Maroth not on playoff roster

Jim Leyland made the announcement today that Mike Maroth won’t be a member of the playoff roster.

This is the right choice and hardly a surprise. Maroth has barely pitched since coming back from injury, and he hasn’t been effective with his limited opportunities.

As a fan though, I feel horrible for MIke. He endured 2003 and he did it with class. He was given the opportunity to be taken out of the rotation to avoid 20 losses, yet he took his turn each time.

This season saw him start off great only to be sidelined with bone chips. He wasn’t able to continue what looked to be a promising personal season, and his elbow limited him to gum-chewing duty as the team enjoyed more success than this city has seen in years. He stayed with the team and was always seen in the dugout.

And on top of all that, he has a reputation as being one of the all around good guys in all of baseball.

Now Maroth isn’t getting “the shaft” by any means. It is simply a matter of unfortunate circumstances. I’d love for him to be a contributing member of the roster, but it won’t change the fact that he’s still a part of the team.

12 thoughts on “Maroth not on playoff roster”

  1. This sucks. I really like Maroth and he does deserve to be playing playoff ball considering all he’s been through.

  2. Really is unfortunate the way the season played out for Maroth–one of the few major things not to go well for the team this year. Of course, he is indeed a great guy and will, I’m sure, be disappointed but won’t react badly to the news.

  3. It’s too bad for Mike. But unfortunately, he just wouldn’t be useful and you can’t give a playoff roster spot to someone because they’re a nice guy, you gotta give it to someone who can produce if called upon. Maroth himself said in Rosenberg’s column in the Freep today his elbow still hurt. For all we know, he told Leyland he wouldn’t be of any use.

  4. Yeah, I agree Kurt. I didn’t mean to imply that I felt he SHOULD be on the playoff roster, just that he deserved to be. Clearly, you want to go with the guys that are going to give you the best opportunity to get it done. I just feel bad for the guy.

  5. He’s traveling with the team and you can bet he’ll receive equal treatment. He’s a competitor, I’m sure he wishes he could contribute. But I bet he’ll have a great time anyway. He’s such a positive fellow, he’ll find purpose in this.

  6. Does that mean the 7 bullpen guys are Jones, Rodney, Zumaya, Walker, Grilli, Miner, and Ledezma? Or will Miller get a shot?

  7. Sounds like it’s Miller vs. Miner for the last spot at this point. I’d lean toward Miner. You’ve already got two left-handers and I just can’t see using someone as inexperienced as Miller in any sort of important situation. So why not carry someone who can eat up innings if needed.

  8. I agree with Kyle. Love Miller’s potential, but playoffs aren’t the time to be experimenting. Don’t see how Leyland could leave Maroth off but add Miller; no logic there. He has Ledezma and Walker; I don’t see another lefty needed. And I think, looking at lineups, you need right side as much or more than left side against NY and the A’s.

  9. I like Miller’s arm and stuff more than Miners, but he lacks for experience and walks too many guys. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to think about it too much. As it is, Miner cemented his case last night. It’s his, no doubt.

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