Game 2013.140: Tigers at Red Sox

81-58, 1st place, when do magic numbers become a thing?

I’m up against the clock today, friends, so just a quick intro to get the discussion going.

You don’t see too many 0-4 nights for Cabrera, makes me wonder if he was really okay. He’s out again today, and now I really wish that he had sat yesterday.

Jason Beck did a whole post on yesterday’s Pena out at the plate;¬†gist of it is that Leyland blindly supports his coaches, even when his coaches admit that they are wrong. We’ve discussed this before. This looks bad from the outside, but it’s part of the reason why players and staff are so unwavering in their admiration for Leyland. And he’s winning, so I’m okay with it.

Today’s Can We Win a Playoff Game Without Miggy* Lineup Is:

1. Jackson, CF
2. Hunter, RF
3. Fielder, 1B
4. Martinez, DH
5. Dirks, LF
6. Kelly, 3B
7. Infante, 2B
8. Avila, C
9. Iglesias, SS

*Tigers are 10-2 without Miggy this year

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  1. with Cabrera sitting tonight, i’d give Castellanos a shot at 3B… and yes, I know JL said he wouldn’t play him at 3B…and Dempster is a righty (hence lefty Kelly)

  2. BOS has won 7 of the last 8 Dempster started, even though he’s been fairly mediocre in those games.

    In 4 career games against Porcello, BOS is batting .377 against him (ERA = 9.00); DET will need to go ‘Dempster diving’ to provide the run support necessary for a W.

  3. Had the team brain trust dealt with Miggy’s injury(s) properly he would be ready and 100% good to go for the playoffs. They have squeezed the lemon too hard and I doubt he will be anything but gimpy at the best when the playoffs roll around.

    1. Individual player records are important for the brain trust too, since some of the gilt rubs off on them.

      1. Miggy wasn’t willing to sit and it would have been a tough choice even if had been. The worry here subsided when he was hitting 11 HR in 20 games. The worry will again subside, I imagine, any time Cabrera is hitting well. But the situation remains the same and will for the rest of this season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this all crops up again next season. He’s been gimpy for two months.

        Miggy’s been squeezing his own lemon. We’d all do the same, given the same lemon. No turning back now.

      2. Allowing Miggy to play while injured is going to come back and bite management where the sun don’t shine …… and it looks like it is starting to happen already!

  4. the problem with the Avila thing is management will blame this season on the concussion even though he has been terrible since opening day..They will say we get him right physically and he will be the stud he never has been again….they will ignore the facts that he has less hits, runs, rbi, runners thrown out, than any starting catcher in baseball……but he does call a good game

      1. I’m more worried about losing Iglesias than Cabrera. Maybe it’s just the “no warning” aspect.

    1. We need to have a little talk with Mr. Leyland about handling the pitching staff out in a dark corner of the parking lot after the game.

  5. Watching the replay, he knew what pitch was coming. Are we tipping pitches? Are they stealing signs? Or are our tendencies just too predictable?

  6. that spiraled out of control in a hurry…beginning with JL bringing Porcello back to start the 6th inning…or leaving him in after he walked the Nava (leadoff)… and then bringing in ALBQ w/the bases loaded and nobody out?!?! …I mean c’mon!

  7. Hey, Alburquerque nearly struck out the side. He has “great stuff.” A “wicked slider.” So what if he allows 7 runs to score every now and then.

  8. The bottom line guys, is the fact that the Tigers ARE in firs place DESPITE Capt Mumbles and his cronies….Not because of them!!!!

    1. Amen! Luis Pujols could mange this team to an AL Central title with all the talent on the roster plus the lack of talent on the other AL Central rosters in comparison. I totally agree that the Tigers win in spite of Ol’ Smoky and his band of blind third base coaches (Brookens and previously Lamont).

  9. Porcello, it seems to me, consistently looks and pitches tired by the 6th inning. Odd for a young guy.

  10. I’d like to see the Red Sox try an on-side kick here, to see if they can run up the score. It could be useful for tie-break purposes at playoff time.

    1. You bet. Martinez was robbed there. Dirks, too. The Red Sox luck is gonna run out. Tigers are on the cusp here.

  11. I’m guessing 3 (maybe 4) of the guys pitching for the Tigers tonight won’t be back next year. And I’m not basing that on just this one outing, but let’s say tonight put an exclamation point on what I would describe as questionable value.

    1. Yes, exclamation point. All joking around aside, I’m disappointed to see bullpen guys get knocked around in situations like this. I’m watching to see them pitch as if the score didn’t matter, like it’s just another opportunity to excel. And when they do pitch well in a hopeless cause, I’m not less impressed by it. Bondo and Reed were just sad.

      1. Leyland to relief pitchers: “Let’s get this thing over and get outta here. Don’t worry about finessing ’em, just throw fastballs”.
        Boston manager Farrell to Red Sox hitters: “They just want to get out of here. They’ll throw nothing but fastballs. Batting practice. Have fun”.

  12. The headline:

    “Jim Leyland says Tom Brookens was wrong to question himself: ‘I thought it was a great call'”

    What would be funny is if Brookens admitted he was wrong to question himself…

    “Jim Leyland says Tom Brookens was wrong to question questioning himself: ‘I thought it was a great question'”

    Infinite possibilities here. It all ends with Brookens going to manage the Mud Hens and leaving us in peace, a happy ending indeed.

    1. It might not be the last time they face the Red Sox this year, either. If they need a little extra motivation then, maybe they should remember this game.

    2. Yeah. Not very encouraging though as far as a playoff preview. And–partly because of this series–the majority of that playoff game will be in Fenway.

      The only really important issue from this game though is the status of Iglesias.

    3. Probably, but is amazing how drastically different a loss like this can make me feel about our chances to finally bring Ilitch a World Series title. I was encouraged to see the Tigers engage in playoff type baseball the last two nights at Fenway. After tonight those games seem as if they were played a month ago.

  13. The other worrisome thing is that CLE just won’t fold up the tents and go away. Lead back down to where it was a week ago, 6.5 games. The lead was 8.5 games after opening this series with a win two nights ago. Next on tap for the Indians: the Mets in CLE. We all saw how “dynamic” that Mets team was two weekends ago. Yeesh.

    Not only that, but we face Big Game James on Friday, Duffy (who baffled us the last time KC was in town), and Bruce Chen who generally shuts us down (although we got to him in the most recent series versus the Royals). As a “glass half empty” kind of guy, color me worried that this race is about to get uncomfortably close again.

    1. Good thing is, CLE faces KC six times. They also have a series with TEX at some point soon….and they are done with us.

      Not an ideal situation for them, obviously. They are rather annoying though…I’ll give you that. The division isn’t the laughingstock that the media predicted in April.

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