Game 2015.156-158: Tigers at Rangers

If you need a reminder of how a manager can galvanize a team and what that can mean to a W-L record, look no further that the Texas Rangers. This team was written off by everyone, trust me, everyone, in May.

Now the Rangers are strong favorites to win the division.

And on the other side of the diamond the Tigers are bringing back Brad Ausmus.


Here’s a picture of Verlander in a Rangers hat.

Also, has anyone noticed what a slump Miggy is in? .202 with 0 HR and 8 RBI over the last month. This has been a trend…last few years it was the injuries. Hopefully he will still win the batting title.

28 thoughts on “Game 2015.156-158: Tigers at Rangers”

  1. I guess Miggy has to play to win the batting title, but I hope that Big Al has the sense to shut Victor down before any more damage is done.

  2. This season is a disaster (said Captain Obvious). Normally that means the manager walks the plank, fairly or not (I agree with Loon that the importance of the manager is generally overrated, in both directions). So how did Brad avoid the plank? Is Al Avila (and his boss) that much more reasonable than other GMs/Owners?

  3. Heres exactly why the players want Assmus back…4 bonehead plays and he won’t say one word to any of the boneheads!!!!!….

  4. 7 runs, 3 earned? Actually should be 2 since JD should have gotten an error on that “double”. Wasn’t running full out and no where near the wall and throws his glove out and misses. No doubt thinking about #39. Benching him tomorrow would get his attention but Brad doesn’t believe in negativity.

  5. Fabulous bunting.
    No, Tigers don’t need any training in this area, and it would NEVER win them any ballgames, right?

  6. This team does more idiotic things than any other and next year will bring us more of the same with Ausmus at the helm. Nothing positive about tonite’s performance!

    1. Agree. Another year with the majors’ least-imaginative manager. Still, no one in the organization ever addresses this point, as tho it means nothing. Maybe, as someone said, your manager can’t actually win games. But he can sure lose a few for you.

  7. 5 ERRORS, yes Jd was an error. Assmus won’t say anything to any of the players committing the errors. Especially the bonehead JD and Marte errors. He doesn’t want anyone to feel bad!!!!

    There’s our 2016 leader….

  8. I think we would all agree that this season for the Tigers went down the crapper a long time ago, what is happening to the Astros is very disconcerting. To have a 71/2 game lead on the first of September, and as of today, not in the playoffs! OUCH! If you live by the home run, you can also die with the lack of home runs, and a not so good bullpen, and a less than stellar rotation.

  9. Great ——so Tigs score 2 in 1st inning. But then we also have to watch more of the $%$#@#$&^%^& clown show on basepaths, to kill the rally!! Smart crap, Collins ——way to keep your eyes open! Are they being trained to screw up like this? Nice to be aggressive at times, but this borders on dumb.

  10. I think I have the answer. With all the bad base running, pickoffs, balks, mental/physical errors, how many outs are there plays, etc. What the Tigers need is a team shrink!

  11. 2 more baserunning screw-ups. I wish I’d kept a running tally, there would have to be at least 100 this season.

  12. 26 runners picked off and another 25 thrown out at home. They also lead the MLB in runners thrown out at third. So I think your 100 is right about on. ASSMUS SAID that’s something the have to work on next year in spring training!!…….duh!…he said part of it is an attention problem……duh…duh!!!!!!!

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