Game 153: Tigers at Indians

PREGAME: Nate Robertson and CC Sabathia today.

Game Time 12:05
DET @ CLE, Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Game Preview –

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  1. I know people will think I’m crazy for saying this…but it will be interesting how the indians play on their little west coast swing, and 4 games in 3 days against the M’s.

    We just need to keep winning…

  2. Not crazy, Jim. It’s still mathematically possible, right? I’ll be cheering at the games Friday and Monday.

    Nice job getting here first; I ran out to get some lunch (at office, watching GameDay)

  3. Anyone see Guillen slap around Jack Wilson in the paper? Seems he was under the impression he was moving to 1st base toward the end of his contract, not at the beginning.

  4. Romon again to the rescue 2-0 Tigers he is getting at bats according to Rod and Allen because hes audtioning for next year which means guillen 1B and Santiago SS. Interesting hopefully Romon can keep hitting next year!

  5. Stephen, yes, saw that article and I HATE to see any suggestion of “disgruntlement” (lol I made up a word) on the team. In contrast, I think yesterday there was an article on Sean Casey’s role being reduced and his being upfront and positive about it. Hope this gets smoothed out.

    Watching on gameday. What’s up with Magglio stranding two runners. I am counting on him to save the season by surviving to get the batting title.

  6. Well Casey Blake does it again darn it!!! WTF Homerun left field again a bomber like Pollys in the first game 2-1 Tigers.

  7. I’m watching. Read that article in the FP today, too. Carlos is definitely not wanting 1st base next year unless we get a gold glove player. That should be interesting.

    Here we go Casey Blake get 2 run homer.

  8. What is this Indian ball club!! Are they HE MAN What the he**. the phrase and song comes to mind “Anything you can do, I can do better, I can do anything better then you.” This is messd up!!! 2-1 men on 3rd and 1st, 1 out Indians up still.

  9. LOOK

    I know the Yanks have been winning… OK

    but I highly doubt they will have a winning record down the strech after today..

    In their series with Toronto they play Roy Halladay, Shawn Marcum, AJ Burnett, and Dustin McGowan 3/4 of those pitchers have pitched extremely well (esp AJ) lately.

    In their series with the Drays they go up against Kazmir and Hammel who have both (esp Kazmir lately).

    I think we will have a legitimate shot of making it

  10. While I don’t like the way the game is going, if we’ve got to hit a batter, I can’t think of a more perfect candidate than Grady Sizemore. Sorry to be cruel but I just can’t stand that guy. Mr. Perfect. The girls with tshirts that say “Grady’s Ladies.” Ugh.

  11. Well, no major mental blunders so far today, but a noticeable lack of extra-base hits could again doom us. Ugh.

  12. Well, no major mental blunders so far today, but a noticeable lack of extra-base hits could again doom us. Ugh.

    Come on Nate – keep things under control here…

  13. You call it bad pitching, I call it heart. He’s pitching against the bottom of the order and they’re pushing us through the wall. Can the guy dig down and find a way out? Nope.

  14. Okay, were down 4 to 2 to a team that does not need this game half as much as we do. We still have over 4 innings to go . Perfect oppurtunity to show heart. We’ll see what happens. I gotta go to work. See ya later.

  15. What’s happens when 2 guys, from 2 different teams, both have heart? What happens then? Do they tie? What if you have a ton of heart, but the other team is just better and also has heart?

  16. No, he did not catch it. It hit the ground and went into his glove. The camera made it very clear he did not catch it.

  17. So this is what a slow death feels like. I’m pretty sure the doctor came up to me three weeks ago and said “the Tigers are going to die. I’m sorry, there is nothing we could do.”

    I took it as best as I could and spent several days coming to peace with it. I recalled the great run last October, the eternal hope last spring, and the top of the world perch just after the All-Star game. And I accepted it.

    But it was so darn confusing to see them out there every day, running and jumping around as if nothing was wrong. Oh, sure, some days you could tell that they were on their last legs, but a dying team doesn’t win five games in a row, and eight out of 10, does it? Should I get my hopes up? Do miracles happen? Was the doctor wrong? Can the Tigers come back from the dead?


  18. The only question I have is…..will the Indians franchise lose another game…..ever? I’m seriously thinking that they’ll finish 2008 as the first team to go 162-0.

  19. Oh Sean Casey with your gift for gab and eight home runs in 600 plus Tigers at-bats. Please do let the door hit you on the way out. And let it hit you hard.

  20. This effectively wholeheartedly assuredly ends playoff hopes of any tigers fan in 2007. Tigers needed a win they didnt get it. I knew that we would lose and be swept yesterday when they keep coming back in the bottom of the innings and tieing the score.

    Anyways anyone for 1/3 guillen 1/3 santiago SS next season with 1/3 FA??? Oh well better fixthis team in a hurry DD otherwise we might just be the reincarnation of the 2005-2007 WhiteSox, and be the cellar dweller.

    Cleveland magic number now 3 and New York (Assueming they win) will be 4 tonight. This does feel like a slow and painful death Kevin in Austin, I agree. I hate it both the Braves and the Tigers are doing this to me grrrrrrr………..Tigers and Braves 5.5 back of WC and playoffs gah!!

  21. Well, the books are closed on the Indians vs Tigers in ’08. Here we see that the Indians owned the Tigers with a 12-6 record. The three games that tipped the balance were the ones the Indians won in come from behind fashion– games they had no business winning, but did anyway with big bullpen collapses by Detroit. We can sum up this season series as a disaster for the Tigers.

    Top priorities for this team next year should be in lowering the amount of lost winnable games and avoiding the big 2nd half collapse, which is no officially a trend for this team. That means getting more innings pitched by starters and strengthening the bullpen. Pitching, pitching & more pitching.

    The other priority for next season is beating the Tiger’s biggest opponents in the division. IMO, those teams are the Indians and the White Sox.

  22. The sad thing is:

    And this is just crazy, but I nonetheless believe it’s how the baseball universe works: Had Zumaya got out of the eighth inning on Monday night, the Tigers would have won Game 1, and I truly believe the Tigers wind up sweeping this series — back 1 1/2 right now….

    Verlander isn’t pitching on ropes the next day and at the same time the Tribe is somewhat flustered, pressured… they don’t come back and win last night… Or today.

    A butterfly flapping it’s wings in New York effects the weather in Los Angeles… that one damn Zumaya meatball ended our season.

  23. I feel like these Indians were the Tigers in the Post-season (pre-WS disaster). Win in any inning, with dominant pitching. Hmm.

    Maybe next year the Indians will be the 2007 mid-August Tigers.

  24. From the depths of Comerica Park, in the secret rooms buried within, from the hidden chambers known only to the faithful citizenry of Tiger Nation, comes the voice of Morpheus and his towering voice echoing throughout the land:

    We are Detroit! AND WE ARE NOT AFRAID!!!

  25. Tiger record vs. Cleveland this year: 6-12

    In 7 of those 12 loses, the Tigers had a lead of 2 runs or more.

    Take care of business in JUST THOSE GAMES ALONE, and the Tigers would be talking about, not making the playoffs, but having the best record in all of baseball.

  26. Turn out the lights, the party is over …. we had a good time, but now it’s over.

    I hate Casey Blake … I hate CC Sabathia and his sideways cap … I hate that every freaking Indians reliever has a sub 3.00 ERA … I hate the obnoxious Indians’ fans …. I hate the F***** Tribe!!!

    There, I feel better now.

  27. The season isn’t over.

    I’ll bet you the Yanks over their next 8 games will go 4-4. Check out the pitching matchups.

    We have to go 9-0 to have a shot, Royals here we come. Please Tigers don’t die on me I know you still have a shot.

  28. Scott: Have you ever been to Jacobs Field and heard that obnoxious drum beating? And Grady Sizemore. Oh how I hate Grady Sizemore.

    I will admit to all you good friends that I had a good cry when I got home from work and I feel lots better.

  29. I wish we could post images, but instead…


    …that would be the giant mushroom cloud that just exploded over Comerica and the Tigers’ season.

  30. Amen David, check out the Astros of 2006, they were 8 or 9 out with as many games to play, they made up 7 games in 7 days, Tigers are closer than that, so, it happened last year, it could happen again.

  31. How long does the hurt last? I was 11 in ’88, so I don’t remember what it feels like to be out of a pennant race that you are technically in.

  32. Oh, Kevin, you’re so young!
    It’s hard to say because since 88 there has been so much disappointment, those of us “of a certain age” had built up sort of a callous against the pain. Last year wiped it all away and now we are raw again. So quite honestly, if the miracle does not happen and the last game is next weekend in Chicago, I imagine I’ll sulk like an 11 year old until Pitchers And Catchers Report, when the hope will rise all over again . . .

  33. I don’t feel hurt about the Tigers not making the playoffs, just disappointed. I’m disappointed that the Tigers had so many injuries, I’m disappointed that Brandon Inge, Nate Robertson and Jeremy Bonderman all took steps backwards this season (not to mention Craig Monroe). But, you know what, that’s baseball. A baseball season never goes as scripted. Hell, David, you may be right … perhaps the Tigers will win their final 9 games and the Yankees or Red Sox will take an 0-for… I hope they do.

    The beauty of baseball is that you can’t predict from one moment to the next exactly what will happen. It unfolds a day at a time, a game at a time, an inning at a time. It’s why we are all fans: because there is always hope. As a famous movie character once said, hope is the best of all things.

  34. JML – I agree – I think it feels smaller because of all those corners that you hit walking in the concourse, where you can’t see the field. As opposed to Comerica Park, where at just about any point when you are making the circle in the lower level, you can see out onto the field.

  35. Yep,

    It can be done, doesn’t look like it but I think more of it rests on the Tigers than the Yanks, if we have mailed it in then its over.

    If the Tigers go 9-0 and the Yanks go 5-6 then we tie.

    3 games ago most though the Tigs had a shot, all that needs to happen for the Yanks is like tonight for example Baltimore wins it in the 9th. Momentum…

  36. I just got back from the Game, Great Day PLENTY of Tiger fans but we left with that feeling the transmissions going in the car. I still have hope but right now it could be stored in a very small cup.


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