Game 154: Royals at Tigers

PREGAME: The Tigers kick off their last homestand of the season with a couple of rookies doing battle.

For the Royals it will be Billy Buckner making his 4th start. Buckner has as many walks has as many walks as strikeouts in games he’s started. But he also hasn’t been hit really hard in his last two.

Jair Jurrjens is coming off his best start, a 2 hitter with 6 K’s in 5 1/3 innings. Looking at his strikeout numbers overall, he’s been fairly lucky to have the results he’s had so far – that being only 13 hits allowed in 25 innings. But the results have been very impressive nonetheless.

Game Time 7:05
KCR @ DET, Friday, September 21, 2007 Game Preview –

POSTGAME: The 9 game win streak began tonight! Right! Maybe? Okay, probably not. But on a night when Sean Casey homers and gets an infield single, maybe there is some magic left in this season. Even Brandon Inge came up with the winning hit, going down and getting an 0-2 curve ball and hooking it through the hole on the left side.

Jair Jurrjens had his first rough outing, and didn’t last through the 3rd inning. Fortunately Tim Byrdak was exceptional in relief and went 4 innings allowing only a walk while fanning 5 and giving the Tigers a chance to claw back in. Fernando Rodney pitched through a runner on 3rd and 1 out situation after Marcus Thames lost a ball in the lights, and Jonesy had a fairly uneventful 9th for a routine save.

49 thoughts on “Game 154: Royals at Tigers”

  1. Sorry, but Granderson should be stealing just about every time he’s on base.

    Instead of a double play, you’d have one out, man on third with Sheff and Maggs coming up.

  2. Wow Scott Olsen pitching for Florida has given up eight unearned runs, it would be nice if te pitcher was not creditted with the loss in those situations.

  3. Nice job by Byrdak. I think he and Seay have done a pretty decent job this year. I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them come back next year.

  4. BTW Toronto is up 4-0 on the Yanks in the 8th

    Don’t count us out esp if you check out the Yanks pitching matchups.

  5. boom:

    Marlins are almost as bad as the ’04 Tigers, who made 144 errors that year and were last in baseball. Doesn’t it seem longer ago than that? Man, am I glad those days are over.

  6. No hits since the third for the Royals.

    Anyone see that play on Pudge’s double? How do you hit it to the wall and not get a double? Ha.

  7. If someone had told me Tim Byrdak would ever throw 4 scoreless IP in a game, I’d tell you that you was caaarazy!

  8. I have been wondering why Casey hasn’t been starting lately. I know he does not have a lot of power but I would rather see him at the plate than Thames.

  9. Next year:
    Were gonna get AROD
    Inge is gonna shorten his stroke and hit .280
    Curtis will learn to lay off a low curve and hit lefties
    Adam Dunn will hit 45 and play LF
    Sheff will come back with somthing to prove
    Verlander: 20 wins
    Bondo: 16
    Kenny: 17
    Robertson: 14
    Jair: 16
    Solid bullpen and polly/mags will be great.

    162-0 here we come!

  10. Hi gang, I’m home. The fans were just terrific tonight. It looked a little thin at first and I was worried that people would not show up but it was a sea of orange and everyone was just screaming and chanting from the beginning. It was beautiful.

    And Bill, in your honor I tried the fajita wrap and it was very good!!!

  11. [Casey kept] the sixth inning alive with a two-out infield single that bounced from foul territory (foul by feet, not inches) back into fair while Casey was freight-training to first.

  12. great game tonight! Everyone was friendly and cheering and on their feet. The wave was awesome!

    BTW, why did no one tell me about section 135? I think I just found my favorite spot in the park.

    You guys, remember when Sean Casey Homered??? I think our whole row was in shock.

  13. yes i can, every single pitcher the yanks will face b4 baltimore is either really hot l8ly or semi-hot.

    oh and btw blowing a extra inn. game should demoralize them for awhile

    we just need to keep winning, take 1 game at a time

    they need to go 4-5 now

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