Pregame 2: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers

They’re back at it today, with lefty Jason Vargas opposing Max Scherzer.

The last time these two teams faced each other in game two of a three-game series, it was another 2013 nail-biter pitched by a couple guys since departed for the NL. Ervin Santana (so glad he’s gone) stymied the Tigers as usual, while Doug Fister (not so glad he’s gone) was putting ’em on (8 H, 4 BB) but not letting ’em in over 7.2. Detroit came out on the losing end by virtue of a 1st inning run. The game ended with Prince Fielder being thrown out at home trying to score on an Omar Infante double. I’m sure Tom Brookens had nothing to do with this.

Ver el partido, escuchar el juego, seguir el juego. Vamos a ver alguna reacción aquí. Valiosos premios te esperan para “Post of the Game.”

22 thoughts on “Pregame 2: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers”

  1. Was that a hit&run or straight steal with AA. I hope it was a hit&run because who would send the catcher on a straight steal.

  2. Vargas and Scherzer both on today…getting Miggy then Victor was pretty impressive there!

  3. Hey Avila that first K was 6 inches inside…the second K was 9 inches inside…glad to see your in midseason form!!

  4. Looks like Ausmus uses sadistics to determine matchups etc.. What’s that all about?

  5. Nathan doesn’t look much like a closer. He doesn’t have good enough stuff to go after hitters ….. more like pitch and pray.
    Do we have another walk-off win in the books?

  6. Not a good game for Papa Joe. He did seemed to get squeezed against Hosmer though, three of those balls could have been called strikes.

  7. It looks like games this year will keep us on the edge of our seats.
    2 – 0 WAY TO GO.

  8. two 1-run “walk-off” wins…not a bad way to start a year – with the game winners coming from two of the ‘new guys’

    also – 2 for 2 on challenges… BTW – both (overturned) calls made by the same ump

  9. There was a great learning moment during the game when Perez easily threw out Avila trying to steal…Avila got up and I swear he said..”so thats how its done”!!!!

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