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  1. Thanks Bilfer, I can only handle so much ‘gunk’.

    Too bad there are no other note worthy news stories, like NFL players testing positive for steroids…oh wait…

  2. I am so sick of this Palmgate scandal and the drama created by the media (guess FOX needs more viewers now that NY is out). Red bird fans, Kenny kicked your butt on Sunday for eight straight innings. Direct your anger where it should be – at your players for not performing or at your coach for not address something, assuming there was something to address.

  3. Thanks, Sherry, you’re right. Los Birdos have lacked some offense and TLR should’a jumped Rodgers with the quickness. But don’t tire of the whatever-you-wanna-name-it-gate just yet. The camera puncher has MUCH chronicled and photographed evidence he’s trying a “new strategy for success” that at least is below reproach. I’ve viewed photography that exposes KRodgers has somehow had the exact same discolorations on his hand back into the regular season, even on bright, sunny days. He has been the subject of scrutiny in the past, check it out. There was a situation in Game 2 where a possible issue could’ve been addressed and nobody with any say or power did a lick about it. There’s evidence and precedence as well for Rodgers being a cheat. Prior to this post season, Rodgers had the heart of a pea, 20 earned runs in as many innings. Now he may be mentioned in the same company as Christy Mathewson? Shenanigans have been declared.

    Our manager shoulda’ throttled Rodgers and Leyland (whom Cardinal fans love, for many reasons) but it didn’t happen. Sam Polarmo is a whitewash prick to boot.

    If this was Chris Carpenter down to jack-ass Jason Marquis, I’d never defend the cheating punk. C’mon, logical fans can deal with this; don’t blindly root for a uniform. Let’s talk baseball, less “smack”.

  4. Sorry, but I still hate Boras. He deserves no credit for this team. All he did was sell a few players to the only team bidding on them.

  5. Toro,you show up calling Rogers a ‘camera puncher’ with ‘the heart of a pea’ yet admonish us for talking ‘smack’-can you see where we might be getting a mixed message here?
    Anyone paying attention should have realized by now that whatever Rogers was doing was no different than the majority of major league pitchers,including the Cardinals staff(you forget we know Jeff Weaver in Detroit-no mas,Toro).What was different was that Fox(including Tim McCarver,famous former St.Louis Cardinal who made the last out of the 1968 World Series and apparently the last guy inside or around baseball who was aware of pitcher’s poor sanitary habits)manufactured a scandal as a ratings booster.
    And don’t rely on LaRussa as the guy to support the moral underpinnings of baseball.No one should forget that he not only managed the Michelin Man in St.Louis,but also was looking the other way in Oakland when Canseco and McGwire were too familiar with the pimples on each other’s butts.

  6. “There’s evidence and precedence as well for Rodgers being a cheat.”

    Really? When exactly was Kenny ever punished by MLB for cheating? Not knocking over a cameraman, but cheating?

    Thought so. It’s Rogers by the way, not Rodgers.

    Toro, get over it. You have the right to be skeptical and perhaps should be, but condemning someone and lying about their past is more, what did you call it, beyond reproach.

    btw –
    Maybe you should be more concerned about the rest of the series. If Carpenter and Suppan repeat their June performances and your guys “show up” against Bonderman like on June 25, you can have a seat next to the Yanks and Athletics. Heck, the one guy you did hit was Rogers. And, according to your conspiracy theory, he must have had pine tar all over his face that day. Save the partisan nonsensicals for the Tweety-bird sites.

  7. Awesome news for Tram. Cubs fans who should be happy to have him. Hopefully this can get his foot back in the door. I didn’t think he was all that far off from being a good manager.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Pinella can turn the Cubs around. They aren’t that far away if healthy and play in a fairly weak division. What, like .500 gets you the crown. No prob.

  8. Toro i think you should be more concerned about the team’s inability to get hits off of this “no-talent cheat” in innings 2-8 when he was being watched very closely, had a clearly clean hand, and still dismantled your lineup.

    -He pitched awfully similar to the way he did throughout the postseason in those innings…

  9. I went the El Birdos blog, it was kinda funny. The conspiracy has the substance being placed somewhere else and even pointing out that the underside of his brim is a different color than the rest of the team. There seems to be alot of desperation to justify the loss. Why did the Cardinals lose? Because they got less runs than the Tigers. It is that simple.

    On a side note: St. Louis is introducing it offical Cardinals cheese. It is said to go perfect with their “whine” 🙂

  10. Thanks for the hard (but fun) work you’ve been putting in on this blog. I enjoy reading your writing and reading the comments from all these great fans.

  11. I think it’s sad that the Cardinal fans are going to miss out on the some ‘good’ baseball the rest of the series ’cause they’re to busy getting caught-up in all the ‘rating-boosting’ hype enhanced by Fox.

    Don’t be typical fans, St. Louis you’re better than that! Your manager and players handled this situation with the upmost professionalism and class.

    Let’s move-on and start looking at the Carpenter / Robertson match-up inside the beautiful, brand-new Busch Stadium!

  12. Any thoughts on Nate tonight? I think he’s going put on a show for the kids. Just worried that Carpenter might just do the same.

    Good thing is we should see some (hopefully not too much) of Thames/Gomez/Infante with pitchers swinging in St. Louis. Here’s hoping we do a little better with men on base tonight.

  13. All I keep hearing is that Carpenter and Soup are pitching the next two nights, making it sound like we already lost those 2 games. What are Nate and Jeremy, chopped liver? Just another case of us getting no respect. (cue the Rodney comment!)

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