Video: Spring Training Eve

With pitchers and catchers reporting on the 15th, I thought I would try out the first (and depending on feedback perhaps only) edition of DTW-TV.

It is me talking into a camera pretty much off the cuff. I make up for the lack of production quality with a lack of insight so it should be okay.

In tonight’s episode I talk about that despite how excited we are for spring training to begin, it’s probably best if we are bored during February and March this year.

Download: Detroit Tigers Weblog TV – Spring Training Eve – 4:10 – 9.7Mb

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Motown Sports
Roger DeWitt’s Flickr Page

11 thoughts on “Video: Spring Training Eve”

  1. Bill,

    I wasn’t able to get any video, and your voice was a little garbled. Once I switched to the RealPlayer option, although, there was still no video, your voice was very clear.

  2. Visual part of the video worked well, had a little trouble hearing you. I think video is a very nice thing to supplement your blog, but if you do a vid do it to supplement the blog, try not to repeat info on one or the other(because then what’s the point of it?). Also maybe you could during the season show a clip or two of a game and a certain player and point out something you like or dislike. Or maybe put on the video your personal player of the game (and/or dud of the game.) Maybe add like a baseball term of the day?

    Maybe elaborate on your posts or just start ranting your thoughts, I’d love to hear ‘em and I’m sure others would too. Try to spice it up and make it worth watching. It will only get better and more refined, so I say go for it. Hell who knows maybe it’ll be good prep for when you go chat with Mario and Rod in the booth for an inning. I appreciate the hard work you put into the blog and finding time on top of that to do a video is above and beyond what most would do. My two favorite baseball writers I read online are you and Jeff Passan. Those are just some of my opinions…

  3. Nice one Bilf, The audio had an echo, but overall a good compliment to my favorite Tiger’s site.


    PS>> Going to Lakeland, will be there 3/16 and 3/18!!!

  4. Did you have your son hold the queue cards or what? Nice job keeping it together in one take!

    As for comments: If you are going to use video, give me a reason for watching it — put in some illustrative clips, like David said. After a bit, I just let it play in the background while I did other work. The overall content of this video was just fine, but would have been better done using streaming audio (which may be another occasional format to consider, perhaps with other bloggers as guests???).

    Audio quality was low, but that’s something easily fixed.

    Thanks for thinking of new ways to keep the site exciting, and thanks for the link to DeWitt’s site — awesome collection of pics.

  5. I enjoyed the video. I check the blog everyday and it was a nice change of pace. I look forward to episode 2!

  6. Looked great and sounded good (though I’ll agree with those that say you could work on the audio a bit).

    But I have four words that might juice up this whole venture for you:

    “Billfer’s Green Screen Challenge”

    C’mon, how awesome would it be if you were talking Tigers while there was a lightsaber duel or explosions going on behind you?

    Think about it. You’re welcome.

  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll probably be giving it another go. I haven’t invested a lot in this, ($29.99 for Quicktime Pro) and probably won’t be. I used my digital still camera to record it, which was probably the reason the audio was poor. I’ll see what I can do the next time.

    As for other video content, I’d actually like to incorporate some other stuff besides the talking head. I’m held back a little bit because of my complete lack of editing software/skill/time, but I’ll do what I can. One thing I can’t do is post game footage. Copyright issues abound.

    Just doing audio is certainly a possibility though.

    I also want to be careful not to duplicate regular content. I have a feeling this will be an evolving thing.

    And the green screen would be fun – you want to help Ian:-)

  8. This is a fun, new feature, Billfer. Can’t wait to see your best Sam Kinison impersonation after a tough Tigers loss. AHHHHHHHHHH! 🙂

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