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  1. Obviously we’re all Tiger fans here, but who are people pulling for in the playoffs this year? (besides for the White Sux to lose)

    I’d like to see the Rays in the American League, and don’t care as much in the national, esp since I’d probably rank them Brewers, Cubs, Phils, Dodgers in terms of who I’d like to see win. And it don’t look good for the Brews or Cubs.

  2. I like the Phillies. Love their core of Hamels, Utley, Howard, and Rollins.

    I like the Rays too. I actually picked them in preseason to make the playoffs.

    It’s great to see no NY teams this year.

  3. I hate the Phillies. That’s because I grew up in the Philadelphia area and couldn’t stand the obnoxiousity (yes, I made up that word) of their fans.

    The (Devil) Rays are my pet team of this postseason. Evan Longoria hooked me up with my fantasy league title. Yay me.

  4. I’m rooting for nobody in the A.L. Gun to my head, I guess I’d rather see Boston win it again just because of their tradition and what a well run franchise they are.

    In the N.L. I’m rooting for the Phillies. My wife’s family is from NJ and her sister’s husband’s uncle’s company has season tickets right behind the visitor’s dugout. We sat there last year (2007) for an interleague Tigers game.

    Alternatively I’d like to see Torre and the Dodgers do well just to stick it to Yankee fan. Plus I have to admit that Man-Ram’s shenanigans are amusing to me.

  5. I can tell the ticket department is already hard at work. I got a phone call from my rep on Thursday and on Saturday got a nice note with his card. Great customer service is something that should never slump. Kudos Shaun for being so proactive.

  6. That’s cool that your rep is keeping in touch. I haven’t heard a thing from mine since the day I bought my tickets, and even that took me making several calls. I guess a lot depends on the individual.

  7. Too bad about them Cubs. I’d like to see the Rays and Phillies in the WS, for no better reason than that Tampa Bay and Philadelphia aren’t in New York or California.

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