Game 2010.161: Tigers at Orioles

Need to win the last two to finish over .500.

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  1. We traveled from virginia to see the tigers and orioles,It was my sons birthday present he is 12. His favorite player is branden inge we arrived early in the hope that my son could get a autograph. Branden was 10feet away and my son was trying to get his attention and inge just ignored him my son was heart broken but johnny damon took the time to come over and sign my sons hat. It made his day. thank you johnny.

  2. Here’s a Johnny Damon encounter that i had in 06. Sounds like he’s still the same guy

    On the first day of spring training at Legends Field in Tampa, Florida, things looked a lot like they did last year. Carl Pavano was still hurt. Gary Sheffield was happy, then mad, then happy about his contract. A-Rod and Derek Jeter fielded grounders silently on the left side, a rejuvenated Jason Giambi hit tape-measure home runs, and Hideki Matsui’s every move brought a thousand shutter clicks from Japanese photographers.

    After 90 minutes or so, with their morning workout done, the players walked to the dugout. Many of the hundreds of fans on hand started screaming their names.

    “A-Rod, pleeassse sign!”

    “Derek, it’s my birthday!”

    Major leaguers are adept at situational deafness, and a stream of Yankees moved down the dugout steps barely acknowledging the faithful who had traveled great distances to watch them play catch.

    Only Yankee debutante Johnny Damon stopped. It isn’t surprising. In his four years in Boston, Damon was the team’s unofficial goodwill ambassador, signing for fans and entertaining the media after tough losses, allowing the more truculent Mannys, Pedros, and Nomars to steal away. Standing on the dugout steps, Damon signed a few balls and was showered with Sharpies, cards, and a program that nearly beaned him squarely on his—it must be said—somewhat Neanderthal head. But Damon didn’t get mad or scurry off into the clubhouse; he just smiled.

    In time, he said politely, “I’ll sign more later, but I’ve got to do my running. Believe me, I’d rather sign than run.”

    As Damon waved good-bye, fans clapped uncertainly. Some were slack-jawed. An actual interaction with a Yankee? Did that just happen?

  3. What a wonderful story, stephen. It almost reads like fiction.

    Truculent? Never heard the word in my life. You guys are so smart.

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