Blogger night at the ballpark

On September 11th Comerica Park will be overrun by bloggers. Okay, so maybe the park won’t be overrun, but one or two rows in the the pavilion will be chuck full of us. Myself, Ian from Bless You Boys, Eric from D-Town Baseball, Samara from Roar of the Tigers, Greg Eno from several places, Matt Wallace from Take 75 North, and Brian from Tigerblog will be crashing the back end of the doubleheader and there’s room for you.

Due to lukewarm demand when I raised the question around the all star break, I’ve only held a small block of tickets and those will be first come first serve. If we have lots more DTW readers interested in coming, let me know and we can try and increase our ticket numbers.

The cost is $15 and that gets you a pavilion ticket. The actual cost of the ticket is $13 due to a group discount, but with a stamp, an envelope, and paypal fees it comes in somewhere between $14 and 15 and I just rounded up. The extra spare change will be my handling charge and maybe we can scrape together enough to send Rod Allen some pink cotton candy.

If you’re interested, use the contact form or email me. I’ll respond with payment instructions. I’ll have the tickets in hand on Tuesday or Wednesday and will promptly mail them out when I get a)the tickets and b)your payment.

Hope you can make it, and hope I don’t get stuck holding any unused tickets.

6 thoughts on “Blogger night at the ballpark”

  1. Heya, I will try to drop by and say hi, as my season ticket package includes both games that day. 🙂 Was at the game today, that 9th inning felt GOOOOOD!!!

  2. It is astounding the year Granderson is having considering he is the league’s worst hitter against lefties. Against righties, he’s averaging an extra base hit every 6.1 at bats! Yowza.

    (Um, I’m guessing .162 is the league’s worst in a significantly significant sample size. Then again, I’ve been wrong a time or two two thousand before).

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