Postgame 6: Tigers at Dodgers

1. Max was not sharp early. Lots of hits. Ks and double plays will fix that. He got into a groove in the middle innings and stayed there until the 7th.

2. Lots of weak outs vs. Haren. His stuff was good. I know we like to blame the Tiger bats, but sometimes you gotta give credit where its due.

3. We rarely see Cabrera with such weak swings and bad at-bats. Something is not right. Makes me nervous about his core.

4. VMart was solid at 1B tonight.

5. There will not be many outfield assists this year. Get used to it.

6. What in the world was Martinez doing on a delayed steal? Unless he’s taking Twinkies from Miggy’s locker, Martinez should not be attempting to steal anything.

7. Phil Coke cannot give up the game winning hit to a lefty. His days are numbered.

11 thoughts on “Postgame 6: Tigers at Dodgers”

  1. First we give away Alvarez for a SS that is so bad we need to make another SS trade.
    Second we send Ortega who threw 95-96 everytime I saw him in Florida down
    Third write off Worth for Romine…pleeease
    Fourth…kept Coke who everyone knew would do exactly what he has done
    Fifth give Martinez a green light to steal bases
    Sixth play a catcher that can’t hit and is 0-2014 in throwing out runners. And his back up is even worse…

    DD and Asmus hope you have a good nights sleep

    1. Perhaps we need a new discussion thread called “WWJD?” (What Would Jim Do?).

      That is, who gave the go-ahead signal for a delayed steal by Martinez with 2 outs in the ninth? Would Jim have done such? I am already starting to notice more agressiveness with this team. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t!

      Meanwhile, two good teams faced off last night. Each time has good pitching. The Tigers bats may be going south or have just faced good pitching in the last two games . However we could be previewing next October’s World Series matchups.

  2. OK, so in full disclosure mode, I have bled Dodger Blue since the 60’s. I spent the 70 & 71 season as a groundskeeper/ scoreboard boy for the AAA team here in Spokane, and met, and know all the Dodger greats from that amazing team. I was sooo excited to dream of the Dodger/Tigers World Series last season,but we got those other guys. I was hoping to see a well executed, fiercely contested game tonite. Not so much. Dee Gordon! even Donny Baseball was laughing at that fence scraper! And that AJ play … hit the cutoff man!! I see high school ball players execute that easily, it is a basic thing. We need bullpen help, like now!!

  3. We could have and should have won this one! I know it’s a small sample size, but I don’t like what I have seen from Smokey Jr. so far.

  4. a bit off topic, but did anyone see the Josh Hamilton play last night? the replay boys in NY are total idiots; I may never watch baseball again if this keeps up……..he clearly catches a fly ball, then as he takes it out of his glove he drops it……and on review they call the guy SAFE!! just asinine and ridiculous. if I were an OF, after I catch a flyball now I walk it into the IF and physically hand it to the IF [keep both hands on the glove so the ball doesn’t fall out]. this isn’t baseball, this is a travesty and a joke!……… 🙁

    1. Same thing they did to Romine against Baltimore. He caught the ball, tagged 2nd, and then dropped it when he went to throw to first. Everyone agreed it was an out…except the Replay Wizard.

  5. 1. Didn’t see Max grooving. The LHBs were having their way a lot. Expected better against a lineup (Braves-like) that is good hitter/strikeout chump in equal measure.
    2. Haren is just the type of pitcher who gives the Tigers fits, recurrently. The reason why and how the brain trust thinks of how to attack it problem would be interesting to know.
    3. Had the same thoughts.
    4. Always.
    5. When was the last time there were?
    6. I agree with everything Ausmus had to say about the delayed steal.
    7. Still waiting for Coke to do SOMETHING “wow.” Too early to write anyone off completely.

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