Game 2015.50: Tigers at Angels

Tigers got hammered last night. I should have taken the cue.

Didn’t have high hopes with Buck Farmer on the mound, hopefully both teams got it out of their system.

Come on, Sanchez.

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  1. How will the rest of this series go? Can we break the Anaheim hex? I’m thinking/hoping that we’ll see the good Anibal tonite. He’s too fierce a competitor to go slack, with a 3rd consec bad start. Had a weird dream where Tigers win this one, 8-0, and give us curly fries.
    Let’s see what happens.
    Sanchez and Tigers ——yeah!

  2. A seventh batting DH batting 239. I guess that is better than what V-Mart was recently giving us?

  3. I feel good about tonight. This Morning Brad said ” we are bound to break out of this offensive funk”…..whew! and we were worried all this time!!

    1. Go look this up. Miggy does this every LA trip for the past 5 years. Co-incidence…. I think not!

  4. How can you bat a guy hitting frickin .065…you might as well let Sanchez bat…ir DH Verlander!

  5. can we get a slow clap for how well james mccann has stepped into the catcher role via avilas injury?

  6. Thanks Kinsler…has about one hit this MONTH and 2 errors this trip.. ..are you hung over also??

  7. The Tigers 3-7….hitters Cabrera, Martinez, Cecpedes, Castallanos, and McCann have exactly 18 RBI added together in the past 10 games so the heart of the order is averaging …1.8 RBIs per game in 10 games.added together…not each!!!!!!!……….

    1. I don’t blame Davis for running..with Kinsler batting you might as well try steal second, third and home!!!

  8. Good news, the Blues Jays beat the Twins tonight…..let’s get a win!

  9. Now why in the **** would Rajai (or coaches) do that? He’s already in scoring position, and things are not going so well for us. Real smart decision; nice inning…….

      1. Right, that’s probably the only reason for it. Hope for a sac-flyout from Ian, if Rajai makes 3rd safely.

  10. I case u want to see what scoring runs look like UM softball on ESPN 7 UCLA 4 in the 6th at the World Series

  11. Stats indicate that If Perez bats 100 times he would get 6 hits!. My question is when??? Would? Any? Of? The ? Hits? Occur?

    This team has zero energy……zero heart led by a zero manager!

    1. OTFIM:Number 68 is Cam Bedrosian, Steve’s son. I chatted with him in Tacoma a couple of weeks ago, very bright, personable young man. As he left, I mentioned I was going to be at Fenway when the Angels were there, his parent club. He smiled and said his chances were slim, but he was there, and I didn’t know because he came in on the red eye. I hope he has continued success, except against the Tigers, M’s and Houston.

      1. Hi Jim…great story. Yes, I remember Steve who pitched well for the Braves. Originally when he came to the mound I thought he was number 88′ but after making my post, I saw he was 68 and made the change of the DTW.

  12. Kinsler takes a FB down the middle strike 1, takes hanging curve strike 2..leaves the zone to barely hit a Ground ball to first. Meanwhile Goss still is warming that bench and Kinsler is now 1-30

  13. I have a Q: Why is Davis STANDING on 2nd during intentional W? Just 3 or 4 days ago, there was a pitch that went to backstop during IW. Seems like it would be smart to take a few steps off the bag, don’t it?……

  14. Cecpedes takes a hanging slider down the middle then fouls off, although close, a ball inside, then throws his bat at a pitch one foot outside….

    Yes I would say this team has problems!

  15. I saved myself about $300 by not attending these games. I am not that smart of a guy, but I sure guessed right again this year…2-13 in Anaheim…but you can bet Miggy and the boys will party right after this game in LA somewhere……

  16. The Kinsler error and the Pujols homer that should have been a walk are the difference.

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