Tigers ticket thread

Tigers individual tickets go on sale at 10am today. Last year there was a mad dash for tickets. Opening Day wasn’t even an option and the equivalent of 27,000 tickets had been drained from the capacity of every game. This year is a little different.

Season ticket sales are down. Official numbers haven’t been released but the fact that Opening Day is available to the general public for the first time in awhile should be a clue that the total is south of 15,000.

Also in play is premium game pricing. Interleague and AL East power games typically go quickly. Will that be a factor this year?

Let us know what your ticket buying experience is this year. How long did you have to wait. Did you get what you wanted? Or are you taking a wait and see approach with the team and the economy and you’ll go the game day walk up route?

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  1. 4 standing room for opening day. I didn’t think I was going to get any, and was about to give up after being in the virtual waiting room for a while, then having to refresh my request for seats numerous times, but I’ll take those SRO. There’s nothing wrong with watching games from up by the statues.

  2. The Saturday, July 25 game against the White Sox is listed at various spots as starting at 4:00 and 7:00. Can anyone explain?

  3. Last year I sprung for a 27 game package for my son and I. This year the economy got me. If we go to any games this year, we will just go down and get tickets the day of the game. Doesn’t look like it will be difficult to get decent seats this year.

  4. I bought season tickets, a six game pack, and 8 extra opening day.
    I have season tickets in 105 /last row. I get 2 tickets for 1600 out the door. I understand I only go to 20 games but I get hit with zero service fees, I hate them, and give/sell/be a good friend a ton of the summer. This is my second season with season tickets.
    I bought the cub series and 3 saturday night games on my 6 game pack. I thought it was a nice touch letting season ticket holders buy 8 extra opening day tickets.

  5. got 4 tics in section 144 obs view. Had 2 computers doing the waiting room thing. Took about 3-4 minutes. Looking forward to missing work and making a day of it!!

  6. On the 4pm/7pm thing, that’s likely a Fox wild card game that can be played at 4pm on Fox or 7pm on local tv.

  7. I was in the virtual waiting room ~1 min before 9 (central time). It let me in after about 45 sec, and I grabbed 2 tix in the upper box first base side for opening day. Process wasn’t bad after getting out of the waiting room, however the security feature with the jumbled numbers took me 3 tries before I got it. I was worried it was going to kick me out.

  8. We went down to the Saturday only package this year – 27 games I believe (from full season 81 games last year) plus opening day which 4out of 5 are going on stub hub (I’m going, my family will be in warmer weather)

    Still in section 117, although I wanted my parents to get SRO b/c it is really by far the best deal IMO

    We got in a much better row though, so that is a +

    I second what Chief said


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