Game 2015.146-148: Royals at Tigers

There was a point this season where many of us might have had this three-game home series pencilled in as a huge series. Luckily, it was in pencil.

39 thoughts on “Game 2015.146-148: Royals at Tigers”

  1. WPitches in the tying run, then BB next, Al Al is in usual form; so is Ausmus for this rh/lh pitching change.

  2. Correct move now, Brad, to pull Al. This is a no-brainer….
    But Krol?? Hoo–boy, let’s hope HE gets lucky.

  3. And thats why they don’t bunt. fundemental bunt taught by any level in the Tiger organization….Last in the MBL in Sacs!

  4. Now I see why B A doesn’t call for sac bunt much!
    You’re right tho, Brad = your coaches shouldn’t waste their valuable time teaching this team the art of the bunt!
    Jud = you there?

  5. First of all, McCann should have batted for Avila (lefty-Righty, better hitter). Also, James has 8 successful bunts this year 4 sacs, 4 hits. No matter, if I were a KC fan, I would be worried.

  6. How about Romine all year!…he has done a ton….like the Tigers EVER get a replay call….ever…looks like Perez got a toe…I thought Kinsler was a tad late off third…maybe not!

  7. Hilarious opening, Coleman.

    I was surprised at how excited the guys were to almost win, even if it was brief. Good for them.

  8. How bout them Tigers……hey Tigs if you played like this more often we’d be playing in October……hey Kinsler……thanks!!!!!

  9. Tony, this time, our posts crossed with same thoughts. Glad I can go to bed now, after only 11.
    How ’bout Kinsler? MLB’s multi-hit games leader, & this time it’s a walk-off.
    Also, interesting stat: Last 6 of 10 Tigers home wins against Royals have been walk-offs!

    1. A little —-yes. Thinking probably something like, “Who are these Tigers? Sitting in last place, but still finding ways to consistently beat our butts at the very end of games!
      (However, we still goin’ to post-season, & they ain’t.)”

  10. I see which Big Pasta showed up today.

    I see Ian is not in the lineup. Punishment for last night’s poor play?

    No, we are probably resting him for our playoff run.

  11. I do hope Simon comes back next year. He can be frustrating at times but he has 13 wins in a dismal season. He might have 16 if our team blowpen were better.

    1. i certainly hope DET can do better than Simon, but whoever signs him, he shouldn’t be expensive.

      If you look at Simon’s game log, with the exception of maybe one of his starts (when DET lost), he’s not been good (given up 4 or more in 6 innings or less)… which means generally in the games he’s started that DET won, he’s been good or very good, and in the games DET has lost when he’s started, he’s been bad or very bad.

      if (big “if”) DET knew they’d get “good Simon” 75% of the time, he’d be worth bringing back…

    1. well paid professional coaches whose team continues to underperform, set themselves up for all the grief that comes with ‘the job’… as we’ve heard a thousand times, its a results oriented business

      …and the same goes for the highly paid professional athletes – there’s two edges to that sword – high salaries = high expectations…and if they don’t like that dynamic, there are plenty of ‘real jobs’ out there that are less ‘demanding’

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