links for 2007-06-19

  • Maggs has the highest zone rating amongst right fielders. I know, who knew? The Hardball Times now has zone rating data from Baseball info Solutiions.

2 thoughts on “links for 2007-06-19”

  1. Actually, I was more surprised to see he’s in the middle of the pack on plays “out of his zone”. The knock on him, since his injury, has been that he wouldn’t make much of an effort for the not-so-routine plays.

    He’s way ahead of where he was last year, so I guess he’s finally feeling confident again.

  2. I love Magglio but he is not in RF for his glove. I do not trust the zone ratings. Still pretty subjective. Maggs does catch what he gets to, but he has very little range out there.


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