Game 158: Blue Jays at Tigers

PREGAME: The Tigers will look to extend their 4 game winning streak and continue to move closer to the AL Central title. The magic number is currently at 4 for the Central, and 6 for the homefield advantage.

Tonight it will be a southpaw battle with Nate Robertson toeing the rubber for Detroit. Nate was far from sharp in his last start in Baltimore as he walked 5 and hit a batter.

He’ll be opposed by Ted Lilly. In his last outing against Detroit Lilly allowed only 5 baserunners (3 hits and 2 walks). Unfortunately for Lilly, all 5 scored.

Game Time 7:05pm

POSTGAME Bulletized thoughts on tonights game:

  • In Nate Robertson’s last 2 starts he’s had exactly one 1-2-3 inning.
  • Anyone else notice that on the 3 run homer allowed to Molina, Robertson shook off Pudge? I’m sure that not everytime Robertson shakes off a pitch it results in a homer, but it seems that often times when it is a homer, it came off a shake-off.
  • By having to use Zach Miner a couple innings tonight, will he be able to pitch Saturday? I have to imagine that factored into Robertson staying in as long as he did.
  • I’ve been wanting Thames, Shelton, and Infante to get more playing time. They haven’t made me look good.

45 thoughts on “Game 158: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. What a tough double-play to end the Jays threat in the 2nd. Unbelievable play by Inge and fantastic pivot and throw by Polanco.

  2. Long ball seems to get Robertson. Pitches great for a stretch and then, BAM!

    Twinkies winning again, aye. ARRGHH, do they ever lose?

  3. Hopefully next time we get a 2 on and no out, Inge and Granderson aren’t the two guys we’re relying on to get it done.

  4. Good god. Apparently this wasn’t an important game to win. How much does Leyland need to see to pull a guy?

  5. I’d be thrilled with 2 of 3 from the Jays — who are arguably better than any team we’ve taken a series from since Boston in mid-August (the possible exception being the White Sox last week) — coupled with the Royals taking 1 from the Twins, so we go into the final weekend with the magc # at 2. Looks like the Royals may actually hold up their end of the deal tonight….hopefully the bats pick up and Miner keeps a lid on things, but if not, at least we have the Gambler tomorrow.

  6. It wasnt pretty, but its not supposed to be. WE ARE the Tigers. WE need to come back win this one and have the Twins loose, momentum to be carried into the playoffs would be huge.

    Joey C, I was thinking about mouthing off tonight to catch another historic 7 paragraph beatdown, but I will be happy with my #8 Neifi Jersey that Pete sent me.


    PS its a roadie

  7. The good news is, Torontos bullpen is cheese. Other than Ryan,they have no one, so its going to be Tigers in 11.

  8. I know Im rambling but would anyone trade Curtis and a pitcher for Vernon Wells. I have seen him play a couple dozen times live in Toronto and he is a stud. I like Curtis but do you think Curtis has a higher upside than Wells in his prime now?

  9. Give up Grandy?


    Granderson going to get his K’s under control as he gets more experience. He’s just not used to see a major league slider / change-up yet.

    He’s got good discipline when it comes to the high fastball. I think Granderson will be a futre .300 hundred hitter, coupled with his fielding ability he’s got to stay here!

  10. My Granderson question is more immediate: will Leyland bunt him here? I say yes…tough call with Granderson and Shelton forming such a huge whiff combo here at the bottom of the order.

  11. Oh ya,

    Plus Granderson has another intangilbe that a lot of other players don’t have…..WORK ETHIC. You won’t have to worry about “Grandy being Grandy”.

  12. Thats harsh, two on no one out and we got stank, nuttin. It there a place to find out how often that happens to use or anyone else for that matter.

  13. Dave you’re nuts.

    First of all, the opening of this game included Rod talking about how hard Vernon works.

    Second, it’s a long shot that Granderson will ever put up the kind of numbers that Wells has been putting up the past few years. Wells is a legitmate all-star. He’s a franchise player. So basically, the best we could ever dream for Granderson to be is as good as Wells currently is. Personally I like known quantities when building teams.

    Third, Vernon is only 28–three years older than Granderson.

    Fourth, Granderson is victimized by EVERYTHING. His chart shows him chasing pitches all over the zone–indeed he chases 25 percent of pitches high and inside and high middle. The kid is currently THIRD in the BIGS in strikeouts with 168. Behind only the all-time single season record holder (Adam Dunn) and Ryan Howard. But those guys actually hit dingers and drive in runs at a ridiculous rate, so you can forgive the high K totals. Curtis has ZERO business being anywhere near those guys in K totals. You don’t end up with 170 + Ks in a season by being remotely selective.

    And finally Wells is a fine fielder with a much better throwing arm.

    The question isn’t, “would you give up Curtis to get Vernon,” but “who else would you give up?”

  14. Does anyone have stats available on BA, OPS or Slugging when we put the first pitch of the at-bat into play?

    I’m gonna ***guess*** it’s ain’t pretty.

    I know this team “lives and dies” by the free-swinging policies put forth, but honest to Betsy — when you see a new pitcher, and you have 2 on with 1 out, maybe you could take a bloody pitch or two!

    I’m don’t have the playing experience, so excuse me if I sound naive…

  15. I agree pound for pound Wells is obviously the better player today, I just don’t think we should be making decisions on Granderson this early. He’s still a greenhorn. I really think that his attitude and work ethic will pull him through to Vernon Wells-esque type numbers.

    It’s painful to watch him strikeout in the clutch, though, isnt’ it?

  16. I agree pound for pound Wells is obviously the better player today, I just don’t think we should be making decisions on Granderson this early. He’s still a greenhorn. I really think that his attitude and work ethic will pull him through to Vernon Wells-esque type numbers.

    It’s painful to watch him strikeout in the clutch, though, isn’t it?

  17. Big surprise, here come the Twinkies again in the ninth.

    Can someone please stick the fork in these guys?

  18. Yes with Minnesota’s loss we are still in the driver’s seat. Magic Number at 3. If we can win 3 out of the next 4 we will make it even if Minnesota wins out.

  19. Thank you, Mark Redman — he’s beaten the Twins and Sox for us this month, not to mention giving us the big inning on Saturday….all that and fetching Nate Robertson in trade bait? Really, my friend, you’ve done enough.

  20. Afternoon Game Thursday guys. Good time to hit BWW for a late lunch and 3 innings of ball, come on get out from behind game day, get a fresh lunch and watch the game or take your lap top and stay all afternoon, free wireless. A good deal in all the cities I visit.


  21. What’s up with the freeswinging-pinch-hitting-with-two-on-and-no outs-down-by-three-no-bunting managing? I don’t get it. Grandy should have stayed in and bunted…possibly even for a base hit… I don’t care, pinch hit Omar for him, just drop a bunt!!!!! Did Infante miss the call?

    I was even calling for the squeeze bunt in the bottom of the second with no outs, 1st and 3rd. Although, admittedly, I can see not bunting in that situation; still, in my opinion, we needed to start chipping away and hedge against the strikeout/double play. If you’re up by two, or locked in a 0-0 game, maybe you play it differently; but down by three, going against a pitcher like Lilly, you want to get back into the game as soon as possible. Take your runs where you can get them. We easily could have been in a 6-6 game or even ahead by a run if Leyland would have managed the game with a little more urgency.

    On the upside, the Twinkies lost, and we can take the division with 98 wins. On the downside, the Yankees won, and the dream of a 100 win season is finally put to pasture.

  22. Steve,

    The thought of ‘B-dubs’ sounds so good right now.

    I’m in Beijing, China right now for work and I can’t wait to get back to some food that’s not ‘squirming’ or looking back at me!

    BWW and some baseball! I can’t wait to get home!!!!

  23. Guys,

    Off the subject of this game a bit…..(I’m in China right now, it’s 12PM here)…

    Anyway, now that Leyland has announced that he’s going to have 14 non-pitchers and 11 pitchers on his post season roster I’m wondering a couple of things.

    Do you think Leyland will pick Andrew Miller over Zach Minor or Jason Grilli to get another left-handed arm into the bullpen? This would stink for Minor or Grilli but would probably be a good move.

    Definitely Gomez over Perez!

  24. T Smith, it’s hard to get worked up about Infante not bunting in the 7th. They were down by three; it’s hard to argue they should have played for two runs in the inning. Given how good Ryan is, you’re then basically saying you only have one inning to try to score the third run.

    As for Infante, the guy can only hit the fastball. I think that first pitch was a fastball, so he swung at it. He is what he is.

    Anyway, four games to go and the magic number for the division is three. I can live with that.

  25. Kyle, I see your point. But wasn’t it the sixth inning when we had the 1st & 2nd no out rally going? (Seventh inning was the Polanco homer, if I’m not mistaken). It’s just those two runs–or increased chance for two runs–would have looked good in the end (instead of the double play).


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