Game 2010.160: Tigers at Orioles

4 thoughts on “Game 2010.160: Tigers at Orioles”

  1. The Orioles have been playing very well lately. Since Showalter took over as manager on Aug 3 they have gone 32-22 (with a good shot at finishing 35-22 it looks). There must be a lot of luck there though, because as we all know the manager doesn’t have much effect on how a team plays.

  2. “Tigers Dead” interviewing Inge after winning player of the game. Will this be his final interview as a Tiger?

  3. Nope! Dombrowski announces he’s giving Inge a multi-year contract extension:“We all know he’s a gamer — he gives you everything he can.” Translation: everything meaning in this case means nothing. Inge’s stats actually worse than David Eckstein, other king of no talent white man scrappiness. Rest of league laughing as Tigers ‘Commitment to Crappiness’ rolls on. You know what? I know there’s not a lot of 3rd baseman out there, but at some point you get rid of crummy guy whose been there 10 years and go for a new crummy guy who has chance at not being crummy. I look forward to next year when Inge and Austin combine for 350 strikeouts.

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