Game 2015.149-152: White Sox at Tigers

Iglesias may be done for the season. I’d shut him down. Slow down Miggy as well.

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  1. Tigs are saving themselves for game two, like they did last DH when they blew both games!
    Far as I am concerned the worst thing now that can happen is escape the basement and use that as a reason to keep Ass-mus…so I am not rooting for the Sox , i am just counting on the Pussycat offense to score 0-1-2 in each of the 4 games.

  2. Sox’ Jeff Sam rolling = 1-hitter, less than 10 pitches/inning. He always kills us, struggles with everyone else.

  3. At least one of their guys hits into 3 DPs…..

    Tigers: Let’s do something in 9th. We gonna let him 1-hit us?

    1. Jud —-this has to be a Tigers’ franchise record. Even some terrible teams of the past never had THAT happen, did they?

  4. that was a great game. The shark pitched a great game, our offense was offensive and it only took 2 hours 12 minutes. Does everybody look better at third than Casty?

    1. …..Does everybody look better at third than Casty?

      I think so, Tony. Wonder how Nick would have fared on that nice diving stop by Marte?
      To be fair, I’ve seen Casty make a COUPLE good plays at 3rd…..
      (But not enough of them to counter his muffs….)

  5. I almost forgot the great outing Ryan had. That is the only thing that we should be looking at. Gives us some hope for the future.

    1. Agree.
      And Jeez —–I really did almost forget —–we got another game to play, in a few hours!
      Let’s play TWO!!

  6. I would love to see the Tigers hire Avila as a hitting instructor…don’t laugh, to teach Gose, JD, Casty, McCann, Davis, Collins, Marte…the strike zone. He is amazing at reading balls and strikes. Can’t hit them , but has an amazing eye at the plate. Everybody I mentioned could benifit from his approach!


    1. Absolutely true. Manager SHOULD be chewing some heads off, for this lack of hustle (like Collins displayed).
      He THOUGHT it was foul. But since you don’t know for sure, you run your ass off anyway!!

  8. Drop both ends of a home DH ——again! And to a less-than-.500 team.
    What a season…..
    And jud, there’s #56, huh?

  9. Gose Pinch runs. You can’t win unless you run Gose to get him in scoring position. But you can tell hes not running because he is standing there leaning in his hands on knees. (BRAD, WE TEACH OUR HS players NEVER lead off hands on knees because your first move which takes time is to remove your hands before you step..oh Brad never mind!)…..#55 and #56 two or less. But the best part is they have almpst clinched LAST……thank you Monday Night Football!

  10. Redwings begin exhibition season tomorrow. I’ll have to choose between that and Tigers baseball….hmmmmm……..

  11. They sent Rondon home for lack of effort. Wow!. But its ok for half the team to jog to first base on groundballs. Its ok to make 3-5 boneheaded base running plays a week… Victor is the worst jogger. Monday on a Dp he was on first and he barely jogged 10 feet before turning back to the dugout. Did they send him home…….if its lack of effort half the team should be sent home..includding the manager who lets them play like this. No wonder they are such a mess.

  12. Casty, 0 outs = GIDP. First time ever for that, right? Norris is OK so far, but I’m switching to Redwings pre-season in 1 hr. No one else here is into NHL?

  13. Hope we can score here and give vanman a chance to win. I’m not sure we should be working so hard to develop 5 inning starters, especially with our BP.

  14. Miggy pulls Casty’s bacon out of the fire. Still a no-no. Really important game, could give us a chance to …………….. Not sure of what.

  15. Sending Bruce home was a good move, might get his attention and make him better next year. Personally, I thought they could have rented a minivan and sent a few more with him.

    The best of this game was vanman’s performance.

    1. Most good closers have a chip on their shoulder…Maybe Rondon can develop one sitting around when he should be here!

    1. That’s not all. But you don’t get it. We MUST use the closer no matter how well the other guy is pitching. It’s like a rule!

  16. Funny thing Felez never had a clean inning the entire year…why bring him in?….this is a 2-1 loss coming…wheres Wilson or even Hardy???

  17. If Ausmus had a single creative bone in his body, he would have let Verhagen try for 3 more outs. I mean, hell, in a season as dismal as this one, it would be nice to combine for a no-no against the team that just 1-hit you the day before. Anyone on-board with me?

  18. Encarnacion K’s with bases loaded, going to 9th. Now I can come back to this battle of offensive giants.

  19. Here is Dipstick Brads thinking…use Feliz in the 9thand save Hardy and Wilson for extra innings….and here we are….had no clue about winning it in 9…. is he Fired yet!!!

  20. Nice poke, Rajai! No “no-no”, but Tigs get another walk-off. Glad they could end it in 10, instead of 18 or something.

  21. Another bit of managerial brilliance. You take out the guy who has given you 2+ great innings to bring in a lefthander to pitch to a left handed hitter who is as unlikely to hit a home run as ???????????

    1. Yes, jud. Wondering if the Tigers could try something new for remainder of season: Insert Davis at beginning of every game, as “Designated Runner”. This DR then substitutes for 1st Tiger who reaches base every inning, but player stays in game. Better yet, he positions himself just outside batters’ box, on 1st base side. He then legs out every ball in play, until he gets on base. (Just tryin’ to get a little creative here…)
      Would MLB allow that, ya think?

  22. Unless your Gose, Davis, Kinsler, or JD there is a team rule against running too hard. The MLB might go for it, but the Tigers won’t. Hustle is not a word they use very often. Thats why JD looked so strange running hard to first base.

  23. Neftali Feliz is officially our new closer now??? God save the Queen!
    Thankfully, we’re NOT in a pennant race…..

  24. World lost a great, great player and great man today. Yogi, we’ll miss you.
    Nice article from N Y on famous “Yogi-isms”, which are accredited to Berra, whether he actually said them or not.

    2 more of my favs, that didn’t make this list:
    (as manager): “Alright you guys, pair up in threes!”
    (as player): “I ain’t in no slump —-I just ain’t hittin’.”

  25. OK! Tonite Nefti is nifty. Has he got what it takes to be our closer in ’16? I don’t think so. It’ll take more than 1 game to convince me he’s valuable.

  26. Aside from the fact that I haven’t died yet, a great thing about being in my 70’s is that I saw many of the great players live. Mantle, Kaline, Campanella, Hodges, Mays, Jackie R and of course Yogi. At the time I hated many of the greats because I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan and we almost never won the big one (except for 1955.) I saw Yogi many times live at Yankee Stadium. He was a great catcher and a great hitter except I don’t remember him hitting too many strikes for hits! It wasn’t until after he stopped playing that I realized just what a good man he was. That’s the same way I felt about Kaline and Gordie Howe (who I had the great pleasure of flying back from LA years ago). They were not only great players but genuine good people.

    1. Tony, have you seen the documentary “Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts of Flatbush”? It’s great, and something Tiger fans can relate to.

      …speaking of baseball documentaries, there’s also a very good one on Dock Ellis, called “No No: a Dockumentary” — like the Brooklyn Dodgers documentary, the setting is baseball, but there’s much more to these flix than just baseball

      1. Stormin: saw that Dock Ellis documentary a few months ago, amazing. Heard a stat about Yogi today that should put ALL Catchers today to shame: He caught 117 Doubleheaders! If you get a chance look for Olberman’s interview with Yogi about his WWII service. What a life this man led, I guess when it’s over, it really is over.

    2. Thanks, Tony, for your write-up here; nice to hear these reminiscences. I’m not 70 yet, but I saw Yogi a few times live, always at Tiger Stadium (or Briggs), and of course many times on TV broadcasts of games. I was too young to know that he was a notorious bad-ball hitter —–I just knew that he got a lot of hits!

      1. My lasting memory of Yogi will always be some clutch situation at Briggs( Tiger) Stadium and Yogi just throwing his bat at a pitch and hitting it off the facing of that overhang to the upper deck.!!!..He had on of the “worst” swings in baseball..that did the most damage!

  27. Two games in a row Brad has Gose on first game on the line..last inning…tie game. From a coaching standpoint you have to steal here to give your team a chance to single to win…two outs tie game you have nothing to lose. In neither game does he send Gose. …..wins one game and loses the other. Thats exactly him. Take no risks with the game on the line. …thats how you end up .500 and in his case under .500…He coaches to be a few and lose a few. Good teams take a lot of chances. You are rewarded , for the most part for taking chances…You only need to be successful 2 out of 3 times…moral of the story…you get 0 points for chances you do not take!!!!

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