Opening Day Still a Hot Ticket

In Detroit we take great pride in the festive atmosphere that surrounds Opening Day. It really is a Detroit holiday and there are often claims that we have the best Opening Day in baseball. The game is always a sellout, and thousands more that don’t have tickets still make the trek. It appears that even with a down economy and a team with questionable prospects that the secondary market is booming for tickets in 2010.

SeatGeek, a site that monitors the secondary market for sports tickets issued a report and the Tigers-Indians game on April 9th is the fourth priciest MLB ticket on the market at $141. It trails only the Yankees opener, a Yankees-Red Sox match-up, and the Minnesota Twins opening of Target field.  But other Tigers tickets are down 15% compared to the second half of 2009. Part of that could be seasonal impact as well.

On Stubhub Opening Day tickets are starting at $99 for standing room and you’ll need to go over $125 to get an actual seat.

Do you have tickets for the opener yet, do you plan on heading down?

8 thoughts on “Opening Day Still a Hot Ticket”

  1. I don’t have a ticket, but then again I usually don’t. The party is too great to miss, and I can save that $100-140 and go to at least 7 other games this year.

  2. Nothing beats the anticipation and excitement of opening day. This will be my 9th in a row with my cousin, flying up from GA on Thursday. We have gotten tickets every year, but each year it seems to get more expensive, especially after the bandwagon fans riding off the world series for opening day 07′. Wouldn’t miss it though.

  3. I absolutely cannot wait until opening day! I have always loved to see the team down in Florida over spring break, hopefully one day I can make the trip over to Detroit for opening day. Nothing beats the warm weather and baseball during a Michigan spring!

    1. Yeah great story, thanks! I like the ending quote about winning the next game “tomorrow”. That game is actually going on right now, I’m gonna check back later and see if they pull it off! 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t worry about tickets being less than the 2nd half. April mid-week day games against the Royals are tough to give away, much less sell.


  5. My first child, a boy, Is due Opening Day. I couldn’t scalp my tix, felt like it would be bad karma. Sold them to my uncle for face value. Go Tigers!

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