All Star Break Discussion #2 – Open Mic

It’s a free for all on All Star day. I won’t post a game thread for tonight’s All Star game so feel free to use this space. Other possible topics for discussion but feel free to deviate:

  • What Tiger will have the most significant impact in the second half?
  • Joel Zumaya has allowed 24 baserunners in 11.3 innings with 5 wild pitches and Fernando Rodney has allowed 15 baserunners in 9.3 innings yet the two are perceived very differently by fans. Is it because Rodney wears his hat crooked?
  • Freddy Dolsi strikes out fewer batters than any Tigers reliever not named Todd Jones and has more walks than strikeouts, but is perceived as future closer material. Discuss.
  • Santiago has certainly been a better hitter this year than Edgar Renteria. From today until the end of the season, who will be the better hitter?