Game 2012.72: Tigers at Pirates

Detroit Tigers, 34-37, 3 1/2 games behind Cleveland.

The Tigers couldn’t touch Cy Lincoln, McCutchen got an 0-2 fastball he liked very much, and that was that, a quick tidy victory for the Pirates.

Well, the Tigers got the obligatory solo home run, and have still not been shut out this season.  So there’s that.

Also Delmon Young got a walk, for those of you have have been holding your breath since his last one (May 22).

At any rate, the Pirates have the brooms out, ready to sweep Detroit out toward Arlington with their Tiger tails between their legs.

First they will have to deal with Justin Verlander.

The last time Verlander faced Pittsburgh, he threw a memorable one-hitter.  This time he also gets to bat, looking to break a career 0-for-22 slump.

Stat of the Day: Prince Fielder has 11 home runs; 10 of them are solo home runs. He has 1 HR in 146 plate appearances with a man on base.  His career average is 1 HR for every 23 PA with men on.

Today’s Player of the Pre-game: Ryan Raburn.  With the middle of the lineup slumping horribly, Raburn gets a key hit off of Cy Young candidate Kevin Correia and the surprise POPG nod.

Today’s Burnberry Lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Quintin Berry RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. Delmon Young LF
  6. Alex Avila C
  7. Jhonny Peralta SS
  8. Ryan Raburn 2B
  9. Justin Verlander P

34 thoughts on “Game 2012.72: Tigers at Pirates”

  1. Hey, if Verlaner gets a hit, I believe he will be hitting better than Raburn!

  2. It’s hilarious how Raburn stands there and stares in disbelief every time he gets the called 3rd strike. He’s had enough of those now that he should be believing it.

  3. The Tigers management has been so against playing Berry, it is just crazy. They told us all season that “It’s a long season and track records” Yet, Young, Boesch, Raburn, and even Peralta..they do not have the greatest track records. Now, they are finally coming to the realization that a guy hitting .164 in mid-June w/ 8 RBI is not the answer. A RF w/ 18 extra base hits and no fielding skills is NOT the answer and Delmon Young, well, there is a reason why 2 other fine organizations gave up on him. Yet, none of this mattered to the braintrust…excpet for when it comes to Santiago and Berry (Those two just are not good enough) it may be true, but, why are you cramming 3 other “not good enoughs” down our throats and those 3 don’t play with enthusiasm, have no defense, and don’t even get productive outs (It’s as if they are not even trying to get productive outs) baseball is a team game and everybody has to play there role. Those 3 are bad baseball players

    1. He actually was already the leader before this game. He has 4 now, that may be out of reach of anyone else.

  4. So going into the 6th inning, the Pirates have 2 hits against Verlander: a bunt to Cabrera, and a ground ball to Cabrera.

    When Verlander threw his one-hitter, the one hit was a broken-bat squibber just out of the (limited) range of Peralta.

    Nobody will throw a no-hitter with this defense behind him.

  5. Had to figure all of those stranded baserunners would come back to bite the Tigers, and once again Verlander will probably get screwed out of a W.

  6. That must be Delmon’s second clutch ht of the year.

    Fielder out at third – Lamont again?

    1. Lamont can only think about one baserunner at a time; we’re lucky he didn’t hold up Berry.

  7. Even some old geeser in a green Hawaiian shirts hates Raburn. Good catch Ryan!

  8. Off to Texas where I hoped to attend all three games but work is too hectic. I will see them in August in Arlington.

    1. Anyone else nearby want to meetup for the Monday game? I’ll buy the first round.

      1. Hey Kevin…I will attend the three weekend games in Arlington and will buy you a beer while we watch batting practice!

  9. So, Raburn with a hit and Young with two, including the game winner – I guess Leyland has them going and we will have to wait a while for the heads to roll. Both of them will be in the lineup tomorrow.

  10. the official “reserves ” home runs for the season race is jammed with RYburn..Santiago…Kelly and Berry all with 1…

  11. White Sox just traded for Youkilis…they gave up Zach Stewart and Lillibridge. Not that we need him here, but that’s a pretty big move for them. You can probably bump up the # of games to win the AL Central from 86-88 to 88-90.

  12. Rayburn with 1 HR..8 RBI for April..May..and June…Heck Leyland has almost as many home runs..and 8 RBI in three months………………..

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