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If you happen to be in the metro Detroit area this morning around 9 a.m. flip your radio dial over to WDFN 1130 AM. I’ll be talking Tigers with Sean Baligian and Tom “Killer” Kowalski. If you’re not in the Detroit area you can catch the stream at

If you missed the segment, here is a link to the podcast. We talked about the Nate Robertson trade, the back of the rotation, and the potential of the offense. Thanks to Sean and Killer for having me on.

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  1. Good stuff Bill, though I have to say I wasn’t impressed with their show’s analysis of the Robertson trade, especially yesterday.

    We knew he wasn’t going to be a world beater, but unless Voss surprises a lot of people, they essentially cut Robertson in favor of Willis. The fact that (even yesterday) they acknowledged Willis’ almost certain impending failure makes their support of this all the more confusing.

    I’ve never listened to the show before, but if yesterday was indicative, I hope you keep getting airtime because the audience deserves better than those two.

    1. Billfer and DTW posters provide the best insight around. I think if we did a post-game once or twice a weekhere we’d get a few people listening.

      1. I’ll wait until not 4/1 to consider this…but in theory it sounds like an amazing idea.

        1. I’ll bring it up again throughout the season. I figure we’ll need 4-6 dedicated guys to handle (so that it’s not too cumbersome).

          1. Holding casting sessions might also be an interesting way to find out if TSE is real or just a construct of the Matrix.

            1. I’ve hosted radio shows on Blogtalk before for the GLB online football game that I used to play. I was hardcore into it when it first came out, so I was like the color commentary co-host for the radio show. We had some pretty darn good sized rooms tuning in, but we publicized the show on the site that had like 100,000 users, so every time we did a show there was always a ton of people around beyond those that would plan to be there a regular basis. Anybody can find the show on that site, but really not that many people go there that will want to hear Tiger baseball talk. If we do radio shows it will basically be like a conference call of whoever in here wants to show up unless you have a broader plan to get the word out about it to a much large portion of the Tiger’s fan base.

              Not sure why you would suggest I’m not real. What do you think I’m a chatroom bot that just happens to be long-winded? I think therefore I am, isn’t that the test to know if you are real? But if we are part of the Matrix, would anything be different from our perspective that we would have a clue as to that regard? I don’t think so, at least not with the crappy technology we have on this world at present day.

              1. Not sure why you would suggest I’m not real. What do you think I’m a chatroom bot that just happens to be long-winded? I think therefore I am

                C’mon now… that opening is so big it’s no fun to even take the shot. 😉

  2. Just tried to listen to the Podcast but I just get a media player that prompts me to install an Apple Quicktime plugin which just keeps going in circles and doesn’t seem to want to install. Is there a way to get to the archive via a different format?

  3. It’s good to hear your voice again Billfer!

    I remember last Spring when we were talking about when Leyland should be fired, or if Porcello should make the team, who the closer should be, and who should be our LF.

    I still think the Tigers were planning on releasing both Robertson and Willis this Spring. Both were getting one last chance this Spring and both pitched well enough to deserve a 5th rotation spot. Problem is, we only had room for one “last chance” type starting pitcher on our roster. Nate let it known publically last season that he wants to be a starting pitcher, and that he’s not a bullpen guy, so he was never going to be our safety net, unless he accepted a demotion to the minor leagues.

    Galarraga will be our safety because he had minor league options left. I know that most saber inclined people contribute his 2008 success to luck, but he still had decent peripherals. He had 126 K’s/61 BB’s in 178 innings. If he can get close to 2:1 K/BB ratio again, then he’ll be a very effective 5th starter. His xFIP was 4.48 in 2008, so maybe we could expect a 4.50 ERA from him, which isn’t bad at all. Don’t write him off yet.

    1. DD should offer to buy out 99.99% of Willis’ contract and trade him to me. I could find some yardwork for him or something Hmm, I wonder what DD would want in return. Anybody know if he likes tuna casserole, or how about a large Green Lantern pizza?

  4. Good work, Bill. Nice to see you active before the boys take the field. New to the blog and looking forward to reading/participating during the season.

  5. Great work, Billfer. While I don’t necessarily agree with your op on the Robertson deal, I thought everything else was spot on, as usual.

  6. Pretty Cool
    I couldn’t agree with you more on A-Jax! Loved watching him this last month down here in Lakeland.
    I also agree with you on Robertson. Though after yesterday, I feel a little but better about Bonine as an insurance policy. He looked even better than the boxscore!
    Glad to see you have awakened from your offseason slumber…
    Keep up the good work

  7. TSE
    If Willis doesn’t want the Green Lantern Pizza send it down here to Lakeland with some Bell’s Oberon.
    I hate to rag in Willis but I watched all but one of his starts this spring and none of them were as dominate as the boxscore/media made them out to be.
    Hopefully for the sake of our team and our sanity we are both wrong!

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