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  1. 1) Sadly, the strength of this year’s free agent crop is at the one position we’re defintely set at going forward–center field.

    2) Would love to go to the game Tuesday night, but I’m going away this weekend and we’re closing on a new house Monday–so I’d be in my own pot of hot water with Mrs. J.

  2. Short shortstop David Eckstein– the guy who killed us in WS ’06– is availible. He could take over the position while Carlos Guillen moves over to first base. He is a much better fielder than Guillen, and his low strikeout, high OBS & decent average can do a lot to lower the overall whiff rate of the bottom of the batting order. Perhaps he could bat 6th while dropping Pudge in the order.

  3. Slim pickins on the FA front. I wonder if Mike Lowell would be a good 1-year addition. Good defense, a great, patient bat (380 OBP this year)… I still love Brandon, but he doesn’t have the bat of an everyday player, and I don’t know if he believes he can be.

  4. The point about adjustments, Inge believes, has everything to do with this season’s headaches.

    “Big time,” he said. “What’s funny is that I saw a stat on FOX that said, in 2005, 39 of my hits had gone to right field. This year, they said only 13 of my hits had gone to right.

    “Well, in 2005, they pitched me everything away. So I slapped the ball to right field.

    “Then, last year, they started throwing me change-ups and breaking balls in, a bunch of which I was able to hit out of the ballpark.

    “This year, there’s no pattern. They’re all over the place on me.”

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