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  1. Miguel Cabrera is a monster-disappointment this year. He has provided no offensive presence at all. Every time he comes to the plate, I have almost ZERO confidence that anything will happen. I was expecting so much more.

    But then again, the whole roster is underperforming at the plate this year, with the exception of Ordonez & Guillen. We’ll probably have only one allstar this year, and that will be because of the rule where each team must have a representative.

    This team is a bust.

  2. That’s a fresh perspective, Chris. I was unaware that you were so disappointed in Cabrera.

  3. That’s very good news about Zumaya. I hope I was wrong about the difference it could make to have him back. The season will get a lot more interesting, that’s for sure.

  4. Who is this Zumaya you speak of? I remember our President saying something about a kid named Zumala, but that’s it. Anyway, Maggs will be an All Star on merit, not because of the at least one guy per team rule…

  5. I wonder if the Tigers willl explore trading pudge at mid season, since they are going to be too far out to contend?

  6. Any predictions for today besides the obvious? i.e. 2 GIDP for Rentaria, a walk off loss, and a shutout for the A’s.

  7. I called the shutout yesterday, Jeremy, but I’m retracting it. However, that’s the best news I can offer.

  8. How irrelevant the Tigs have become. So much so, I waste time reading here and once in a run scoring outburst by the irrelevant Tigers, posting. If I haven’t said so already, the Tigers are irrelevant and ‘dead to me’…at least until the Wings win or something and Sheed is traded.

  9. Yeah, the A’s pitcher is unhittable at home. So i don’t think it is going to matter today. He had a no-hitter through 7 against the red sox.

  10. “Any predictions for today besides the obvious? i.e. 2 GIDP for Rentaria, a walk off loss, and a shutout for the A’s.”

    No GIDP’s for E-Rent today because Leyland benched the piece of garbage for Santiago. Perhaps Leyland is giving him a day off, but he usually does that on Thursday.

    If I were Leyland, I would bench Rentarea because of his rather poor play and see if Santiago could do better. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Santiago take the job away from Rentarea as the regular SS. Rentarea’s major-league choke-job last night was unacceptable.

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