Game 2015.23: Tigers at Royals

Breaking news, Shane Greene is not perfect. I repeat, he is not perfect.

But on some nights, Miguel Cabrera is. If you haven’t watched the Cabrera HRs from yesterday, you gotta see them on MLB videos here.  The first one was crushed to the second deck, and then he followed that up with a no-doubter to straightaway center. They were awesome to watch. While you’re on that video page, make sure you watch McCann’s inside the park HR. One of the coolest things about those MLB replays is that they play the TV replay, then follow it up with the radio call over the TV replay. Dan D is such an amazing broadcaster. We’re lucky to have him.

So Green turns in his second complete clunker in as many starts, and we’re left understanding how we got him for Robbie Ray. Whatever, as a #4, he’s still aces in my books.

Anyway, a big four game set at KC this weekend pitting the top two teams in the AL. Good benchmark for the Tigers early in this 2015 season.

Simon v. Duffy tonight

Lobstein v. (Dallas native) Chris Young tomorrow (7:10 PM central)

Price v. Volquez on Sat (6:10 PM central)

Sanches v. Vargas on Sun (1:10 PM central)

Fun fact: The Tigers are 7-2 on the road this year. The Royals are 7-2 at home.

Tonight’s Baseball-Reference game preview here and lineup below:

1. Davis, CF
2. Kinsler, 2B
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez V, DH
5. Martinez J.D., LF
6. Cespedes RF
7. Casetellanos, 3B
8. McCann, C
9. Iglesias, SS

6 thoughts on “Game 2015.23: Tigers at Royals”

  1. Today’s lineup (in my head):

    1. Davis DH
    2. Iglesias SS
    3. Kinsler 2B
    4. Cabrera, 1B
    5. Cespedes, LF
    6. JD Martinez, RF
    7. McCann, C
    8. Castellanos, 3B
    9. Gose, CF.

    Victor’s got nothing right now. Gose-Davis-Iglesias-Kinsler would be a nightmare for any catcher.

  2. The sluggo patented 1 run should be enough …..didn’t work tonight!.

    .tell me how you can keep a .235 hitting singles hitter batting 4th…but Asmus doesn’t have the balls to move Victor down.

    1. My “never in a million years” lineup above would have worked better. I think Victor will be fine, in time. It’s a long season. But he isn’t now.

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