DTW Site Update (now accepting donations)

Okay Gents – the site is just about done. I’ve asked the developers to make two more changes: 1) close up the spacing between the menu bars on the home page, and 2) allow for comment editing. Once I have some more time, I’ll update the links and advertising, but we’re open to more ideas if you have them. Let me know what else you’d like to see.

Thus, it’s time to ask for donations to cover everything. With the changes above, and a few more minor tweaks, the bill is going to be just under $1k. If we raise more than that I’ll use what’s leftover to buy some stock images for the site.

To facilitate payments, I’ve cleared out my Paypal account. If anyone requests it, I will gladly post screen shots of the account (and redact your email addresses) to show what has come in.

To make this easy, I’ve generated four payment links.

Click here to donate $10.

Click here to donate $25.

Click here to donate $50.

Click here to donate $100.

If you want to donate less or more, you can pull my Paypal address from the links above.

As a reminder, none of us get paid to maintain the site. My understanding is that Billfer makes enough from advertising to cover hosting and buy a beer every few months. I will disclose that three times in four years I’ve been sent Tigers related items, two of which we’ve in turn given out through the site. One time I kept a t-shirt and wore it. We then went on a 4-13 streak. The t-shirt was last seen in the Trinity River with a cinder block tied to it.

Thank you everyone for your contribution, participation, and feedback. The strength of this site lies in the intelligence and sophistication of the readers and their comments.


4 thoughts on “DTW Site Update (now accepting donations)”

  1. The site looks so much better now. Great job to everyone who was involved.

    A couple comments I have are that you really don’t need the loooooong archive list at the bottom of the homepage, especially since there’s a menu item for it above. Let’s be honest, how many people actually look through the archives regularly? (Okay, I did earlier today to find out why Holaday started three games in a row in April, but that was the first time ever.)

    Also, that link to the payroll really shouldn’t be up there anymore since it hasn’t been updated in two years. All the updated information can be found at http://www.baseballprospectus......it-tigers/.

    1. That’s one of the links I plan to update. Either BP or Cot’s.

      Duly noted on the archives.

  2. I don’t know anything about this at the moment, but in case someone else does: Is there a way to pay a licensing fee for the use of current and contemporary game photos. I’m taking Kevin’s comment use of the term “stock photos” to mean older stuff, but maybe he means what I mean.

  3. Kevin let me know if you got mine. I tried sending thru my pay pal to yours, hope it worked. Sent under Thomas M Judson

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