Game 2015.43: Astros at Tigers

Better late than never. Go Tigers.

20 thoughts on “Game 2015.43: Astros at Tigers”

  1. Noooo ….. don’t tell me that Assmus has finally figured out how to field the correct starting line-up!

  2. This just in :::Tigers are first in the MLB in two areas. Runners left on base…. and Runners left on base in scoring position…..duh!…like we didn’t know that!!!

  3. And here comes Joba which will have absolutely nothing to do with how effective he is, when there are 3-4 guys pitching way better than him to pitch the 8th……

  4. How about McCann…..i don’t care one bit how good Avila calls a game…..From what I have seen the past month….”McCanns the Man”

  5. Are we the only ones that know that the Tigers are undefeated when Assmus starts both Davis and Goss. And everytime he does one or both cause havoc!!!!

  6. I don’t get this suspension for having rosin and sunscreen to help grip the ball. U have a rosin bag right there on the mound. It doesn’t make the ball do anything, it just helps your grip, especially on a cold day. Players wet their fingers then grab the rosin bag, then grab the ball. This is done 100 times a game buy 30 pitchers daily..I don’t get it???

    1. I guess rosin doesn’t work that well in the cold; Brad wants a legalized “foreign substance” that pitchers can use to help their grips, and hitters don’t seem to mind the idea–nobody wants to be the other end when a pitch slips.

  7. after last night DET is leading the AL in SB’s – when is the last time DET finished a year leading the league in SB’s? …probably have to go back to Cobb days

    1. Actually they led in 1997 with 161 (I was surprised when I found that too).

      Brian Hunter led the way with 74, and Damion Easley added 28, they had 161 total.

      The 2015 team is on pace for 154, which falls short of the Runnin’ ’97ers.

  8. 43 games in the books – some positives:

    Offense: DET leads league in: SB, H, 3B, OBP, OPS – also near top in several other batting stats
    Pitching: DET 2nd in: BB’s allowed, losses in relief. DET leads AL in: Quality starts & BRS (not allowing bequeathed runners to score)

    unfortunately they’re also leading the league in GIDP

    1. Often good teams lead the league in GIDP, mostly because they have more runners on base. Looking at GIDP %–the number of times you ground into DPs when it’s possible to–the Tigers still lead the league in that at 14%.

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