffer 2016 with hopefully developing youngsters that “experienced” so-so players.

      1. You can list me on that page too, Norm & Tony. Altho I must say, I have a soft spot for Rajai Davis. Often, at the plate, he can be a rally-starter, just by beating out an infield grounder sometimes. And I love watching the way he churns it up on the base paths. So yeah, if there was no suitable return offered, I’d hang on to him.
        Simon’s a little too wobbly, inconsistent.

  44. Did anyone notice all of the comments on Granderson’s plate discipline. It seems he must have learned something in New York. I can think of a few instances during his tenure in Detroit when he showed good plate instincts. Specifically the playoff series against Oakland. Other than that all I can think of is swing and miss.


    some great points raised in this piece, but especially: “When all of those stats were combined, the Tigers ranked 23rd in run-scoring percentage in baseball, while having the best batting average, second best OBP, sixth-best slugging percentage, and third-best OPS in baseball. Base running matters, and the Tigers were abysmal on the base paths.”

    1. good for them and him…in light of his history w/them and his recent Parkinson’s DX… I hope he gets the job, though I’m not sure the type of pressure and expectations (that comes w/the LA territory/payroll/roster) won’t lead to a very stressful situation for him, his family and condition…but in the recent article I posted on him, he did say, he really wants to manage again.

      1. And the sleepy Tigers organization just sits on their hands with him?

        He will be a good manager, I’m sure. I wish Gibby the best, but would rather see him kiss off the Dodgers, wait a short while, ’til Tigers reach their “vomit level” with Ausmus, and become a Tiger again (which I think is where his heart is anyway).
        And for his condition, Tigers would seem less stressful than L.A., don’t you think?

        1. Yes, either Gibson or Trammell would both make a great Tiger manager. Since they were raised under Sparkey, they know how to lead people to victory!

          1. Tram had a shot already, didn’t he? With a low-talented team a while back?
            If his health holds, I’m rooting for Gibby. But sure, I’d take Tram over Ausmus any day.
            Right now, it seems unlikely either scenario will take place, but who knows what may happen…….

            1. If this subject was covered, I missed it..but, what does everyone think about a fire sale? Trade Verlander, Miggy, JD and Kinsler. I know it sounds like blasphemy. But, the Tigers could potentially get 12 top prospects in return. Add that to what we got at the end of this season and we could be set up to be dominant for years to come. The next year or two could be painful. But, I think realistically next year is going to be anyway. And in a few years when Verlander, Miggy and Kinsler hit the tail end of their careers it is going to be a lot tougher to reload.

              1. Who says we have to unload Miggy & others anyway, even down the line? Let him & JV retire as Tigers. Is that completely out of the question in this modern era, that a player spends his entire career with one team??? Kaline did it —–of course that was long before The Free Agency Monster reared its’ horrendous head. Times have changed………
                As for the proposal mentioned, I’ll just give my opinion that I’m not for it. The philosophy of “Do whatever it takes to assemble a winning team” should have some boundaries. I like much better, “Do what it takes to win, with the foundation of talent that you have”. If the manager proves to be untalented, then you change that. If you’re lacking talent at 3rd base, then do something to address that.
                And do Top Prospects always turn out to be “Top”? You’re not going to get 6 Mike Trouts & 6 Matt Harveys, or even 6 and 6 who could develop into Trouts or Harveys in 2-3 yrs. Sometimes prospects pan out to be total flops.
                This is oversimplified I know, but then again, how many successful fire sales have you witnessed in MLB, even allowing your 2 yr window?
                Instead of a fire sale, I’d like to see Tigers’ management come up with someone who can light some fires under some of the (temporarily comatose) personnel we presently have. And make enough key changes, deals, etc., in an intelligent way that we would be able to contend in 2 years, and still see many faces we’ve come to love over the years.

  46. I think all the players I mention are great Tigers. But, you mention “how do you I know we will get top players”? How also do we know players such as Verlander and Kinsler will keep playing like they have of late? I see many holes in the roster. And the only way to fill them is to spend money. And that is going the Dombroski way and that way is done based on the age of our guys and the number of holes.

    1. DD & Kaline both make valid points.

      The primary thing to remember about “prospects” is that they’re just that; “prospects” – and many times those prospects (even the so-called “can’t miss’ ones) don’t pan out… so that is why careful consideration has to be made before trading ‘proven players’ for ‘prospects’.

      I do think with all the advanced metrics, stats, etc – that MLB GM’s are getting a little smarter about “payroll, value & ROI” when building a roster – and even wealthy teams are coming to the realization that simply buying available FA’s and committing $100M – $200M into multi-year contracts for players is not usually the solution. I say that – and watch in the next few months, some teams will throw crazy money at the top 10 FA’s.

      Look at the teams that have done the best lately – they’ve done it with ‘balanced and complete’ rosters… not top-heavy (superstar players and payroll) rosters.

      DET is at a cross-roads this offseason, it will be interesting to see what direction AA takes the team.

      1. I agree, Stormin ——-crossroads is right. Will Al be sharp this winter, to see what really needs to be done, while establishing a vision & time frame for this team? I sure wouldn’t know where to start; I hope he does. With the type of crossroads the team is at, I doubt if there’s much middle ground. I think somewhere between now and let’s say, 2016 All-Star break, Mr Avila will probably be seen as either genius or goat.

  47. This is getting to be a bit much. If we do what DD proposes we will assemble perhaps the finest AA baseball team ever! It is unfortunate that the Tigers are in MLBs American league, so it wouldn’t help much. The point about JV, Miggy and Ian being able to continue to perform is impossible to predict. Generally speaking, great ones continue to perform at a high level. Perhaps they will or, more likely, age might hurt at least a little. If you dump everyone now, in a couple of years you can have a team full of Nick Castellanos, all full of promise and little to show when it counts.

    No, winning teams are a collection of both tangibles (players) and intangibles. The intangibles are hard to identify, could be managers, coaches attitude or some event that has brought the team together. It also takes some luck. Please go sign me up some luck!
    If I can identify one team that has institutionalized the things they need to keep producing good results, it is probably the St. Louis Cardinals. It would be nice to see the Tigers try to imitate some of the things they do.

    As I’ve said before:

    We’re a little weak at third so Nick is expendable depending on the return. (We certainly could survive with Romine playing third.) But the rest: Iggy is a rock, Kinsler is a rock and Miggy is a mountain (although they should DH him more to save his legs). Also, how many of the Royals stolen bases would have happened with McCannon behind the plate? I don’t care what is offered they should be untouchable. JD is the ONLY untouchable outfielder so I hope we lock him in for a few years.

    I would stop worrying about a new manager until the team proves they can be a contender or the wheels fall off (about the end of June I predict.)

  48. Great win for Lions today! First time beating Cheesy Pack-Rats at Limburger Field since 1991 —–wowie!
    Great game, amazing 4th Q; hair-splitting finish. Both sides kept trying to win, kept trying to lose.
    Makes ageing Martha Ford (& Jim Bob Cooter too) look like genius.

      1. Agree; it was wild, especially 4th Q. And how can Prater miss TWO PATs? 2nd one turned a sealed and delivered win into 2 mins of nail-biting.
        I think Lions finally got lucky with the happy end of some refs’ pass interference non-calls late in game.

    1. interesting… and i’d be all for getting a great return for trading one or two of the large dollar/underperforming contracts, but its easier said than done – as there are all sorts of obstacles to pulling these types of deals off; i.e. finding a trading partner team that can put together a “package” and also afford to take on the contract of a JV or ??? …and if the players a/o prospects you get in the trade don’t pan out, that deal goes on the GM’s tombstone.

      It’s all relative but DD recently trade 4 of BOS top 15 prospects (including their top two) to SD for a great ‘closer’, but also a guy who’s only going to pitch 50-60 innings per year. If one or two (or more) of those “prospects’ BOS gave up turn out to be stars, the deal will look very bad for BOS/DD… so its complicated and there are a lot of variables to consider.

  49. Getting Francisco Rodriguez for Javier Betancourt and the infamous PTBNL is a good start for Big Al. It also seems to make Ian Kinsler less likely to be traded. You can not make the team stronger by dumping all stars for “potential superstars”. Also trading a high caliber player (anyone in the Tiger infield except Casty and JD) even for a great pitcher will not work because of the new holes you’ve created.

    1. …not a savior, but hopefully a step in the right direct …and someone that can mentor /teach Rondon

    1. I agree on Soria, and word on the street is DET has been talking to Soria’s agent, but no offer yet – though Soria did get an offer from another team, so $/yrs may get in the way of him coming back to DET. Quality bullpen pieces are in short supply in the FA market, which is why AASr went the ‘trade route’ for KRod.

      …without ravaging the farm system, DET needs to add as many quality pitchers as they can this off-season – as well as trying out farm system starters in relief pitching roles… since some of the top relief pitchers today began as SP’s in other teams’ farm systems

  50. I like the KRod deal. 6.75 mill toward 2015 salary if we exercise his option. Lot cheaper than our full blown 10 mill closers we have committed to in the past. Leaves more money on the table to add more pieces. A slice of bread towards the ham sandwich for AA.

    1. I agree, and there may be some upside. It would appear our coaching staff needs to work on cutting down on his strikeouts (102 last year). He grounded in 16 DPs and 83 GIDPOs. Our star 3rd baseman numbers were 28 and 181! Don’t see how we can get hurt.

      Also note that Al emphasized he can play center. It would appear he sees our weakness there also. So far Big Al has gotten 2 players with some upside for almost nothing!

  51. I’d say Big Al & Tigers doing pretty good so far. Just the fact that they dumped “Gas Can” Krol —-(is that alright, Jud?) is a positive sign to me. And 2nd tour of duty for Maybin at peanuts-&-popcorn price —–why not? Like Tony said, “Don’t see how we can get hurt”.
    Also liked reading that F Rodriguez’ change-up might be one of the nastiest pitches in MLB.
    So far, seems like Al Sr has some pretty clear picture as to how to bolster his club this winter. Keep it up!

    1. Good for him (less pressure, not that much of a pay cut, I think? And he rejoins Tigers’ “family”), good for us (I don’t know who he replaces, but he certainly seems qualified for the job).

  52. Appears we will no longer have “Auto K” Alex Avila to kick around anymore! Look for the White Sox team strikeout totals to climb in 2016.

    1. Amen Jim!

      …DET will see AA Jr 18 times next year, and although he may hit better in CWS Comiskey (or whatever corp. name they call their park) and i wish him all the best, i will look forward to seeing him pile up several more K’s at Comerica next year

  53. Zimmerman…5 years $110 mil……done…….hey Al……keep up the good work……K-Rod…Maybin ( basically for free!)….and Zimmerman…that’s some good work!….still Wish you would stay after Soria…great insurance…


    apparently a ‘done deal’ …pending a physical

    This should be another step in the right direction… now to add a couple more bullpen pieces. I heard Soria was asking for $27M over 3 years – clearly he’s not worth it, but how many FA’s are ‘really’ worth what they’ll get? Sign him!… since its always easier to spend OPM (other people’s money)

  55. Money as we have found out in this game doesn’t mean squat…’s just more pizzas!!!….specially as Norman posted it’s OPM!!

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