Clete’s Cougars

Clete's Cougars

It appears that Clete Thomas has himself a cheering section.

18 thoughts on “Clete’s Cougars”

  1. Dear lord, it’s the second coming of Inge. Watch out Brandon, there’s a new white fratty-looking guy in town.

  2. hahah lol and it was granderson not cabrera who was nicknamed cougar on espn – after he caught grady the ladies’ man ball – wow that phrase sounds weird

    maybe cabby was somewhere else? maybe not… i duno… this is still hilarious!

  3. The young girls that make up Clete Thomas Fan Club are “cougars in training” great shirts I was told Harry’s Bar near the ball park on Clifford is Fan Club Central for Clete Thomas and his Cougar girls.

  4. Maybe this will once and for all end any mention of Granderson as “Cougar”. These gals have done the world a favor.

  5. Look for Clete’s Cougars @ the game Saturday! We will be there cheering for Clete & all of our Tigers! 🙂
    Also be sure to stop @ Harry’s Bar for a fun time before, during, or after the game! 🙂

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