Game 70: Tigers at Nationals

PREGAME: Baseball Reference continues to develop really cool stuff. My game thread prep was usually drawn in large part from that site. Now they’ve made it even easier – by compiling game preview. Here’s tonight’s for the Tigers/Nats match-up.

Looks like my work here is done. Off to play a quick game of pickle with the family before the game starts.

Game Time 7:05

POSTGAME: So that’s what a real blow out feels like…

  • Sean Casey finally goes yard. I didn’t call it tonight (cuz I didn’t expect it) so I won’t take credit for being a couple days off. The silent treatment in the dugout was great.
  • And Neifi doubles. You know things are going right.
  • Rod and Mario seemed very loose in the booth tonight. Favorite moment came early on when Rod lamented not going to Montreal. He said it was a great city, clean. Mario asked him his favorite part – pregnant pause – Rod “umm..the restaurants?” – Mario – “I see”
  • All 3 pitchers made cases to keep their current roles tonight. Durbin was very solid again – 5K’s, no walks and a 4.37 ERA for the season. Wil Ledezma fanned 3 in 2 innings and Frankie DLC looked very good for the second consecutive night.
  • With a 3 for 3 and another double, things keep going well for Magglio. Baseball Musings notes that even if he returns to his normal double pace here on out, he still threatens the record of 67. Never mind. Bad math. But still visit Baseball Musings on a regular basis. Nice catch Kyle

49 thoughts on “Game 70: Tigers at Nationals”

  1. Hmm, 8-0, two on, nobody out, Maggs at the plate. I almost feel secure. This would be embarassing for Washington if it weren’t for our bullpen. Please guys, can you limit yourselves to giving up just 2 or 3 runs tonight?

    Durbin’s looking good so far, BTW.

  2. This is offense is a MACHINE…I hope we finish if this one off easy…if we don’t..I might have to turn it off..

    About the more current post..Verlander is still between Rogers and Miller Right? I hope so…so I can see Rogers Friday Night and Verlander Saturday

  3. I can’t believe I missed the Casey home run. So pissed that I have a girlfriend I have to pay attention to – otherwise it would be all Tigers all the time.

  4. lol, Adam, get a girlfriend who has Tivo!
    Isn’t it pathetic that it’s 12-1 and I still am not totally relaxed? Put the game on pause and came over here to check out the posts.

  5. Philly currently leading Cleveland 4-3 in the 7th. Go Phils.

    I agree Durbin is making a good bid for a rotation spot, but I suspect if Maroth is not traded Chad will be the odd man out. Leyland is big on loyalty and that’s working in Maroth’s favor.

  6. I am so impressed with the team. To be fighting for first place with the worst bullpen in the bigs says two things:

    It speaks to the quality of the starters and position players

    It speaks to the attitudes of the players, coming back day after day when the bullpen has already blown 5-10 games this year. That isn’t easy to do.

    I am more impressed with this season so far than last.

    Casey coming on isn’t surprising at all, either. He was due.

  7. 2 run single for Chase Utley with bases loaded and 2 outs in the the top of the 7th for Philly. They now lead Cleveland 6-3. Just thought you’d like to know.

  8. I think we’re scoring so much because we know our bullpen can’t hold on to little leads. Every run is precious.

  9. I know Ledezma hasn’t worked since the 16th, but Durbin threw 84 pitches, let him pitch the 7th and then Ledezma in the 8th/9th.

  10. I thought so too, but if Ledezma goes all three innings, maybe they’re trying to showcase him as a starter to package with Maroth without actually starting him.

  11. Does anyone know why Rabelo started tonight? This isn’t a game Pudge would typically have off.

  12. Jose Mesa just came in to shut down the Tribe and got them out of a jam Indians trailing by one. Thx Jose

  13. I know they could be show casing him but still, Durbin was cruising in Tampa at like 88 pitches and Leyland took him out and I believe we lost that game.

  14. Thanks Jim. Just wanted to make sure there was nothing serious going on that I hadn’t heard about.

    14 run lead in the 9th. I guess I can go to bed, if they blow it NOW, I don’t want to know. 🙂

  15. The depth at the plate this team shows is incredible. I don’t know when I have seen the likes of this. Now the pitching….

  16. Yeah, but this was 12-1, not 5-2 like the TB game was. When the game’s in the bag, any tangental benefits you can give yourself are to your advantage. Rest guys, showcase guys, etc.

  17. I understand that Ryan, I just would’ve liked to have seen Durbin pitch the 7th with his relatively low pitch total of 84 through 6 IP. I mean, it’s not a huge detail or anything, just something I personally would’ve prefered.

    and this offense is like a video game or something. No way are they putting up these numbers in real life. Then again, they are facing the Double-A Nationals.

  18. I get what you’e saying Mike. When a pitcher is cruising like Durbin was, you kind of want to see how far he can go.

  19. Maggs is batting .377 at the moment . . . and has hit 34 doubles with three weeks left until the All-Star break. Unbelievable.

  20. Baseball Musings’ math is a bit off, I think. His career doubles rate would give him 22 more this year–for 56 total, rather than 66. (The record is 67.) The average of his career rate (22 more) and this year’s rate (44 more) would give him 33 more, which would tie the record.

    Could be a fun race to watch down the stretch–on top of a pennant race, hopefully.

  21. I know that Leyland’s big on loyalty but for the love of GOD do we have to see Jones on the mound again?

    I like Jones but it’s time for him to go! You can see it in his eyes and everyone’s eyes when he steps on the mound – ‘please don’t blow-it’ – look in their faces.

    I’ll be at Turner Field on Sunday night and I won’t be able to handle another Jones-meltdown.

    Jones is not intimidating he’s the exact opposite of intimidating – whatever that is (consoling, relaxing?).

  22. The all star break isn’t the real splitting point of the season – there are 87 games on this side and 75 games on the other.

    But yeah, there’s 17 games left before the all star break.

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