They still like them some Tigers

I thought I’d pick up some tickets for the Tigers this weekend, so I started looking online earlier in the week. It turned out that for the Saturday game it was singles and standing room only. Then I checked StubHub! and you had to pay at least $30 a seat for anything that wasn’t a single, and even then they were the $5 Skyline tickets which put you closer to Ford Field than the pitchers mound.

After the sweep in Cleveland, I figured everyone who was hoping for pennant race baseball would start selling, so I checked StubHub! again, and nothing really changed. I finally caved and went to the ticket office and found out the whole weekend was singles and standing room, and was told there was little chance of more being released. I’m surprised, and inconvenienced, and yet still quite pleased.

It’s great to see people still enthusiastic about the team, and looking to enjoy one last weekend at the park.

The Tigers have quite a bit planned for the Fan Appreciation Weekend. They’re giving away over 70 prizes each of the 3 games, as well as the “Shirts off their back” promotion on Sunday where lucky fans get the game worn jerseys from that day. Plus there’s the regular fireworks shows on Friday and Saturday and all the kids stuff on Sunday. Plus the weather is supposed to be beautiful.

But really the attendance is just a continuation of what’s been happening all summer as the Tigers have averaged 37,676 a game this summer. Going into tonight their paid attendance is 2,825,671, and with 3 near sell outs this weekend the team will pass the 3 million mark against the Twins, probably on Monday.

2 thoughts on “They still like them some Tigers”

  1. Bill that is so beautiful to hear. I can’t wait to go tonight. If anyone’s going I am in sec 338/C/14, come say hi!! Go Tigers!!!

  2. Someone from work gave me tickets for tonight, I’m in section 135 row 18… for some reason I’m still giddy about going!

    Nothing like summertime temperatures in September, and beautiful night at the park. I want to give all the boys a standing ovation for their hard work this year.

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