Lunch with Tigers, support a cause

I received an email from Ashley Diersch who is with the Special Olympics. The Tigers North caravan bus will make two stops at luncheons that will benefit the Special Olympics. The details are below:

Lunch # 1
Sunday January 13, 2008
The Atrium Restaurant
Bay City, MI
Doors Open at 11:15 am
Program Begins at 11:45am
Tickets are $100/each

Lunch # 2

Monday January 14, 2008
Mountain Town Station
Mt. Pleasant, MI
Doors Open at 11:00 am
Program Begins at 11:30am
Tickets are $100/each

Limited Seating- First Come First Serve!

The ticket includes private lunch with the Detroit Tigers Personnel, pictures with the 2006 Championship Trophy and exclusive Tigers Souvenirs.

Portions of the ticket price are tax deductible.

Here are the caveats. First, the listing of players/coaches hasn’t been announced yet. Second, the caravan is a strict no autograph time, so those in attendance can not ask for autographs. The Tigers players are not working, and will not be ready to answer questions as if in an interview, it is designed more to be an opportunity to converse rather than question. My experience with these types of things is that these aren’t rules that the players are imposing so don’t be upset with the Tigers players about the lack of autographs. Typically it’s not because the organizers, or the team want to be jerks. It is usually a matter of logistics and crowd control. And really, a conversation would probably care more meaning than a hastily scribbled signature anyways. As for the lack of interview type questions, I’m not entirely sure what that means but I’m confident that the players would be receptive to typical fan-type questions.

But if you want to meet some Tigers, support Special Olympics of Michigan, get a meal, and a tax deduction this sounds pretty good. If you’re interested, here are the order forms for the Mt Pleasant Tickets and the Bay City tickets.