Two More Weeks

Hello friends.

P&C…right around the corner. I feel a deep longing and smell a faint scent of hope. The feeling is growing stronger, the smell more pungent. Baseball may not quite yet be in the air, but it’s working its way up through the brown hardened grass, and is sure to arrive soon; more ready than ever to tickle and torture us for another six months.

Six glorious months.

Fun site news coming tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Two More Weeks”

  1. I see the Rangers are voting Fielder for MVP…..funny not only won’t he be the MVP, but he won’t even be the top first baseman with Miggy moving back over there…….

  2. I see Brookens is retiriing…I guess when you lead the Major Leagues in getting your guys out at the plate..most teams prolly think it would be too dangerous having him there even with the new anti-collison rule!!!

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