Game 2010.060: Pirates at Tigers

Is anybody else ready for this team to start playing good baseball again? Justin Verlander and Ross Ohlendorf do the honors tonight.

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  1. “I think we’re just one click away from getting it going,” catcher Gerald Laird told the Tigers’ official website. “We’ve just got to find this click.”

      1. There is some cruel irony attached to someone hitting .160 giving their opinion as to what the team needs to do to “get it going.” This was undoubtedly lost on Mr. Laird, but at least he didn’t complain about the opposition pitching to him like he was Johnny Bench.

          1. Speaking of Johnny Bench’s bench, do you recall the “no runs, no drips, no errors” commercial he did for Krylon (I think) spray paint years ago?

            1. Actually, I do…also all the Aqua Velva commercials, “when a man wants to smell like a man,” Pete Rose and Enos Cabell among others. I mean, good lord, who out there was thinking, oh yeah, wanna smell like Pete Rose and Enos Cabell…

  2. Anyone care to predict how the Tigers do over the next 15 pointless IL games. I’ll go out on a limb and say 9-6 (6-3 home, 3-3 away), after which they will still be at least 4.5 games behind the Twins, but do to the weak opposition will have retained their undeserved status as pretenders to the Central crown.

      1. they play really well in IL….. so taking recent performances into consideration i say 9-7 few breaks 10-6

  3. Does McCutchen look like on of the Milli Vanilli guys? The one that’s still alive?

  4. Anyone catch Verlander mouth ‘wow’ after that Jackson catch? He made that a little more interesting than it needed to be

    1. Isn’t it required to bat him 3rd since he’s filling in for Maggs?
      Besides, once you get used to seeing Ryan Raburn batting 3rd what could possibly surprise you/

      1. Even Rod acknowledged this on the telecast, saying “Leyland doesn’t like to mess with the line up card much”

      1. Or, it’s… “we’re only playing the Pirates so I will consult Nancy Reagan’s astrology guide…”

  5. 36 pitches combined total after 2 innings…I think they can just go and rent out the bullpens to a private party tonight

  6. Verlander just cost himself a run by blowing it on that bunt. We must have the worst fielding pitchers in baseball.

  7. Since it looks like the Pirates are trying to hand us a run here, we should probably try to cash in

  8. Hey Ramon at least swing at pitches that care in the city limits of Detroit….you did the same thing in the ninth inning at chicago swung at four balls….same thing today not even close…..

  9. Well I’m gonna nominate the bottom of third as “the most frustrating offensive half inning of the year”

    1. Agreed. I’ve started to change the channel knowing 7-9 are coming up, waiting for the next inning.

        1. I’m glad I still had the radio on while painting. Maybe I should stop watching more often…

  10. infield back and there going to give you a run or two on a ground ball 3Ks’ god this offense is disgusting ……..just a ground ball fly ball too much to ask for……..

  11. With runner on 3rd Less than 2 out we are striking out 20% of the time (125 PA, 24K).
    League average is 15%.

  12. this is a sad statement about this tiger team. playing the lowly Pirates — one if the worst teams on in MLB — with JV on the hill and they are losing 1 nothing in the 4th.

    1. Well, I’m not the most positive baseball fan, but lets not extrapolate too much about a one run deficit in the fourth. That’s like Blanche Lincoln conceding just based on the absentee ballots from Pulaski County.

  13. Pitch wasn’t even a strike according to gameday, even though Rod said it went right down the middle

    1. Probably the last time he got a 2 out hit with RISP. He pretty much always has 2 strikes on him…

  14. “Inge now has a 7 game hitting streak, his average is slowly but surely beginning to climb.”

    OK, slowly maybe, but surely might be stretching it.

    Hey, look at that! RBInge!!!

    1. Boesch is now leading the team in BA and OPS, now that Miguel has fallen into a bit of a slump

  15. I see the Pirate catcher is hitting under .200 there must be a club or official group of these catchers…Laird for Pesident

  16. is this how you get as bad as Pittsburgh is????
    obviously They didn’t scout out the BOBS very well!

  17. Please give this to Rob In 1971, the Pirates also became the first Major League Baseball team to field an all-black starting lineup.[7] That lineup, on September 1, was Rennie Stennett, Gene Clines, Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Manny Sanguillen, Dave Cash, Al Oliver, Jackie Hernandez, and Dock Ellis

  18. Maybe Cabrera needs a day off…he hasn’t looked good at the plate in several days, could there be a bit of fatigue there?

    Not that we need him, with guys like Inge and Avila in the lineup…

    1. He needs a couple of days off. Then Kelly can lead off and Raburn can return to the 3-spot.

      1. Only if Kelly plays CF–whoever plays center has to lead off, it’s a rule. And since Leyland will want Damon to lead off, that means he also has to play center…wait, he’s actually done that already, hasn’t he?

    1. On 5 soft singles around a K for both runs in the 7th. Liriano pitched another good game -11 Ks in 8 innings.

  19. When you look at the overall numbers, our overall hitting has been about as good as the Twins; in fact we have actually had fewer 0 and 1 run games than them. Their starting pitching has been the difference, and who would’ve predicted that?

    1. Twins have a slightly better BA/OBP than the Tigers (.271/.348 vs.267/.339), but the bigger difference (before tonight) is in 288 RS vs.Tigers 257. They K less and W more, and in general play better small ball (do the Tigers actually play small ball?) which allows them to deal better with their own lineup holes (both Hardy and Hudson are on the DL right now) and still keep winning.

      As far as pitching, one could argue that it has actually been the Tiger starters that have made the difference.

      And then there is the defense. No matter how you want to evaluate it, the Twins are superior there as well.

      1. Starting pitching:

        DET 18-23 4.87 344 IP 1.44 WHIP 1.87 K/BB
        MIN 30-20 4.01 383 IP 1.31 WHIP 3.23 K/BB

        Check out that last one. Twins starters have walked 82 batters in 383 innings. Tiger starters have walked 131 batters in 344 innings. If I was going to pick 1 statistic from hitting, pitching, and defense as the biggest difference right now between MIN and DET, there you go.

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