World Series Game 3: Aftermath

It’s not so much the loss that is troubling. I actually expected Detroit to lose this game just based on the pitching match-up. It’s that once again they looked so incredibly bad in losing.

Here’s the list of Tiger highlights:

  • Neifi Perez comes off the bench and makes a nifty double play to retire the side in the 8th inning.

Yeah. That’s it.

Meanwhile the lowlights:

  • The Tigers never had a runner touch 2nd base. (thanks T) The Tigers had one baserunner in scoring position all night.
  • No Tiger reached a 3 ball count. In fact no Tiger saw more than 5 pitches in an at-bat.
  • The Cardinals scored 2 runs in the 6th inning without a hit.
  • The Cardinals added a run in the 8th with the benefit of one single.

The tough thing, okay one tough thing, is that Nate really gave the team a chance. He recorded his first 1-2-3 inning since the 2nd inning of his September 21st start. He allowed 1 base runner in the first 3 innings and that was a 2 out walk.

But oh those walks. Four of the five baserunners who scored reached base via the walk.

Now Chris Carpenter deserves credit for making the Tigers look so bad. At the same time, the Tigers spent a significant part of the stretch run tipping their cap to the opponent. They have to find a way to get things going against Jeff Suppan tomorrow.

The series is far from over, and I like the Tigers chances with Jeremy Bonderman on the mound tomorrow night. But the offense has to do something, anything. Even making Jeff Suppan throw 15 pitches in an inning would help. Another offensive display like tonight’s and it won’t matter how many runs Bondo allows.

And as for the Joel Zumaya throwing error. It was a questionable decision exacerbated by a horrible throw. If the throw is on the money, it’s much less of an issue and with Pujols running a triple play isn’t a ridiculous notion.

I’ll append the wrap-up of other people’s thoughts in the morning.

What Others Are Saying

Nate Robertson’s Gum Time: Good pitching beats good hitting

Good pitching beats good hitting. I know that. When I’m out there and I’ve got all my pitches working, I’m going to give my team a pretty good chance to win. I had three pitches I was throwing for a strike tonight. I lost a few because of grip reasons. Chris Carpenter made pitches. He had four pitches for a strike, and the way he was throwing tonight, it was going to be tough to score on him.

Mack Avenue Tigers: A Detroit Tigers Blog

But I’m not throwing in the towel. At this point, it could be a 3-0 Cardinals lead. St. Louis has been the better team in the Series. Detroit has had underperforming defense, awful offense, and pitching that could be better. But the Tigrer are only down 2-1 in the Series? That doesn’t sound like it’s time to worry yet. It sounds like if they play Tigers baseball, they claw right back into things. And if they don’t, we’ll just be stuck congratulating St. Louis on a job well done before the weekend.

Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass: World Series Game 3

I still think the Tigers are in good shape and should be able to steal tomorrows game with Bonderman matching up against Jeff Suppan. Before the post-season I questioned Bondermans make-up and said he was going to be a complete disaster or he was going to come-up big and establish himself as one of the premier young pitchers in the A.L. and so far he’s been the latter, pitching extremely well in the Series clinchers in the first two rounds. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little worried about the Tigers and the direction this Series is heading, but I still believe in this team and expect them to come up big tomorrow night.

TigerBlog » Blog Archive » Tigers Lose Game Three

A lot of people dislike Tim McCarver as an announcer. Prior to tonight, I didn’t mind him too much. I wouldn’t say I’d put him in my top ten, but I thought he did a good enough job. That was until he decided to make the point, about a dozen times, that Joel Zumaya shouldn’t have thrown to third base when he fielded a comebacker with runners on first and second in the seventh inning. The two runs that scored opened the game up but didn’t turn out as neccesary. Regardless, we understood that he should have went to second base the first time. And if we didn’t, we certainly got it the tenth time.

World Series: Cardinals vs. Tigers: Carpenter Dominates — The Hardball Times

One has to imagine that the Tigers’ bats will wake up eventually; however, this chart illustrates the possibility that there isn’t a whole lot of time for them to do so. The clock will tick all the faster if Jeff Suppan can translate his NLCS dominance into success in Game 4.

DREW SHARP: Tigers seem to be wilting under Series’ pressure

But what’s truly disquieting is how a team that thrived on the late-season pressure of possibly blowing a 10-game divisional lead or coming scarily close to falling behind, 0-2, to the Yankees in the division series isn’t responding to the expectations of life on the game’s grandest stage.

RED ALERT! – 10/25/06 – The Detroit News Online

Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter completely silenced the Tigers, holding them to three hits in eight innings as St. Louis belted Detroit, 5-0, on Tuesday to grab a 2-1 series lead. The Tigers pitch better than anyone, generally. But no one was outdueling Carpenter on this night, not Nate Robertson, not the aura of Kenny Rogers, not anybody.

STLtoday – Sports – Columnists

A few days ago, it sounded like so much clever posturing from a manager trying to shift the burden off the shoulders of his ballclub. The Tigers came into the World Series justifiably believing they were supposed to be the stars of The Greatest Baseball Story Ever Told 2.6. Yet as we traveled deeper and deeper into this chilly Tuesday night, who among us hasn’t begun to reconsider the validity of Leyland’s words and contemplate who really does deserve top billing? – MLB/PLAYOFFS2006 – Crasnick: Pudge, Tigers swinging dead wood

The Cardinals lead the Series two games to one even though they’re hitting .196 as a team. That’s because the Tigers have scored a total of five runs and are batting .185 as a team.