Trade Deadline Live Chat

Will the Tigers be buyers or sellers? That remains to be seen, but no matter what happens we will be taking you right up to the trade deadline. Who is we? That remains to be seen, but the list is growing. So far the we will include:

And hopefully many more. Invites are out and going out and I’ll update things as we go. So stop back here or at any of the above mentioned sites between 2 and 4 tomorrow afternoon. You can also submit questions (or break news) on Twitter. Just use #TigsTrade in your tweet and it will pop into the chat automagically.

7 thoughts on “Trade Deadline Live Chat”

    1. I’m really souring on the idea of Dunn. He would clearly have to be the DH and as a DH he only adds 1.0 or 1.2 WAR over Marcus Thames the rest of the way. Not a negligible contribution, but his cost in money and prospects seems to be too high for that additional production. Especially while a black hole like Magglio still gets plenty of starts. The ability to remove Maggs/Raburn from the lineup adds instant value to a player that other teams can’t get and can’t price for. I really think it’s gotta be a corner OF as opposed to a DH.

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